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Never miss a performance! Be Visible

We360.ai communicates collated and real-time data visually in simple, structured, easy to understand formats. Thus saving your time, reducing stress and allowing you to monitor many metrics simultaneously
We360.ai interactive dashboard

Powerful Insights



We360.ai application monitors employees and makes it simple for managers, human resources, and apex leaders keeping them stress-free. Our crisp dashboards draw you to focus on other crucial aspects of the business. Our tactical and operational dashboards help you to compare current and past performance boosting data driven decisions. 

Productivity and Performance Analysis on the single webpage
  • Our stunning interactive dashboards  consist of intuitive graphs and charts based on employees' activities.
  • On a single dashboard, you can view multiple parameters such as projects status, employees' working hours, daily attendance, the list of top performers, and employees who need a little guidance.
  • We360.ai make employee performance evaluation an effortless process.

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