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Employee Monitoring Software

If you decide that We360.ai is the way to go for your business you will be provided with an array of features Attendance, Productivity, Health360, Screenshots and much more.

We360.ai a Complete Employee Monitoring Software for Your Business

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Employee Monitoring Software - Your stress reliever

Become the most preferred employer to control data theft with Employee Monitoring Software.


Shows work in Progress

Lets you know that your employees are at their job. Monitor your team’s screen and help them to continue their work.


Shows Apps and Software

Lets you see how the new software is being used. Employees can be trained again for the new software if required and encourage to use the new software in time.


Improved Customer Response

Lets you know the blank screen. Calls unanswered work against the business. Improve customer response by allocating responsibilities.

Employee Monitoring- The Future of Work

Everything you need to know about Employee Monitoring Software

What is Employee Monitoring?

Companies are flocking to tools that may offer them useful insights regarding employee productivity as they continue to shift to hybrid and remote working environments. That is exactly what an employee monitoring software does. Depending on the specifications of the software you use, you will be provided with different features.
A Complete We360.ai Employee Monitoring Software for Your Business
If you decide that We360.ai is the way to go for your business you will be provided with an array of features like- attendance, productivity, health360, screenshot, and much more. These features help create a functional and autonomous workspace whether you are working in a traditional, hybrid, or even remote workspace.

How does Employee Monitoring Software work?

With work increasingly taking place on computers and over the Internet, it's extremely probable that your staff may become distracted and browse non-work related websites. However, this issue has been for decades - even before the Internet as we know it today, people were finding methods to avoid doing meaningful work. This is quite natural: our brains have evolved to seek immediate rewards and avoid unpleasant emotions. Some of us are more prone to this than others, but in general, we prefer to have fun rather than your team's productivity. It enables you to determine whether or not work hours are spent on genuine work.The majority of software in this industry, including We360.ai has features such as:
Time tracking
What is the mechanism behind it? When you switch on your computer, you may either clock in or download a desktop program that will do so for you. Many time-tracking applications also provide a mobile app that you may use to track time in meetings while you're not at your desk.

In We360.ai you have the MyZen software that tracks your progress throughout the day as you keep logging your time spent working, time spent in breaks, and when you finally finish the work.
Activity monitoring
You can tap into the screens of your employees to see what they’re doing. This feature should only be used on official devices like the company laptop or desktop to avoid legal allegations. 
We360.ai Employee Monitoring Software Dashboard for Improved Workplace Efficiency
Productivity measurement
We all know that in all the time we spend at our desks we don’t work constantly. However, the ratio of work to breaks is the key to defining one person's productivity. We360.ai allows you to set requirements for your own business, and the apps that are useful to you and which aren’t, these will track the time your employees actually spend working.

Why would Employee Monitoring be a good fit for your Company?

Prior to deciding on the finest employee monitoring software for your company, you must be assured that it is the correct fit for you. This sort of software may be misused for a variety of reasons, all of which are absolutely irrelevant. However, deciding whether or not to take the following step is rather simple.
We360.ai Employee Monitoring Software for Busy Managers

What to look for or to avoid before choosing any?

Goals vary from business to business. To assess the need for Employee Monitoring software, you need to be clear about your needs and answer these questions before making a choice:
  • What are your needs?
  • Why do you need to monitor employees?
  • What’s your budget? Which one can you afford?
  • Which features are helpful for your work and how will they work?
  • Is your employee monitoring software dynamic enough to grow with your business?
Examine your answers, and then consider how activity monitoring may assist. If you see a significant or steady change that can be made to boost company productivity, profits, and revenue- then you should consider booking your demo on We360.ai.

What are the types of employee monitoring software?

Employee monitoring software that can be used by employers to keep track of their employees. The software is designed to help employers manage their workforce and increase productivity.

There are many types of employee monitoring software such as:
  • Employee monitoring software: This type of employee monitoring software is designed to provide real-time data and insights into the work habits of employees, enabling managers to make better decisions about how they can manage their workforce. Employee monitoring software tracks working hours, Activity, and the time spend on tasks.
  • Employee tracking tools: These types of employee tracking tools allow employers to track the location, activity, and performance levels of their employees on a real-time basis.
  • Remote access management tool: This type of employee monitoring tool allows employers and managers to remotely manage their workforce from any location using a web browser or app.
  • Remote access software: This type of employee monitoring software allows employers to monitor employees remotely through computer. It gives employers the ability to view their employees’ work activities, monitor their locations and set up alerts when certain events happen - such as when an employee leaves the office or logs into a computer after hours.
  • Field Tracking employee monitoring software: This type of employee tracking app uses GPS technology to track an employee's location and movements throughout the day via smartphone or computer. It also allows employers to set up alerts when certain events happen - such as when an employee leaves work early.

Software to watch what your employees are doing on screen

Screen Monitoring software is an effective way to monitor your employees’ screen time. It can be used to measure the productivity of your employees and to help you improve their work performance.
There are a lot of software available in the market to watch what your employees are doing on screen.
With software like this, it is possible to keep track of what your employees are doing while they are on the job.
The software is designed to help companies monitor their employees' computer use in the office, including the time spent on websites, social media and email. The software will also detect when an employee has been using a work computer for personal use.
Software to watch what your employees are screen doing is a software that allows you to monitor the activities of your employees on their computer screens. The software can be installed on company-owned computers or laptops and is usually used for security purposes.
Some of the benefits of Employee screen monitoring software includes:
  • It helps in reducing employee theft
  • It helps in reducing employee misuse
  • It reduces the risk of data breach by providing a secure environment for your staff
  • It allows you to monitor workers who work remotely from home

Pros and Cons of Employee Monitoring Software

There can be many pros of Employee Monitoring as it can detect the minor details the human eye may miss which could be crucial for the company. Some primary and most significant Pros and Cons of Employee Monitoring software are:
Efficient and functional management
Data-driven insights help you construct a more efficient workforce by emphasizing your employees' strengths and flaws. Seeing where individuals struggle and excel offers you the ability to distribute work more effectively. Matching your team member's abilities and skills to the proper assignment is critical and allows them to perform their best work! Employee monitoring solutions that focus on behavior data can help you pinpoint which members of your team require more training or coaching. This saves projects from plummeting and gives employees the opportunity to learn, grow, and improve.
We360.ai Employee Monitoring Software: Be Sure It Fits Your Needs
Data security
When employees are monitored during work hours, it reduces the chances of corporate espionage. You can always be assured that your data is safe and instantly find out which employee may have larceny in their hearts. Breach victims are more likely to be seen in large corporations as there is a greater risk of human mistakes leading to attacks, such as opening phishing emails by accident. Internal threats do exist from time to time. We360.ai's screenshot feature gives managers a clear picture of what employees are doing and when they are doing it. The data logs also serve as your company's "black box" in the case of security breaches or legal difficulties. It gets a little simpler for you to figure out "who, what, when, and where" the incident occurred.
Boosted revenue
Successful and data-driven companies leverage the insights provided by monitoring software to boost engagement, revenue, sales, staff retention, satisfaction, and efficiency. Furthermore, the types of data gathered by employee monitoring software enable you to make more informed business decisions. You may discover that you have too many staff working on a single project. Why not give a couple of them a new project to use their time and the company's resources better? Alternatively, determine which program (that you're paying for) isn't getting much use. Stop squandering money by getting rid of things you don't need.
Better employee engagement
It is well acknowledged that approximately 70% of employees in the workforce are disengaged from their jobs. 40% of employees are not involved in any way. With employee disengagement being such a big issue, organizations need tools to help them figure out who's disengaged, why they're disengaged, how much it's impacting their business, and what they can do about it. Unfortunately, when employees are disengaged, they are usually unconcerned with the company's goals or performance. They merely come to work to be paid. Our behavior analytics can reveal who on your team is disengaged or on the verge of being disengaged. For instance, you will know how much time employees spend on non-productive apps. If you plot the data in a graph over time, you can observe whose productivity has grown, dropped, or remained constant. If necessary, you can meet with the team member using this information. Find out what's going on and how you can assist.
We360.ai Employee Monitoring Software for a Connected Workplace

What can be the Cons of Employee Monitoring and what can you do about them?

There are cons to everything, even a genie can only grant three wishes. Let us address some possible cons of Employee monitoring and know how we can easily tackle them:
We360.ai Employee Monitoring for Remote Workers
Privacy concerns
The first thing that concerns most employees and employers is the potential privacy breach. Privacy is an issue when activity is monitored. People use work computers for personal and work reasons and want their activities to remain secret. Also, the concept of someone "monitoring their every action" is unappealing to many people. It's spooky! Assure your staff that their privacy is extremely important. You're not looking at them; you're analyzing data. Personal information such as passwords, driver's licenses, passports, and other security numbers aren't of interest to you. This can also be addressed by limiting the use of the software to company devices.
Could stress out employees more
A person may automatically work more, take fewer breaks, and be concerned about their performance if they are aware that their activities are being recorded. All of this might cause your employees to become more stressed, resulting in a reduction in morale and employee turnover - the exact opposite of what you want to achieve! The Health360 feature of We360.ai can help you monitor overworked employees and you can have a discussion with them to address the same.
Legal issues
The legality of tracking operations is clouded by ambiguity. One of the reasons is that there are several laws governing what is and is not permitted. The legality of employee monitoring is entirely dependent on your location. That isn't to say that this form of data collection isn't possible. There are several methods for analyzing daily activities in conformity with local rules.

Is Employee Surveillance Legal?

There are a number of myths concerning the legality of data collection that may put you off. Is it even lawful to monitor employees?
In a word, yeah. Workplace regulations indicate that your employer can monitor you online. This implies they can read your emails on their server, for example. The sole limitation at the moment is that phone calls are not permitted. It is illegal for an employer to listen in on an employee's personal phone calls unless the employee is aware of the situation and gives his or her approval. If the employee is utilizing company-owned equipment, they don't require approval for any additional activity.
We recommend routinely alerting your staff you plan to install the software and explaining how it will be utilized for the greatest outcomes and to establish a culture of trust. They'll be aware of the categories of data collected, when it was collected, and why it was collected. The more transparent you are, the less likely you are to get into legal problems.

What are the ways to introduce Employee Monitoring Software to your Employees?

It may be easy for leaders, employers and managers to decide to install employee monitoring software any day, anytime. And there may be nothing wrong with that. But involving and informing your team about it will collectively help you to derive more than desired results.
Be clear and straightforward
Whenever it's about starting something for employees, it’s best to be transparent with your communication. If you’ve decided to start with employee monitoring software, let your employees know it’s just to enhance the performance from the inside out. So it will result in positive and collective steps to improve performance.
We360.ai to Create a Transparent Workplace
Mention all the benefits to your employees
Being a boss, you’re pretty clear about what you will get with employee productivity monitoring software, but it may be ambivalent to your employees. So making them aware of the mutual benefits would be a good decision.
  • Accurate and automated attendance will provide faster, more accurate payments
  • User activity monitoring highlights the actual performers providing due recognition and rewards
  • Real-time productivity insights of the work for self-analysis and improvement in the skills and ability with advancement in career goals
  • Zero manual work time and yes to dynamic and meaningful work reports
  • Getting due share and credit of work with activity and workload management analysis
  • Freedom to work remotely on their own terms more often as managers can now track their work from anywhere
  • Work on your terms from anywhere you want, as managers will be able to communicate more conveniently with real-time data, records, and analysis
  • Manage your leaves by tracking your own work status and productivity analytics as proof of work

How about try and test We360.ai Employee Monitoring Software for free?

You’re now well-versed in how you can enhance your productivity and performance and avail all the benefits of employee monitoring software like We360.ai.
After reading this guide, you will be able to understand the best option as per your team needs. Still to get the best, it’s good to get a trial first. That’s why We360.ai provides a free 7-day trial. Install software and check out every feature and see the outcome in just 7 days.
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Additional Features

Improved Efficiency

Reduce your overheads with Employee Monitoring Software!

Efficient employees are the productive employees. Each Employee member should be align with the organization vision by adding value in their responsibilities so that all of their efforts drive the organization forward into the future.

It is not about working hard it is about working smart. Providing right tool is the important step in enhancing the employee performance. Employee Monitoring software will be a right tool for the organization.

We360.ai Employee Monitoring Software for Improved Efficiency

Increased Profitibility

Boost your ROI with Employee Monitoring software

There are many theories to enhance profit of your organization. If you’re looking for ways to boost your company’s performance and ultimately its profitability then integrating the right employee monitoring software is important to consider.

One significant part of having a successful business is having the proper equipment. When you have the right software, it makes it easier for you to get work done quickly and efficiently.

We360.ai is one such software.

Up Your Profits with We360.ai Employee Monitoring Software

Better Employee Engagement

Ascertain engaged employees

The Employee monitoring software shows the transparency and confidence in an organization can inspire employees to give their best and stay committed to their work.

The Employee monitoring software ensures that the employees remain invested in the company’s mission, vision, values or goals. They are focused and  concerned about productivity or company profitability.

Improve Employee Engagement with We360.ai

Improved Performance

Quickly fix operational errors

Efficient Management: Data-driven insights will assist you in building a more effective team. You can more efficiently distribute work if you can see where people struggle and where they shine.

Data Security: Corporate espionage is less likely when employees are watched during working hours. You can be sure that your data is secure at all times and quickly identify any sketchy employees

Growth in revenue: Employee inefficiency progressively drains the company's profits, you will cut down on this loss by implementing worker analytics and a productivity tracking program.

Improve workplace Performance with We360.ai

“We360.ai’s Kanban Task Management is one of a kind!”

The Kanban feature on We360.ai has made our life so much easier. The team at We360.ai has a brilliant vision. Many congratulations!


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“Automated snapshot magnifying transparency.”

The ability to see exactly what's going on the other side, the employee side, is so important during remote working. We360.ai gives us the ability to see the screens in real-time. We're able to ensure that our employees are utilizing their time how they're supposed to, even remotely.


Manish Chaturvedi

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“The Reports section of We360.ai is revolutionary!”

The report section of We360.ai shows Attendance, Time Tracking, Task Management and Productivity records distinctly and exhaustively. It’s just the perfect blend of the right amount of information and beautifully displayed infographics. I highly recommend We360.ai


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