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Empower Your Team with Effective Productivity Monitoring 

Intelligent analytics calculated based on advanced algorithms designed in-house to generate razor-sharp results.
We360.ai productivity monitoring software

Productivity Mapping


productivity healthy?

Set up productivity and label mapping to get accurate productivity results from day one with productivity monitoring software!

We360.ai Productivity monitoring software feature
  • With Label Mapping you can label the applications and URLs according to their category. For Example, Zoom and google meet will be labelled as “meeting” and WhatsApp will be labelled as “chat and messaging”.
  • With Productivity Mapping you can mark an application or URL as productive, Unproductive or neutral according to the departmental use.

  • If your employees are working on a productive marked application or URL then they are productive, if not then they are marked as unproductive or neutral.
We360.ai Productivity monitoring software feature
  • Optimized Efficiency - Productivity monitoring helps identify areas of inefficiency in work processes and systems. This will help you make changes that can improve productivity, making employees more efficient and reducing task completion time.
  • Performance Evaluation - By tracking and analysing productivity, you can understand where employees need to improve and make decisions to provide coaching and support to help individuals achieve their full potential.
  • Improvise Resource Allocation - Productivity monitoring makes you aware of how work is being allocated across teams and individuals. This helps you to optimize resource allocation, ensuring that the right people are working on the right tasks at the right time
We360.ai Productivity monitoring software feature
  • Enhanced Decision Making - By having accurate data on productivity, you can make informed decisions about resource allocation, employee development, and process improvement. This helps businesses maximise their results and achieve their goals more effectively.
  • Helps Improve Time Management - You can manage your team’s time efficiently. By tracking progress and identifying areas where time is being wasted, individuals and teams can make changes to improve their use of time and achieve more in less time.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

We360 comes with added security and compliance to safeguard your data and protect employee privacy.

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