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Designed for HR & staffing teams

Elevate Workforce Productivity For
HR & Staffing Industry

Improve your IT professional’s efficiency and meet client demands with Productivity Tracking Software.

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Tailored IT Solutions for
Every Unique Industry Need

So we bring specifically designed software to meet the needs of every team in your company.

Development teams

Development teams are responsible for creating, testing, and deploying software and applications.

We360.ai can be used by managers to track the progress of development tasks, identify bottlenecks in the development process, and ensure that team members are working efficiently.

With we360.ai, managers can see the time spent on different tasks, the applications and websites used, and the time spent on active versus idle status, this can help managers to identify areas of inefficiency.

Support teams

Support teams are responsible for providing assistance to customers and troubleshooting issues with software and applications.

We360.ai allows managers to track the performance of team members and identify patterns of activity. This can help managers identify inefficiency areas, such as long response times.

Managers can track the activity of remote team members in real-time, providing visibility into their work habits and productivity levels.

Remote teams

For remote teams, Productivity Tracking software can be used to ensure that team members are working during their supposed hours and not wasting time on unproductive activities.

With We360.ai, managers can track the activity of remote team members in real-time, providing visibility into their work habits and productivity levels.

This can help managers to identify patterns of inefficiency and take steps to improve performance.

IT Professionals:
Digital Transformation = More Productivity, ROI

We360.ai is your partner in nurturing a productive, engaged, and balanced workforce. Beyond monitoring, we empower you with tools for:


Digital Marketing Professionals said that automated reporting can save time and resources while providing accurate data insights for making informed decisions.

Smart Insights survey


of employees said that they were more mindful of their time when they knew they were being monitored.

Study by Tsheets


of businesses said that employee management tools can help with project management, making it easier to work with remote teams.

upwork survey


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Challenges Faced by
IT Professionals


Let’s see what industry leaders has to say

You are not alone; the misery of trying to keep track of all time spent is real.

"Our productivity has grown by at least 50% after deploying We360.ai. We almost increased the frequency of our appointment bookings in less than 2 months, and recovered all costs within 2 months"
Sachin Jaiswal, HR & Admin
"I've improved as a manager after adopting We360.ai into my organisation. I am able to distribute workload based on my team’s working health."
Sagar Patil, IT Manager
Mind Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
"More than 100 members of my team work from remote places post-covid. Without We360.ai, keeping track of their time and attendance would be nearly impossible."
Arun Kumar, DGM
Uber9 Business Process Services Pvt Ltd.

Fix Challenges and Multiply Profits

Ways To Keep A Check

Verify if your employees are truly engaged or just pretending to be. Use live screenshots to identify suspicious behavior.

Monitor and track the activity of specific employers to see what they are working on.

Utilize our activity dashboard to monitor user activity, including mouse movements, clicks and key presses.

Keep tabs on employee’s productivity by tracking active, idle, offline and working time.

Learn more about activity...

Ideal Solution to Identify & Prevent Data Theft

We360.ai employee monitoring software includes features like comprehensive reports, timed screenshots, and applications used to track any suspicious activity.

We360.ai provide actionable reports to management for internal analysis and review.

You can utilize a snapshot feature to monitor live-screen status and provide proof of any dubious activity.

Identify and track employee application usage to detect non-work-related activities and prevent the use of company devices for personal purposes.

Learn more about application usage...

Meet Employee Wellness & Needs

Use We360.ai Wellness360 feature to provide real-time feedback to employees on user engagement and understanding.

Track and analyze the use of technology in instruction, and identify areas of success and areas that need improvement.

Monitor and evaluate work implementation, to make data-driven decisions about revisions and improvements.

Provide employees with the training and support they need to effectively work; also enhance employee engagement by maintaining work-life balance.

See how wellness360 works

Make Informed Decisions to Avoid
Employee Turnover

Keep track of employee’s work health and time to utilize personnel or assigned projects ensuring healthy workload balance.

Help employees punch in and punch out with just a click, avoiding biometrics and putting an end to buddy punching.

Improve employee engagement by identifying performance bottlenecks and recognizing top performers with our real-time productivity insights provided by We360.ai.

Operate Everyone, From Anywhere

remote and field employees

Assesses the performance of work, including the hours worked and the usage of applications and websites, for in-office, hybrid, and remote teams or individuals with We360.ai.

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remote and field employees

Our all-in-one employee Monitoring software allows you to keep tabs on the activity and idle status of your teams, as well as understand peak hours, productivity, and distractions, all from anywhere in the world.

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remote and field employees

Use the attendance dashboard to know the employee’s presence in one click, also save time with one-click, leave application and approval system.

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remote and field employees

Eliminate social media distractions and enhance productivity through our innovative productivity mapping feature, which identifies and optimizes app usage to foster a culture of heightened efficiency.

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— More features of we360.ai —

With We360.ai, you get all at one place


Use screenshots to analyze work time utilization and identify opportunities for improvement.

100+ Reports

To determine employee productivity trends, use dynamic reports to analyze data over time.

Domain Filtering

To improve productivity, use domain filtering to block sites that may distract users.

Live stream

See employee's activity in real-time: current applications, duration of use , and active status.

Mobile Access

Use the iOS and Android mobile app to access and analyze data from anywhere you want.

Project & Task

Manage projects effectively: Create, assign, prioritize tasks and track progress with our dashboard.

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