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BPO Industry

Employee Monitoring Software for BPO Industry

Elevate your BPO employee’s performance and fulfil your client needs with productivity monitoring software

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Our software is tailored to meet the specific needs of every team.

Software Development

The responsibility of development teams is to create, test, and deploy software and applications.

We360.ai allows managers to monitor the advancement of development assignments, identify productivity stealers in the development workflow, and analyze the productivity of team members.

With We360.ai, managers can know about the time spent on various tasks, the websites and applications used, and the work patterns of each developer. This data can facilitate managers in identifying inefficiencies and areas of improvement.

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Data Entry

For data entry teams, managers can identify any unproductive periods and subsequently address the underlying issues by tracking their idle time, active time, offline time, and working time using our activity feature.

This will help you track which employees are actually performing and which ones are just pretending to be busy.

Measuring their activity percentage is very important as it is directly proportional to their outcome and goals. The more they are active on their system, the faster their deliveries.

How we360.ai can help social media, ads and PPC teams in improving productivity and time management?

Customer Service

If provided with great service, 62% of customers will recommend a brand to a friend. The customer service team is quite crucial for the BPO industry as it deals with the customers and brings you business.

For these employees, our live streaming feature can be used to get real-time insights into their work with screenshots and application usage details.

Also, you can mark important applications and URLs under productive and unproductive labels to accurately measure their productivity and enhance their performance.

How we360.ai can help SEO and analytics teams in improving productivity and time management

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BPO Professionals
Digital Transformation = More Productivity, ROI


Digital Marketing Professionals

said that automated reporting can save time and resources while providing accurate data insights for making informed decisions.

Smart Insights survey


of employees said that they were more mindful of their time when they knew they were being monitored.

Study by Tsheets



of businesses said that

employee management tools can help with onboarding, communication, and project management, making it easier to work with freelancers and remote teams.

upwork survey

Challenges Faced by BPO Professionals


Let’s see what industry leaders has to say

You are not alone; the misery of trying to keep track of all time spent is real.

"We have increased our staff's productivity and efficiency. We360.ai allows us to identify areas for improvement and we optimized our operations."
Aditya B, Team Lead
Entropy Pvt Ltd
"The effective and valuable insights like productive hours, idle hours, and applications used while working helped me to make informed decisions to improve productivity and reduce friction in meeting deadlines."
Sagar Patil, IT Manager
Mind Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
"We have found that employee monitoring has improved our team's productivity and streamlined operations. Now we can identify and address any issues in real-time and make data-driven decisions."
Arun Kumar, DGM
Uber9 Business Process Services Pvt Ltd.

Fix Challenges and Multiply Profits

Optimize your employee’s daily activities

Ensure that your workforce is genuinely engaged and not just feigning it. Use live screenshots to detect any dubious conduct.

Observe and track the actions of individual employees to ascertain the nature of their tasks by analyzing work patterns and application usage.

Use our activity dashboard to oversee user behavior, encompassing mouse gestures, clicks, and keystrokes.

Track your employees' effectiveness by keeping track of their active, idle, offline, and working hours.

Learn more about activity...

Streamline Remote Workforce Management

Automate routine tasks and optimize workflows to enhance employee productivity and efficiency in a hybrid, remote and office work setting with We360.ai features and live screenshots.

By utilizing our user-friendly analytics dashboard, you can increase the productivity of your remote workforce by closely monitoring their activity and productivity levels in real-time.

Monitoring your hybrid team's activities and time from a remote location is effortless with We360.ai, allowing you to gain insights into how they use their time during the day and identify opportunities for additional assistance.

With our automated attendance and activity tracking system, you can achieve over 20% greater accuracy in punch-ins and increase daily active work time by over 15%.

Learn more about application usage...

Maximize employee engagement and minimize burnout

We360.ai dashboard provides a quick overview of an individual's daily performance across different metrics which helps in enhancing employee engagement and productivity scores.

With the Wellness360 feature, identify employees who may be at risk of burnout due to excessive workload. This can be done by identifying the job distribution and its pattern.

Wellness360 feature sheds light on the areas where employees are overworked, underutilized, or in balance. This helps you reallocate tasks within the team as per the efficiency and balance workload to boost employee engagement.

Our live productivity data can be utilized to boost employee engagement by assisting those who require support to perform better, as well as acknowledging those who have excelled in their productivity.

See how wellness360 works
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With We360.ai, you get all at one place


Use screenshots to analyze work time utilization and identify opportunities for improvement.

100+ Reports

To determine employee productivity trends, use dynamic reports to analyze data over time.

Domain Filtering

To improve productivity, use domain filtering to block sites that may distract users.

Live stream

See employee's activity in real-time: current applications, duration of use , and active status.

Mobile Access

Use the iOS and Android mobile app to access and analyze data from anywhere you want.

Project & Task

Manage projects effectively: Create, assign, prioritize tasks and track progress with our dashboard.

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