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Being a Data Driven Organisation in the post covid world 

The post covid world has various facets which makes it different from what it was prior to 2020. From remote working and hybrid working to innovative HR policies and so on has transformed the way companies function. Each and every bit of information is important now to decide the way forward and being into sustainable functioning. Data-driven companies are basically defined as organizations who can utilize the data they have to the fullest possible. They generally create a process which can convert data into relevant actions and vice versa, the reverse. If one is a data driven organization, then decisions can be justified at all levels and the decisions can be supported by actionable insights. Lets analyse a few major reasons which can turn your company into a data driven company:

1. Sample goals and data together 

 A modern day organization needs to set clear goals for the future. Each goal will incorporate various questions along the way and the answer to those questions is the data itself. Data acts as a means to set realistic goals. Varied data sets can be utilized to set varied milestones which can drive the end goals in a targeted manner.

2. Ask Employees to be Data Centric

Train each of your team members to utilize data on a daily basis. Any department has certain metrics to analyse the performance and those metrics should be well defined. This is only possible if your team understands the importance of data and is habitual of churning data meticulously. Employees should be asked to self evaluate their performance via employee tracking software that acts like a self assessment for them. The software will be a source of genuine data that can assist the employees to plan their learning curve. 

3. Strategic data should be presented to the upper management 

The prime decision makes like the CxO’s, VP’s should always have access to true and quality data. This can be done via apt presentations done by managers. This can help to track the strategic data from the past as well, which can be re-analysed and constantly evaluated.

4. Predict Future with data

Assort your data properly and use it to predict the future of your company. Even the government has a 5 year plan, so why not your business? The results of your analysis can be fed into your processes to make the present better and thereby the future. Create proper task management workflows using employee productivity data

5. Distribute data analysis with diverse sets of people

Whenever the management is pursuing the data analysis, try to gain inputs from each level of employees, every department within your company, your clients and a lot more. This would add more truthfulness to the analysis results. For an unbiased analysis various point of views ought to be considered. It will also help to fill visible gaps and maximize the possible solutions to any problem.

6. Streamline your data collection process

Before putting the data into action, you first need to collect data from appropriate sources. There are unlimited methods for the same but only few of them have passed the test of times. You need to collect data from not only the easily accessible sources but from all nooks and corners. Try to automate your HR processes. Using employee monitoring tools, time tracking and attendance management tools within your company to auto generate a lot of data.

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7. Be consistent in data optimization

With time the data becomes obsolete, so have a set process to optimize and revamp old data across domains. Times keep on changing and you need to adapt to the same. Those who don’t adapt may face difficulties In the long term. Try innovative data optimization tactics and for that you need a talented team. IT based tools like we360.ai have data flushing features which could be helpful.

There is no fixed way of being data driven but yes its useful for being more efficient. Benefits of being data driven are immense and quickly come into action too. 

We360.ai is an employee productivity monitoring software and has delivered a lot of real time employee data to 500+ clients across the world and thus supports data driven organizations. Just follow few listed steps and feel the difference. 


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