Employee Monitoring

March 10, 2022
Employee Monitoring

How Employee Monitoring Software Reduces Costs: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlock cost-saving secrets with our in-depth guide on employee monitoring software, and learn how leveraging its features dramatically enhances productivity and optimizes resources for businesses.


How to Encourage Employee Buy-In for Employee Monitoring Software

Unlock Employee Engagement: Discover Effective Strategies to Foster Buy-In for Employee Monitoring Software. Boost Productivity & Transparency. Read Now!

Employee Tracking

Boost Your Productivity with These Top Time Tracking Software in 2023

Maximize Your Efficiency: Discover the Best Time Tracking Software of 2023 to Boost Productivity. Stay Organized, Streamline Tasks, and Take Control of Your Time Today! Click Here


We360.ai raises 6.5cr in Pre Series A round of funding

"Unveiling the groundbreaking success story of We360.ai - Raising INR 6.5 crore in Pre-Series A round and revolutionizing the AI landscape!"

Employee Monitoring

From Haphazard to High-Performing: How Employee Tracking Software Can Transform Your Business

Employee tracking software can help a company transform from haphazard to high-performing by effectively monitoring and measuring employee productivity, even in remote work environments. With real-time data on efficiency and task completion, managers can make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and offer support where needed.


Worried About Bad Economy: Boost Revenue With A SaaS Solution

SaaS Software is a great way to keep your business running smoothly during economic downturns. With the right implementation, SaaS Software can help you lead to higher revenue. Gain insight into how SaaS can be implemented.

Case Studies

Layoffs in 2023: How to survive & thrive

This blog is about layoffs in 2023. How to survive and thrive. There is no question that there will be layoffs in the future. But if you prepare for the right way, you can not only survive them but thrive.

Case Studies

Identify Moonlighting with the Help of We360.ai

Moonlighting one of the major challenge organizations are facing Post-Covid. We will bring light on how all these features can mitigate moonlighting in detail. What moonlighting is. Where did it come from? Is it new? Or it was already there. Where did it come from? Is it new or has this been around for a while now.

Case Studies

The Talent First Approach and why you need it? 

A very popular saying echoes, “Talent hits a target no one else can hit”. This stands so true in modern days. Organisations who wish to be progressive must have an ability to keep talent-first and focus on key talent management, continuous upskilling of employees, performance and productivity management revamp and futuristic organizational designs.


Being a Data Driven Organisation in the post covid world 

The post covid world has various facets which makes it different from what it was prior to 2020. From remote working and hybrid working to innovative HR policies and so on has transformed the way companies function. Each and every bit of information is important now to decide the way forward and being into sustainable functioning.


Tackling Time Anxiety at Workplace 

It is a known fact that not every person works with the same efficiency. Few are quicker than others and few might be too slow. But there is a category of people who face what is known as Time Anxiety. Time Anxiety is the constant thought within someone’s mind that he/she is wasting time or the time is never enough to complete the allotted tasks. In other words, it means that the person has a fear that time is running out.


You should change your Workplace Time Zones

Its great you have the best mentors around.But, what if your employees are not managing the office time perfectly? What if they are not productive enough? You need to ask. You need to ask yourself the question – what are the time zones at your office. How do the employees spend their time during the working hours.


Best Practices To Manage Your Workspace

The basic necessity of an organisation is “Organisational Change.” It is very important for an organisation to be open to change, if you don’t keep yourself updated then you will be outdated. Here are some suggested practices by Harvard School Of Business that are regarded as the best practices to manage your workspace effectively.


How Can You Improve Your Employee Engagement?

As the world is moving out of the pandemic zone, a noticeable change has been witnessed in the resignation rate of the employees. According to the UN Economic and Social Council, 55% of the employed workforce started looking for other jobs due to a lack of employee engagement.


Planning your perks in a way that they are beneficial to employees and employers alike

A monthly compensation or salary is the prime motivation for an individual to work for an organization. But surely it isn’t the only one. There are several reasons which enable employees to stay and work in a company for longer periods. A major part of this includes the benefits and perks offered by an organization.