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Gear up your employees’ productivity, protect your company data and upsurge your customer engagement rate to 93% with

Leverage the capabilities to multiply your profits and Achieve your Business Goals


Dashboard solves your top challenges so that you can focus on revenue growth and boost your customer retention rate.


Find out your Agent’s productivity tracks down every activity of your agent and helps you assess his performance with a daily productivity score.


Manage your remote or hybrid workforce

Motivate your remote or hybrid teams and keep them connected to the common business goal.


Safeguard your assets and data

Ensure that your company data is safe and computers are not misused for personal usage.

Level-Up your Team’s Performance with

Tracking and Enhancing Employee productivity

Maximize your team’s productivity multi-fold

Artificial intelligence-enabled productivity feature quantifies your team’s performance and helps you assess an individual’s performance daily.

  • Track the work pattern of each agent to help enhance the agent’s performance and improve the call resolution rate.
  • Utilize daily, weekly, monthly productivity reports to heighten your team’s performance in the long term.

Track computer activities with scheduled Screenshots

It’s distressing to keep an eye on each employee while managing your own tasks. The screenshot feature is designed to solves this problem for you.

  • Find out if your team is actually busy or just pretending to be one.
  • Check in-depth what your team is working on at the very moment, with real-time proof.
Tracking and Enhancing Employee productivity
Reports of Employee Productivity in graphs and charts

Make informed decisions with Intelligent Reports

Monitor your agent’s activity with 20+ smart reports and dashboards. Make data-driven plans to improve the performance of your team.

  • Get a 360-degree view of your agent’s work-hour- whether in the office or at home.
  • Color-coded charts and graphs to analyze how each agent spends his time at work.

Ensure adherence to daily work hours comes with the full-fledged attendance and leave management feature so that you can easily manage everything in one place.

  • Agents can punch in and punch out with a single button.
  • One-click leaves application and approval workflow to save your time.
  • The insightful reports help you analyze each agent’s working and ideal work hours.
Track work hours
Distraction free environment for BPO Agents

Cut down the distractions for your agents

Filter out and restrict the access of the website with a domain blocking feature to ensure that your team stays focused at work.

  • You don’t need the additional system or elaborated IT setup to block domains for your team.
  • Give access to sites as per the roles and responsibilities.

Employee Monitoring- The Future of Work

Know more about employee monitoring software

Employee Monitoring: The Future of Work

Employee monitoring has made its way into the Forbes list of Top-5 things a workplace should have in 2022. If you are new to the whole terminology you must be wondering how employee monitoring a key to a better workplace. Employee monitoring is multi-dimensional software that has provided an ease of access to employers and employees alike.

In the uncertain present and future of workplaces due to COVID, employee monitoring is blessing. It helps eliminate many variables that could be of concern to the employees or employers. Although most of us have adjusted, there is still a great deal of uncertainty about the future of employment.

For the foreseeable future, hybrid working environments look to be the new standard.  As part of digital transformation plan, most firms are accepting the move as graciously as possible.

What is Employee Monitoring

Companies are flocking to tools that may offer them with useful insights regarding employee productivity as they continue to shift to hybrid and remote working environments. That is exactly what an employee monitoring software does.

Depending on the specifications of the software you use, you will be provided with different features.

If you decide that is the way to go for your business you will be provided with an array of features like-attendance, productivity, health360, snapshots and much more.

These features help create a functional and autonomous workspace whether you are working in a traditional, hybrid or even remote workspace.

How does Employee Monitoring software work?

With work increasingly taking place on computers and over the Internet, it's extremely probable that your staff may become distracted and browse non-work related websites. However, this issue has been for decades- even before the Internet as we know it today, people were finding methods to avoid doing meaningful work. This is quite natural: our brains have evolved to seek immediate reward and avoid unpleasant emotions.

Some of us are more prone to this than others, but in general, we prefer to have fun rather than work since it requires effort and the result is delayed.

Employee monitoring software works by giving you a better understanding of your team's productivity. It enables you to determine whether or not work hours are spent on genuine work. The majority of software in this industry including has features such as:

Time Tracking: What is the mechanism behind it? When you switch on your computer, you may either clock in or download a desktop programme that will do so for you. Many time-tracking applications also provide a mobile app that you may use to track time in meetings and while you're not at your desk. In you have the MyZen software that tracks your progress throughout the day as you keep logging your time spent working, time spent in breaks and when you finally finish the work.  

Activity monitoring: You can tap into the screens of your employees to see what they’re doing. This feature should only be used on official devices like the company laptop or desktop to avoid legal allegations.

We all know that in all the time we spend on our desks we don’t work constantly. However, the ratio of work to breaks is the key to defining how productive one person is. allows you to set requirements for your own business, the apps that are useful to you and which aren’t, these will track the time your employees actually spend working.

What are the advantages of Employee Monitoring?

There can be many advantages of Employee Monitoring a sit can detect the minor details the human eye may miss which could be crucial for the company. Some primary and most significant advantages are:

Efficient and functional management: Managers have a ton of tasks themselves which may or may include their team. By using employee monitoring software they can focus on more important tasks like client meetings than trivial tasks such as keeping a constant watch for employee productivity patterns. Data-driven insights will help you construct a more efficient workforce by emphasizing your employees' strengths and flaws. Seeing where individuals struggle and where they excel offers you the ability to more effectively distribute work.

Boosted revenue: Unproductive employees are much like leaking taps in a reservoir, draining the profit slowly. Implementing worker analytics and productivity tracking programmes might help you reduce this loss. Companies that are successful and data-driven leverage the insights provided by monitoring software to boost productivity, revenue, sales, staff retention, satisfaction, and efficiency.

Better employee engagement: To many companies and business owners and companies, employee engagement may not seem significant. On the contrary it is the crucial key to growth. It is well acknowledged that approximately 70% of employees in the workforce are disengaged with their jobs. 40% of employees are not involved in any way. With employee disengagement being such a big issue, organizations need tools to help them figure out who's disengaged, why they're disengaged, how much it's impacting their business, and what they can do about it.

Privacy Concerns & Data Security

The first thing that concerns most employees and employers is the privacy breech that could happen.

Privacy is an issue when activity is monitored. People use work computers for personal reasons as well as work and want their activities to remain secret. Also, the concept of someone "monitoring their every action" is unappealing to many people. It's spooky!

Assure your staff that their privacy is extremely important. You're not looking at them; you're analyzing data. Personal information such as passwords, driver's licenses, passports, and other security numbers aren't of interest to you.

This can also be addressed by limiting the use of the software to company devices.

Legal Issues

The legality of tracking operations is clouded by ambiguity. One of the reasons is that there are several laws governing what is and is not permitted.  The legality of employee monitoring is entirely dependent on your location. That isn't to say that this form of data collection isn't possible.

There are several methods for analyzing daily activities in conformity with local rules. o  Is Employee Surveillance Legal? There are a number of myths concerning the legality of data collection that may put you off. Is it even lawful to monitor employees? 

In a word, yes. Workplace regulations indicate that your employer can monitor you online. This implies they can read your emails on their server, for example. The sole limitation at the moment is that phone calls are not permitted. It is illegal for an employer to listen in on an employee's personal phone calls unless the employee is aware of the situation and gives his or her approval.

If the employee is utilizing company-owned equipment, they don't require approval for any additional activity. We recommend routinely alerting your staff you plan to install the software and explaining how it will be utilized for the greatest outcomes and to establish a culture of trust. They'll be aware of the categories of data collected, when it was collected, and why it was collected. The more transparent you are, the less likely you are to get into legal problems.

Why Employee Monitoring would be a good fit for your company?

Prior to deciding on the finest employee monitoring software for your company, you must be assured that it is the correct fit for you. This sort of software may be misused for a variety of reasons, all of which are absolutely irrelevant. However, deciding whether or not to take the following step is rather simple. 

Goals vary business to business. To assess the need for Employee Monitoring software you need to be clear about your goals and how will the software assist you.  how Will employee monitoring software assist me in achieving these objectives?

If you see a significant or steady change that can be made to boost company productivity, profits, and revenue- then you should consider booking your demo or Employee monitoring is about data rather than supervision. 

The technologies that collect that data are a $200 million business that is growing at the time of writing. More organizations will invest in software and other solutions that track workers' activity in the coming years. Teams that have chosen to examine behavior include insurance organizations, colleges, design businesses, schools, and huge worldwide enterprises.

Even eateries employ wait staff monitoring software that tracks all key activities. Metrics acquired by staff monitoring tools are helping companies of all sizes improve their business processes. 

Your creativity is the only thing that limits you. Begin by posing a question or problem that requires a solution, and consider how you may utilise your programme to address it. Here's a slight prod to get you started.

Is employee monitoring software reliable?

Yes, Employee monitoring software is very reliable. These interfaces use a complex algorithm to track and chart employee productivity and efficiency on a daily basis.

Employee performance improves anytime they are observed at work, and their overall output also rises this is a very evident truth.

The majority of companies and organizations who use employee monitoring practices do so because they want their staff to improve operational effectiveness.

The rise in use of employee monitoring software in the corporate world is a proof of the reliability of the software.

How Employee Monitoring Software is helpful in Enhancing employee engagement?

'Employee engagement' is a word you'll hear thrown about a lot in the workplace. Unfortunately, some businesses are unaware of its significance. Employees are the backbone of every company since they are the ones that provide the goods.

When it comes to job happiness, one of the most important elements for employees is to do work that is 'meaningful. The term meaningful is also subjective, something that is meaningful for one, might not be for another. Your employees should believe that what they do is significant.

They must believe that their efforts contribute to the company's objectives and that they are part of the larger picture.

When you use you can organize projects on completion of each project the employees can see their contribution to a project.

How Employee Monitoring is Helpful for Remote & Hybrid team?

There are many aspects to consider when you think about managing a remote team effectively.

The primary concern for any employer who has people working remotely in their team is the efficiency and productivity of those employees. can aid by making remote working easier than ever. provides you with statistics based on data of your employees.

It tracks their productivity, efficiency and even the undergoing and completed projects.

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