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⚡Subscribe for the Annual Pro plan, and get the next 6 months free.⚡Offer valid till 31 March 2024.
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We360.ai is power-packed with features that act like a catalyst in increasing productivity while saving your time and running your business effortlessly.


With We360.ai, you no longer have to waste your time consolidating productivity data or manual performing analysis.  This solution empowers managers, HRs, and admin users with a hierarchy-based dashboard to quickly analyze an employee's performance at a granular level.


With We360.ai, keep your employees in the pink of their productive health. Keep track of your organisation’s health and working time to diligently utilise personnel and assign projects. We360.ai categorises employee’s working health in underutilised, overworked and neutral categories.

Automated Attendance

Stop wasting your money on biometrics, smart cards, or any other hefty solutions for attendance marking. In the social distancing times, attendance tracking is made simpler and safe with we360.ai. Your employees just need to click on the punch-in button, and it's done.


Measure your employees’ productivity through advance Productivity Mapping feature which calculates if your employee is working or just keeping busy.


Track your employee activity and get insights on granular level. We360.ai allows you to track your employee’s activity with accurate productivity insights that is measured in form of keypresses, mouse movements and mouse clicks.


Get proof of work, understand how time is allocated, and identify potential productivity gaps with our convenient on-demand screenshot functionality.


 Whether it's tracking daily attendance, productive hours or project progress of employees, the We360.ai's robust reporting system allows you to dig deeper and access all the information in just a few clicks.

Application Usage

 Managing your employees' daily activities and keeping them productive at work takes a manager's too much time and effort!
 We360.ai eases your team management efforts and brings a 63% jump in your team's productivity.


Get a live vision to your employees’ screen- Current application being used, total duration of usage and active status, like a Live stream of a computer. It is a powerful monitoring feature that simplifies visualization to take real time tracking to the next level.      


Get alerts regarding application usage or instances of unproductive app or URL browsing by any employee.

Admin Mobile Application

The Managers and admin users have access to the We360.ai mobile application on both Android and IOS platforms to get a birds-eye view of your employees' daily performance and tasks completion, even when away from work.

Project & Task Management

You no longer need multiple systems to manage projects and track progress. With We360.ai's robust project management feature, you can create tasks, assign them to the team, and follow the progress with the dashboard and reports.

Additional feature benefits...

We360.ai's feature enable you to manage your business teams at macro and micro level in a rewarding way!

Manual Snapshots

Computer screen' snapshot can be taken at regular intervals on We360.ai to access the time utilization during the working hours.

Time Tracking

We360.ai solution calculates actual work hours logged to complete a project/task and provides smart analytics

Leave Management

Tracks employees' leaves for payroll processing. It is a simplified feature for HRs and managers to approve, reject and track no of leaves.

Quick User Import

Set up users' accounts in We360.ai in a click. Simply upload the user data in the CSV format, and it's done!

User Logs

We360.ai solution calculates actual individual work hours logged in which provides smart analytics for each member in a team.

Cross Platform

Employee accessibility from any device. Our solution works seamlessly on macOS, Windows and Linux operating systems and give you the best-in-class experience.

We support you with

Free Live Training

Our regular live training and demos allow managers across departments to work independently and use We360.ai optimally to achieve set goals.

24x7 Tech Support

Our finest in-house technical support team is available round the clock to resolve your technical queries just in time.

Dedicated Account Manager

At We360.ai, we believe that business is acquired, but customers are nurtured by providing unparalleled customer experience to our clients. Our dedicated account managers ensure personalised service to every customer.

Awards and Recognition

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