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Lets you know the blank screen. Calls unanswered work against the business. Improve customer response by allocating responsibilities.

Employee Monitoring- The Future of Work

Know more about employee monitoring software

Employee Monitoring: The Future of Work

Employee monitoring has made its way into the Forbes list of Top-5 things a workplace should have in 2022. If you are new to the whole terminology you must be wondering how employee monitoring a key to a better workplace. Employee monitoring is multi-dimensional software that has provided an ease of access to employers and employees alike.

Employee monitoring is a multifaceted piece of software that has made it simple for both employers and employees to use.

As businesses continue to transition to hybrid working environments, they are swarming to products that provides them with beneficial data regarding employee productivity. Whether you work in a traditional, hybrid, or even remote office, these elements assist build a practical and independent workspace.

What is Employee Monitoring?

Companies are flocking to tools that may offer them with useful insights regarding employee productivity as they continue to shift to hybrid and remote working environments. That is exactly what an employee monitoring software does.

Depending on the specifications of the software you use, you will be provided with different features.

If you decide that We360.ai is the way to go for your business you will be provided with an array of features like-attendance, productivity, health360, snapshots and much more.

These features help create a functional and autonomous workspace whether you are working in a traditional, hybrid or even remote workspace.

How does Employee Monitoring software work?

Employee monitoring software works by giving you a better understanding of your team's productivity. It enables you to determine whether or not work hours are spent on genuine work. The majority of software in this industry including We360.ai has features such as:

Automated Attendance: With this feature employee’s attendance is tracked hassle free, employees can apply for leave easily and track their approval via the We360.ai interface. 

Screenshots The snapshot feature captures your employees screen, making sure that they are not using websites that are not ideal for the workspace. 

Activity monitoring: You can tap into the screens of your employees to see what they’re doing. This feature should only be used on official devices like the company laptop or desktop.

The productivity feature helps employers keep track of their employees’ efficiency and utilize it for the profitability of the company 

What are the advantages of Employee Monitoring?

There can be many advantages of Employee Monitoring a sit can detect the minor details the human eye may miss which could be crucial for the company. Some primary and most significant advantages are:

Efficient Management: Data-driven insights will assist you in building a more effective team. You can more efficiently distribute work if you can see where people struggle and where they shine.

Data security: Corporate espionage is less likely when employees are watched during working hours. You can be sure that your data is secure at all times and quickly identify any sketchy employees.

Growth in revenue:
 Employee inefficiency progressively drains the company's profits, you will cut down on this loss by implementing worker analytics and productivity tracking programme.

Boosted revenue: Companies that are successful and data-driven leverage the insights provided by monitoring software to boost productivity, revenue, sales, staff retention, satisfaction, and efficiency.

Is employee monitoring software reliable?

Yes, Employee monitoring software is very reliable. These interfaces use a complex algorithm to track and chart employee productivity and efficiency on a daily basis.

The majority of companies and organizations who use employee monitoring practices do so because they want their staff to improve operational effectiveness.

The rise in use of employee monitoring software in the corporate world is a proof of the reliability of the software.

Privacy Concerns & Data Security

Privacy is an issue when activity is monitored. People use work computers for personal reasons as well as work and want their activities to remain secret.

Assure your staff that their privacy is extremely important. You're not looking at them; you're analyzing data.

Personal information such as passwords, driver's licenses, passports, and other security numbers aren't of interest to you.
The first thing that concerns most employees and employers is the privacy breach that could happen.

Legal Issues

The legality of tracking operations is clouded by ambiguity. One of the reasons is that there are several laws governing what is and is not permitted.  The legality of employee monitoring is entirely dependent on your location. There are several methods for analyzing daily activities in conformity with local rules.

Is Employee Surveillance Legal? Is it even lawful to monitor employees? In a word, yes. Workplace regulations indicate that your employer can monitor you online.If the employee is utilizing company-owned equipment, they don't require approval for any additional activity.

We recommend routinely alerting your staff you plan to install the software and explaining how it will be utilized for the greatest outcomes and to establish a culture of trust.

How Employee Monitoring is Helpful for Remote & Hybrid team?

There are many aspects to consider when you think about managing a remote team effectively.

The primary concern for any employer who has people working remotely in their team is the efficiency and productivity of those employees.

We360.ai can aid by making remote working easier than ever. We360.ai provides you with statistics based on data of your employees.

It tracks their productivity, efficiency and even the undergoing and completed projects.

How Employee Monitoring Software is helpful in Enhancing employee engagement?

'Employee engagement' is a word you'll hear thrown about a lot in the workplace. Unfortunately, some businesses are unaware of its significance. Employees are the backbone of every company since they are the ones that provide the goods.

When it comes to workplace happiness, one of the most important elements for employees is to do work that is 'meaningful. The term meaningful is also subjective, something that is meaningful for one, might not be for another. Your employees should believe that what they do is significant.

They must believe that their efforts contribute to the company's objectives and that they are part of the larger picture.

When you use We360.ai you can organize projects on completion of each project the employees can see their contribution to a project.

Why Employee Monitoring would be a good fit for your company?

Enhancing productivity and preventing inappropriate conduct at work are the primary goals of employee monitoring.

Employee productivity may directly be affected by employee monitoring. When workers are aware that their bosses are keeping an eye on them, they will work even harder.

Employees tend to be more committed and less distracted in their activities when they are monitored.

Employee monitoring is a good fit for any growing company as it indirectly and directly promotes the growth of the business in many arenas.

Additional Benefits


Improved Efficiency

Reduce your overheads with Employee Monitoring Software!

Efficient employees are the productive employees. Each Employee member should be align with the organization vision by adding value in their responsibilities so that all of their efforts drive the organization forward into the future.

It is not about working hard it is about working smart. Providing right tool is the important step in enhancing the employee productivity. Employee Monitoring software will be a right tool for the organization.

Increased Profitibility

Boost your ROI with Employee Monitoring software

There are many theories to enhance profit of your organization. If you’re looking for ways to boost your company’s productivity and ultimately its profitability then integrating the right employee monitoring software is important to consider.

One significant part of having a successful business is having the proper equipment. When you have the right software, it makes it easier for you to get work done quickly and efficiently.

We360.ai is one such software.

Better Customer Engagement

Ascertain engaged customers

The Employee monitoring software shows the transparency and confidence in an organization can inspire employees to give their best and stay committed to their work.

The Employee monitoring software ensures that the employees remain invested in the company’s mission, vision, values or goals. They are focused and  concerned about productivity or company profitability.

Improved Performance

Quickly fix operational errors

Efficient Management: Data-driven insights will assist you in building a more effective team. You can more efficiently distribute work if you can see where people struggle and where they shine.
Data Security: Corporate espionage is less likely when employees are watched during working hours. You can be sure that your data is secure at all times and quickly identify any sketchy employees
Growth in revenue: Employee inefficiency progressively drains the company's profits, you will cut down on this loss by implementing worker analytics and productivity tracking programme.

“We360.ai’s Kanban Task Management is one of a kind!”

The Kanban feature on We360.ai has made our life so much easier. The team at We360.ai has a brilliant vision. Many congratulations!


Rahul Singh Bais

Senior Manager,
We Win Limited

“Automated snapshot magnifying transparency.”

The ability to see exactly what's going on the other side, the employee side, is so important during remote working. We360.ai gives us the ability to see the screens in real-time. We're able to ensure that our employees are utilizing their time how they're supposed to, even remotely.


Manish Chaturvedi

Founder, Futor

“The Reports section of We360.ai is revolutionary!”

The report section of We360.ai shows Attendance, Time Tracking, Task Management and Productivity records distinctly and exhaustively. It’s just the perfect blend of the right amount of information and beautifully displayed infographics. I highly recommend We360.ai


Jeff Robinson


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