Simplified and Contactless Attendance Management systems are the way forward

2020 is a landmark year in the history of mankind also known as the covid19 year. Organisations and workplaces worldwide have transformed in multiple ways since 2020. One such transition was remote working that also paved the way for the replacement of the tradiational leave and attendance management systems which used to involve a biometric machine being placed at the doors. Newer employee monitoring app & employee tracking software are being used which offer touchless attendance or contactless attendance management and are easier to implement too. Not only they save employees from any kind of infection at workplace but they also offer seamless integration with remote or hybrid working styles.  

Here we will try to understand how such systems prove to be a cheaper and a simplified alternative to the traditional systems along with its various advantages:

1. No spreadsheets or manual data manipulations

Biometric based and traditional attendance systems exported all the data into excel sheets which then had to be manually analysed and managed by the HR or the admin manager. It proved to be a time consuming process plus needed high attention to detail which is a skill less found in people nowadays. With contactless attendance and leave management systems like the manager has a dashboard which has all the data assorted and filtered automatically at one click. Relevant data manipulations can be done by the system itself thereby reducing the time and cost for all stakeholders


2.  Mark attendance from anywhere

Supporting the current trend of work from home and work from anywhere, the modern day attendance systems give an employee the flexibility to not visit the office and still mark present/absent, apply for leaves and get approvals. Neither a biometric solution nor a smart card is needed for attendance in such a case. Simple Punch – In and Punch – Out can serve the purpose. An example of the automated attendance feature can be viewed HERE


3. Less cost and more features

With traditional systems you get just one feature that is to mark attendance. With modern SaaS attendance & employee tracking software you not only get an attendance or leave application feature but a host of other related features too like task management, employee monitoring app, time tracking, project management and so on that too at a minimal monthly subscription cost model which proves to be flexible and easier for companies to follow. The support and service is also handled by the SaaS product team and things are as smooth as ever.

4. Powerful decision making and long term planning

Current day contactless attendance systems come with insightful dashboards which generate reports based on user, date, time and activity that helps HR Managers and founders to plan out salaries, incentives and appraisals in a transparent manner. All decisions in such cases are driven by data and no questions can be asked by anyone whatsoever. Not only the basic attendance but the overall daily activity, working time, break time and  the productive time can be viewed within such dashboards making the processes simple.


5. Ease and simplicity of usage

Not only contactless but the modern day systems are simpler in terms of user interface and operation. This assures that anyone with basic knowledge can use the system with a bit of product training. Work can be delegated easily across departments and now HR’s have there redundant workload reduced. This in turn allows them to use the time for other productive activities probably into culture building and recruitment which proves beneficial in the long term. Read an example of how employee monitoring app made a HR’s life easier HERE


It is quite imperative that with time the organizations need to adapt to changes and organizational practices need a thoughtful transformation. A simple and robust attendance and leave management system can do wonders for a company’s success and that too without affecting the employees in a negative way due to the simplicity and ease of usage. One needs to think of the future where Time will obviously be Money and any tool which saves time is surely a blessing for the workplace setup. employee tracking software plans to implement premier leave and attendance features within its dashboard in coming days based on the real time feedback of the existing clients. The future is flexible and we are here to support it through our efforts. 

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