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Employee Monitoring Software for
Digital Marketing Agencies

Enhance your digital marketing team’s efficiency and meet client demands with productivity monitoring software

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Tailored IT Solutions for
Every Unique Industry Need

So we bring specifically designed software to meet the needs of every team in your company.

Creative Team

Many creative employees from the team, like graphic designers and content writers, work from home. You may face challenges quantifying their work and presence.

With We360.ai time tracking and activity measurement, you can understand how your employees utilize their time and work by analyzing their work habits using our activity feature.

In addition, our automated attendance system shows employee presence using digital punch-ins without any hassle.

How we360.ai can help content creators?

PPC & Social Media Team

The employees accountable for managing online advertising and social media campaigns across various channels, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and LinkedIn Ads, may suffer their work due to several productivity stealers.

You can measure their productivity by marking the useful platforms as productive and the rest channels as unproductive. This will help you measure their productivity and enhance their efficiency, too.

How we360.ai can help social media, ads and PPC teams in improving productivity and time management?

SEO & Analytics Team

When it comes to optimizing a client's website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and tracking and analyzing campaign performance data, the team may struggle to manage the workload within the team.

With We360.ai’s Wellness360 feature, you can understand workload distribution within the team and reallocate the tasks as per the employee’s efficiency and expertise by analyzing their work health using our software.

How we360.ai can help SEO and analytics teams in improving productivity and time management

IT Professionals:
Digital Transformation = More Productivity, ROI

We360.ai is your partner in nurturing a productive, engaged, and balanced workforce. Beyond monitoring, we empower you with tools for:


Digital Marketing Professionals said that automated reporting can save time and resources while providing accurate data insights for making informed decisions.

Smart Insights survey


of employees said that they were more mindful of their time when they knew they were being monitored.

Study by Tsheets


of businesses said that employee management tools can help with project management, making it easier to work with remote teams.

upwork survey


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A Look into the Challenges Faced by Digital Marketing Professionals


Let’s see what industry leaders has to say

You are not alone; the misery of trying to keep track of all time spent is real.

"Our productivity has grown by at least 50% after deploying We360.ai. We almost increased the frequency of our appointment bookings in less than 2 months, and recovered all costs within 2 months"
Sachin Jaiswal, HR & Admin
"I've improved as a manager after adopting We360.ai into my organisation. I am able to distribute workload based on my team’s working health."
Sagar Patil, IT Manager
Mind Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
"More than 100 members of my team work from remote places post-covid. Without We360.ai, keeping track of their time and attendance would be nearly impossible."
Arun Kumar, DGM
Uber9 Business Process Services Pvt Ltd.

We360.ai Capabilities to
Fix Challenges & Multiply Profits

Analyze the Work of
Distributed Teams

Our productivity monitoring software is a comprehensive solution for tracking the activity and status of remote employees, regardless of where you are in the world.

We360.ai offers a suite of features for assessing work productivity, including time tracking and monitoring application and website usage.

With our attendance dashboard, you can easily check on employees' presence with just one click.

These features are designed to support in-office, hybrid, and remote teams or individuals.

Learn more about activity...

Potential Ways To Prevent Unfair Means

Our live screenshots feature lets you identify suspicious behaviour and ensure your employees are genuinely engaged and allows you to monitor what they are working on.

Utilize our activity dashboard to monitor user activity, including mouse movements, clicks, and key presses. This enables you to keep track and increase employee productivity levels and identify areas for improvement.

Keep tabs on employee’s productivity by tracking time via activity measures - active, idle, offline and working time.

By comparing activity and productivity, you can get subtle signs if someone is moonlighting; screenshots will help secure proof of any dubious activity.

Learn more about application usage...

Meet Employee Needs and Get Well-Defined Work Hours

Use We360.ai Wellness360 feature to provide real-time feedback to employers on user engagement and understanding.

Track and analyze the workload distribution, and identify areas of overwork and areas that need improvement.

Identify which employees are overworked, underutilized and healthy and reallocate the tasks within the teams as per the obtained results to maintain work-life balance.

Monitor and evaluate work implementation to make data-driven decisions about revisions and improvements.

See how wellness360 works

Make Informed Decisions to Avoid
Employee Turnover

Keep track of employee’s work health and time to utilize personnel or assigned projects ensuring healthy workload balance.

Help employees punch in and punch out with just a click, avoiding biometrics and putting an end to buddy punching.

Improve employee engagement by identifying performance bottlenecks and recognizing top performers with our real-time productivity insights provided by We360.ai.

Make Data-Driven Decisions to Meet Goals

remote and field employees

Our productivity tracking software comes with features like in-depth reports, fixed-interval snapshots, and an app utility that helps you find out if everything is going in the right direction.

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remote and field employees

Keep track of employees’ efficiency, work health, and time to utilize personnel or assign projects, ensuring a healthy workload balance.

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remote and field employees

Use our all-in-one monitoring software to enhance your teams' productivity resulting in an assured ROI hike.

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— More features of we360.ai —

With We360.ai, you get all at one place


Use screenshots to analyze work time utilization and identify opportunities for improvement.

100+ Reports

To determine employee productivity trends, use dynamic reports to analyze data over time.

Domain Filtering

To improve productivity, use domain filtering to block sites that may distract users.

Live stream

See employee's activity in real-time: current applications, duration of use , and active status.

Mobile Access

Use the iOS and Android mobile app to access and analyze data from anywhere you want.

Project & Task

Manage projects effectively: Create, assign, prioritize tasks and track progress with our dashboard.

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