Workforce Analytics Software to Identify Workforce Potential hr metrics and analytics enables leaders and HR to build a future-fit workforce.

What is the purpose of workforce analytics?

Performance Metrics


Human Resource Analytics

Unleash Possibilities with The Best Workforce Analytics Software

Quickly Analyze Employee Presence

Let your employee enter with a one-click punch-in with human resource management software. Organize employee attendance, shifts, and leaves with our automated attendance system describing the present, absent and complete leave details. Check status on a graphical representation of employee attendance change over time.

Attendance %

Half days

Avg. Break Time

Avg. Work Hours

Insightful Captures For Live Vision

See your employees’ real-time work with workforce analysis tool. Capture fixed-interval snapshots to analyze work via time utilization at any moment during the day. Manage snapshots as per your needs with due filters.

Live Snapshots

Proof of Work

Maintaining Work-Life Integration

Understand employee work habits by identifying work patterns. Balance workload within teams to know who is over and under-utilized and correct imbalances by reallocating the work.

Health %

Reduce Burnouts

Work-life Balance

Analyze Every Movement

Always know how employees keep themselves engaged, by evaluating their work over time. With workforce analytics software Calculate user activity based on key presses, mouse clicks and mouse movements.

Active Time

Idle Time

Offline Time

Working Time

Satisfactory & Visible Growth

View productivity metrics and workforce data analytics for individuals and teams by creating work-related productivity labels. Measure employee productivity by knowing if the employee is involved in a relevant or irrelevant task in the working time.

Productive Time

Unproductive Time

Neutral Time

All At One Place

Manage projects, organize tasks and build team spirit with our one platform. Streamline all projects and tasks from start to finish.

Integrated Reports

Custom Task Priority

Holistic Reports To Objectify & Reward has around 100+ meaningful reports to tell you the work and employee productivity tale. Helps you in workforce planning and analytics. Check out a timeline of employees with the reports covering everything from attendance, and activity to productivity.

Dynamic Reports


Benefits of Workforce Analytics Solutions for your Organization

From business leaders, HRs to employees, streamline everyone’s workflow.

Business Leaders

Stay on top of every movement, activity and deliverables from anywhere, any device with reduced time-to-insight.


A robust, easy-to-use performance solution for HR. Stay aligned with employee work habits to help plan better activities and improve results with minimal effort.


A transparent, friendly companion to help employees evolve, educate and engage. Our insights inspire everyone to perform and lead to a better employee-HR relationship.

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What is workforce analytics?

Performance Metrics