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We want to enhance global productivity using technology

The Origin of we360.ai

The pandemic and its aftermath gave rise to a flexible way of working, where employees can work from home, office or even remotely. This forced Arnav Gupta, the founder, and co-founders Swapnil Tripathi and Sandeep Panda, to develop workforce analytics software that helps organisations convert data from all corners of work into meaningful information and actionable insights to improve the way work is processed.

"Workforce analytics software has already changed the game for Business Owners and HR Leaders, proving that efficiency doesn’t have to suffer in flexible work environments."

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Our robust solution ensures that the organisation and its employees are on the same page, thus improving communication and efficiency

Core values

Our Progress


We360.ai journey

Our company


We aim to enhance global productivity by using technology.


Integrity and Intent is always greater than intellect.


Always work in the best interest of the customer.


Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.

Define, recruit, motivate and retain the top talent. You become whatever's around you.

Keep the customers’ interest first. Build a customer-obsessed business model.

Learn from mistakes and keep improving even if it is incremental. Do a little better tomorrow.

Keep inventing, don’t get stuck up on the achievements.

Make High Velocity and High-quality decision making keeping customers’ interest at the front. If it hurts a customer, don’t do it.

Kill bureaucracy, fight complacency and maintain the day 1 culture at the startup forever.

Always Dream Big !

Sell the solution, not the product.


We have the challenge of attracting good talents and retaining them.


We have to overcome the sense of feeling inferior to larger counterparts.


We have to overcome conventional thought process and dream big!


Become a Unicorn.


Become the default global productivity tool for businesses.

Our journey so far

We360.ai journey

Life at We360.ai

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Life at We360.ai

Life at We360.aiLife at We360.aiLife at We360.aiLife at We360.aiLife at We360.aiLife at We360.ai