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March 10, 2022

Employee Tracking Software for all Industries

Employee Tracking software is the need of every successful industry. It helps in creating a productive workforce and workplace. In this blog we are going to list few categories of companies which may be ideal contenders to use an employee monitoring software along with the valid reasons.


We360.ai- The best Hubstaff alternative‍

We360.ai is the #1 Award-winning Employee productivity monitoring software. We360.ai helps organisations to enhance productivity at the workplace and amplify employee engagement. We360.ai is the best hubstaff alternative.


Being a Data Driven Organisation in the post covid world 

The post covid world has various facets which makes it different from what it was prior to 2020. From remote working and hybrid working to innovative HR policies and so on has transformed the way companies function. Each and every bit of information is important now to decide the way forward and being into sustainable functioning.


Tackling Time Anxiety at Workplace 

It is a known fact that not every person works with the same efficiency. Few are quicker than others and few might be too slow. But there is a category of people who face what is known as Time Anxiety. Time Anxiety is the constant thought within someone’s mind that he/she is wasting time or the time is never enough to complete the allotted tasks. In other words, it means that the person has a fear that time is running out.


You should change your Workplace Time Zones

Its great you have the best mentors around.But, what if your employees are not managing the office time perfectly? What if they are not productive enough? You need to ask. You need to ask yourself the question – what are the time zones at your office. How do the employees spend their time during the working hours.


Bring out the Best in HR – Must follow Practices

Human Resources is the key to develop and sustain any organization with a long term approach. Any human resources manager has a host of duties to perform which include but are not limited to hiring, managing salaries, payroll, managing work culture and so on. We360.ai is the perfect tool for HR for attendance management and task management.


Best Practices To Manage Your Workspace

The basic necessity of an organisation is “Organisational Change.” It is very important for an organisation to be open to change, if you don’t keep yourself updated then you will be outdated. Here are some suggested practices by Harvard School Of Business that are regarded as the best practices to manage your workspace effectively.


Why Appreciating Your Employees Is Important?

Nine elements build a human personality and one of the most crucial parts of those elements is self-worth. Many factors influence self-worth. The psychological branch of Harvard Medical School also agrees that self-validation is an essential factor that affects a person’s self-worth. So, let’s look into how validating or appreciating your employees can affect your workspace?‍


The Advanced Guide to How To Combat Being Burnout

3 out of every 5 employees is burnout in 59.66% of the global employed population. Working is a major part of today’s lifestyle but overworking and burning out oneself is not. In the year 2020 the burnout rate in employees was increased by 26% because employees were trying to settle in the work from home culture where they were in a process to settle in and could not find a balance to their work life and personal life.


Identify your Jack of all Trades and the Master of One

Companies nowadays are working hard to build a powerful employer brand and they try to showcase whatever they do in the smartest possible ways. This helps them stand out of the crowd and cut off the competition as well. At the same time they need their employees to become brand ambassadors to their company. Employee recognition is the need of the hour. 


We360.ai raises $500k in Seed funding.

We360.ai raised $500,000 (INR 3.8 Crore) as a part of seed funding and saw participation from GSF Accelerator , SucSEED Indovation Fund , Mr. Vishal Gondal (Founder & CEO GOQii), ah! Ventures , Campus Fund VC , HEM Angels.

Employee Monitoring

Why Employee Monitoring Software Is Good For Employees?

Before using any application, we tend to ask ourselves whether it is good for us or not. If you are curious to know why Employee Monitoring Software is good for employees, then this article might help you decide.

Remote Work

5 Reasons Why Companies Should Adopt Hybrid Working

83% of the public sector organisations have adapted the hybrid culture of working. Companies like Facebook and Microsoft have given permanent work from home to some of their employed teams, so there must be some reasons that these companies are choosing Hybrid culture over normal working from office culture.

Employee Monitoring

A start-up friendly guide to plan your HR budget in 2022

Every startup needs to hire talented resources and invest in the growth of employees. But major expenses like these can become an immense barrier to growing a successful business. This article will break down the crucial line items you need to include in your HR budget 2022, in order to get a clear overview of what they will cost.

Employee Monitoring

2022 Necessary Updates For Your Business

A new year calls for new resolutions and updates for your business because ever since AI has become a part of human lives, we constantly have to update our strategies and applications to keep up with the trends.