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Know your distractions

The fixed-interval screenshot feature shows engaged teams during the work hours; one of the important features at the core for every business. It helps in focusing on the optimum utilization of the time by an employee.
real-time Screenshots

But you know the reality, right?



With endless distractions employees tend to be less focused and energy drained. The ability to identify distractions and time wastage makes this feature creatively important for business

Enhancing the Productivity at the workplace
  • Fixed interval screenshots give you an insight into periodic utilization of time on any working day for an employee of your choice.
  • Whether it is a regular employee, a freelancers, a contract employee or a specific project team, this feature tells you how does your remote resource utilize the time on hourly basis
  •  You control this feature. Choose the resource, choose the time interval, get a structured insight and improve your feedback mechanism.

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