The fixed-interval screenshot feature helps to bring more transparency

Employees need to ensure high productivity during work hours, whether it's work from home or work from the office.
real-time Screenshots

But you know the reality, right?



With endless distractions flooding the internet, your employees could be wasting work hours online, resulting in low performance and less profits for your company.

Enhancing the Productivity at the workplace
  • The screenshot feature enables you to check what exactly your team is doing at different intervals of time. It's a great feature to discover why your team's productivity is not up to the mark and why they miss out on the project deadline?
  • If you work with freelancers, contract employees, or a remote team, screenshots can bring transparency, help you keep track of how your resource utilizes the paid working hours.
  • Depending upon the nature of work, profile or role, you have the control to switch on-off the screenshot feature for your employees.

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