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Transform your Employee’s performance with World’s Most Trusted Agents Tracking Software

We360.ai is an employee monitoring software built to help HRs, Managers, and Leaders track employees’ activities and optimize their performance.

Upsurge productivity by 63% and cut down Employee churn rate to 11%



Manage and engage with employees to motivate them. Retain and reward the top performers for their efforts.


One-stop solution for Staffing Industry

Be it attendance, project and task management, or real-time tracking, you can manage everything in a single place.


Nurture Top Candidates

Access a detailed holistic view of your employee’s performance so that you can reward them for their consistent hard work.


Bring more transparency to the process

We360.ai comes with real-time screenshots and insightful reports that give visibility into each employee’s daily activities.

Are your employees efficient enough?
Find out with the One stop solution-We360.ai

Productive work culture

Build a Productive work-culture

Boost productivity with productivity mapping features to minimize social media distractions. This includes tracking team app usage, promoting better productivity scores, and cultivating a super-productive work culture.

  • You can lay down an employee improvement plan basis the productivity trends insight.
  • Review employee’s actual work and idle hours.

Easy Attendance Management

The single-click attendance feature enables your team to mark punch-in and punch-out in less than 1 sec.

  • You don’t have to invest in multiple tracking systems anymore.
  • Track end-to-end leaves application and approval process.
  • You can better plan daily tasks and projects as per the presentees.
Easy Attendance Management
Data driven aid to decision making

Make data-driven decisions

We360.ai comes with 20+ intuitive reports and multiple dashboards for you to conduct analysis in a much simpler way.

  • Access detailed reports and dashboards to analyze and determine project status, timelines adherence, and even for appraisals.
  • Let the data speak the true story. Your decisions based on a robust reporting system eliminates biases and internal conflicts and bring more transparency.

Identify Top-Performing employees

We360.ai provides you with a detailed list of employees who show consistent performance over time. Likewise, you also get to know the employees who need a little encouragement to perform better.

  • Quantify the productivity with a score calculated basis the keyboard usage, mouse clicks, and mouse movement.
  • You can assess the performance pattern of employees and define project timelines accordingly.
Top Performing employee

Awards and Recognition

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