Productivity Tracking Software to nurture employee engagement

  • A simple productivity tracking software to save you productivity time.
  • Get real-time analytics within 10 mins of setting up
  • Eliminate distractions. Make your employees be more creative and less sterile.
  • Capture time spent online to confirm employee-reported hours.
  • Take a 7-day free trial without registering your card details.

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productivity and Analytics
Top Features

Get Real-time Insights provides real-time insights with actionable analytics to enhance productivity and overall performance.

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Top Features

Acquire Screenshots with provides 100% transparency by capturing screenshots at fixed intervals of time.

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App usage
Top Features

App usage

Run a productivity check on your employees with App usage feature of productivity tracking software. App usage helps you pinpoint details of applications used by employees during working hours.

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Top Features

Latest mobile app

Always keep your organisation close but employees closer. With keep your office in your pocket and check your employee productivity whenever you want through a simple mobile application.

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Latest mobile app
Observe and Analyse
Top Features

Observe and Analyse lets you observe and analyse your employee’s performance by 20+ reports so that you can make the right decision.

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Your Privacy is our commitment

Watch helps to mentor and monitor your employees.

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Free for 7 days trial, No credit card required

  • Attendance
  • Screenshots
  • 20+ Reports
  • Mobile App
  • Free Onboarding
  • Account Manager
  • Idle Time / Productive Time

"A manager’s best friend!"

I like being able to oversee and monitor my team's everyday operations from afar while being completely hands-off. keeps track of everything and makes it easy to access it. The information provided is simple to comprehend.We are a remote work environment, thus it fills the void left by our decision to become completely remote.



Senior Manager

“Track Employee Productivity!"

This tool can assist you in tracking the activity of your employees and allowing you to coach them. This solution is worth considering if you're searching for a low-cost tool that can do practically everything you need in terms of productivity and monitoring. It will help you dramatically boost the productivity in your company. 


Philip L


"Look no further, it's the gold standard!" assures that home-based workers arrive at their workstations on time and perform what they are meant to do throughout their working hours. The awareness that they are being tracked has led to a significant increase in the productivity. 


Max Shel

Team Lead

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