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March 10, 2022
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Zoho People Vs Keka HR: Which One is Better for You?

Looking for a HR Software? Zoho People and Keka HR are two of the most popular options in the market. This comparison will help you decide which one is more suitable for your company.

Employee Tracking Software for all Industries

Employee Tracking software is the need of every successful industry. It helps in creating a productive workforce and workplace. In this blog we are going to list few categories of companies which may be ideal contenders to use an employee monitoring software along with the valid reasons.

7 technology tools that you can use to speed up your business tracks‍

With the change of the business ecosystem, IT based tools have gained a huge market share and if your organization is missing out on the major ones, you may be losing out on revenue as well. By automation and the use of technology, you can keep your organisation runningsmoothly and improve efficiency. Here is a list of 7 great business management softwares that can help you in the way forward:

Redefining Remote Working into Fun Working with 6 simple steps

The current days are more into remote working due to a lot of constraints here and there. Managing an effective culture when employees are not in front of you is surely a challenge. Trust us its not rocket science and just few major points if taken care of well can do wonders for you as a company:

Our new feature “Health360” – All you need to know is an employee monitoring software which helps managers to track employees, manage their work, gain insights into the employee productivity, leave and attendance management. Being a SaaS tool we keep on adding newer features every now and then to assist our clients further ease on to their work. The best part is that any new update by we360 is available to all its previous clients at no extra cost.

How Can You Improve Your Employee Engagement?

As the world is moving out of the pandemic zone, a noticeable change has been witnessed in the resignation rate of the employees. According to the UN Economic and Social Council, 55% of the employed workforce started looking for other jobs due to a lack of employee engagement.

Empower Your Employees To Increase Revenue

Empowerment is one of the greatest feelings that mankind can ever experience. Every war that has been fought in the history of mankind was about power play. However, psychologists found a very productive way to mold the essence of power into productivity. So, theories say human capital needs to feel appreciated and empowered to give effective returns.

How to become the BOSS everyone loves to work under?

Being a boss is tough. There is a particular image which is prevalent for bosses and it has transferred from one employee to another over the years. is the best tool for employee productivity monitoring and employee tracking.

Planning your perks in a way that they are beneficial to employees and employers alike

A monthly compensation or salary is the prime motivation for an individual to work for an organization. But surely it isn’t the only one. There are several reasons which enable employees to stay and work in a company for longer periods. A major part of this includes the benefits and perks offered by an organization.

Employee Monitoring

Boosting Employee Productivity with flexible work weeks

The traditional weekly work schedule expects an employee to work for 5 days a week or under many cases, 6 days a week for a specific number of hours that are fixed differently by different organizations though a standard figure for the same generally stands at 8 Hours. Have you ever thought of reducing the working hours in order to get better output or this seems like a certain joke of sorts?

The Highly Effective Strategies to improve Employee Engagement Levels

Employee Engagement is the level of mental cum emotional connection and positivity an employee feels towards the work he does, his colleagues and his organization which results into positive attitude and better work behavior. As per statistics, engaged employees have as much as 70% higher productivity than the disengaged ones.

Identify your Jack of all Trades and the Master of One

Companies nowadays are working hard to build a powerful employer brand and they try to showcase whatever they do in the smartest possible ways. This helps them stand out of the crowd and cut off the competition as well. At the same time they need their employees to become brand ambassadors to their company. Employee recognition is the need of the hour.

Simplified and Contactless Attendance Management systems are the way forward

2020 is a landmark year in the history of mankind also known as the covid19 year. Organisations and workplaces worldwide have transformed in multiple ways since 2020. One such transition was remote working that also paved the way for the replacement of the radiational leave and attendance management systems which used to involve a biometric machine being placed at the doors.

Why is Micromanagement at workplace disastrous to your business?

It has been said that good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work seamlessly. This quote holds true in the current ecosystem. Managers nowadays are much more humane than previous times.

Employee Monitoring

The top 7 Traits of a Good People Manager

In progressive organizations, founders have been focusing on hiring awesome people managers who can not only manage but also transform lives of individuals working for the company’s vision. In this blog we will discuss 7 major traits which a good People Manager must have in order to be a futuristic HR professional.