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Get Screenshots On-Demand

Enhance Your Supervision and Accountability with Screenshots

Obtain proof of work through on-demand screenshots in livestream, and acquire comprehensive analytics of employees' day-to-day timeline with screenshots serving as evidence of their work.
real-time Screenshots

But you know the reality, right?



With endless distractions employees tend to be less focused and energy drained. The ability to identify distractions and time wastage makes this feature creatively important for business

Enhancing the Productivity at the workplace
  • Enhanced Productivity: The on-demand screenshots provides a detailed view of employee activity, enabling managers to identify potential productivity issues and address them proactively.
  • Strengthen Security: By capturing computer activity screenshots for suspicious employees, monitoring software can help detect and prevent security breaches and other potential threats.
  • Provides Evidence for Legal Issues: In the event of a legal issue, such as a workplace harassment claim, on-demand screenshot can work as proof of work and help support an investigation or legal case.
Enhancing the Productivity at the workplace
  • Improved Accountability: On-demand screenshots provides a clear record of work performed, improving accountability and reducing the potential for disputes or misunderstandings.
  • Enables Remote Management: Screenshots facilitate communication between managers and employees by providing visual context for any issues or questions that arise even when working remotely and get everything in a loop.
  • Optimized Employee Efficiency: It can be used to identify areas where employees may need additional training or development, enabling managers to address these needs proactively and help employees improve their skills.
Enhancing the Productivity at the workplace
  • Fixed interval screenshots give you an insight into periodic utilization of time on any working day for an employee of your choice.
  • Whether it is a regular employee, a freelancers, a contract employee or a specific project team, this feature tells you how does your remote resource utilize the time on hourly basis
  •  You control this feature. Choose the resource, choose the time interval, get a structured insight and improve your feedback mechanism.

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