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g2_rating We360.ai highest performance

"We360.ai - High productivity Delivered"

"We360.ai helped my organization gain a massive boost in productivity from the day we implemented this software. Our business's nature requires us to be online, work for tens of hours every day. This software developed a sense of internal competition amongst the colleagues and now their productivity is going through the roof. The productivity calculator has given a sense of achievement to my..."

Rahul S

“We have a hybrid workforce, now we are scaling our productivity and performance”

We have been following hybrid work culture in our organization for one year, and we360.ai is an excellent software helping us to managing the workflow and coordination among all the team members in all aspects. It has enabled us to reduce micromanagement and reporting calls for every small task. Also, it provides detailed reports ...

Ms. Arjita
Senior HR Manager

"We360.ai solved our biggest challenge working with remote teams"

Now, we easily simply create tasks and assign them to teams, see the progress in real-time, and we know how productive our each resource is. Moreover, as a business leader, I don’t have to chase my team for anything; the reports tell me what I need to know!
This solution not only made our teams productive but saved us money and time too!

Aditya B
Simple Installation
Productivity Measurement
Project Management
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Manual Screenshots
Automated Screenshots
Time and Attendance
7 Days
Trial Period
14 Days
User Live Stream
In Depth Screenshot Insights
Live Product Training
Dedicated Account Manager
On premise deployment
24 x 7 Support over calls
Quick User Import

( Import with CSV/XLS within Minutes)

299 /- INR
900 /-INR

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Why do Customers choose We360.ai over the competition?

Employee monitoring software that values Employees ​

Employee monitoring software that values Employees ​

  • Unless an employee monitoring software is beneficial to an employee and addresses their concerns, it faces adoption failure at companies.
  • We360.ai solution ensures that you achieve a 100% adoption rate as our software has employee-centric features that bring transparency and eliminates concerns like favouritism.
  • It also provides reports that encourage and motivates employees to improve their productivity and be the top-performer.

Simple yet powerful Reporting System

  • We360.ai comes with 20+ reports to helps you track and analyse each activity of your employees.
  • Our reports are not mere raw data in excel sheets but it is in-depth information collected over days, weeks, months, and years to help you recognize patterns and the loopholes in your team’s performance.
  • You also have the flexibility to schedule the must-have reports straight to your inbox and save your time.
Simple yet powerful Reporting System
Insightful Dashboards designs for Smart Teams

Interactive Dashboard designed for Smart Teams

  • We360.ai has inbuilt dashboards that transform raw data into meaningful and actionable business insights.
  • The drill-down features of the dashboard allow you to deeply explore and visualize trends in no time and in a much more organized way.
  • Our Mobile app (available on android and IOS both the platform) makes it easy for managers to keep a bird-eye view on the team’s performance while they are away from the office.

Cost-effective solution with Premium Features ​

  • We360.ai not only helps you to manage your employees but also saves your money on subscription costs.
  • We have an affordable monthly and yearly pricing plan that is perfect for a start-up, solopreneur with a remote team, MSE, or an Enterprise with a hybrid workforce.
  • Not just this, all the packages come with access to premium features, 24& 7 customer support, a dedicated account manager, and much more.
Cost-effective solution with Premium Features ​

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We360.ai raises 6.5cr in Pre Series A round of funding

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