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Automated Attendance

Click, punch, consolidate

No biometric, no smart card, or any expense-driven solution; A contactless attendance marking solution made simpler and safe with we360.ai
automated attendance

Simply click on the punch button


productivity healthy?

We360.ai comes with an employee portal which displays the number of employees present on any given day and for monthly salary attendance in one click. It is user and admin friendly. Employees click “punch” on the portal and their in-time and out-time is recorded

attendance management
  •  Log in to the employee's portal and mark your attendance with a single click. Click the “punch-in” or “punch-out” tab on the portal as per the time of the day. 
  • Consolidating attendance data every month in couple of minutes.
  • With system-generated insightful reports, HRs and Managers have access to download easy-to-analyze reports such as Monthly attendance, Time-in, and time-out data, and working hours monitoring reports

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