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March 10, 2022

Employee Tracking Software for all Industries

In this blog we are going to list few categories of companies which may be ideal contenders to use an employee monitoring software alongwith the valid reasons. Though such softwares prove helpful for any organization where employees work on desktops or laptops but the percentage of users and the tangible need is the highest in the below types of companies.

Thinking of Appraisals – Observe this in your Employees

The Indian Summer – Its extremely Hot and with its onset, everyone starts waiting for the monsoons to come. The countdown begins and continues for months of eagerness.Similarly, In any organization, the employees always wait for the appraisal season or the time when they might expect a raise from the manager’s side. The countdown is always on. So it’s a manager’s task to crack the code for managing the employee expectations well.

Planning your perks in a way that they are beneficial to employees and employers alike

A monthly compensation or salary is the prime motivation for an individual to work for an organization. But surely it isn’t the only one. There are several reasons which enable employees to stay and work in a company for longer periods. A major part of this includes the benefits and perks offered by an organization.

Why is Micromanagement at workplace disastrous to your business?

It has been said that good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work seamlessly. This quote holds true in the current ecosystem. Managers nowadays are much more humane than previous times. There are varied concurrent styles of management which are implied within organizations across the world and every manager acts differently under different situations.

Employee Monitoring

“Why Employee Monitoring Software Is Good For Employees?”

Before using any application, we tend to ask ourselves whether it is good for us or not. If you are curious to know why Employee Monitoring Software is good for employees, then this article might help you decide.

Remote Work

Adapt Hybrid Working With Guaranteed Employee Productivity

According to a survey, 44% of employees choose hybrid working, but the main task with hybrid working is to keep your employees productive. Employees enjoy hybrid working better than office or remote working

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The List Of Essential Software For Hybrid Team

Almost 83% of the employed population is indulged in a hybrid mode of working, but managing all the employees who are working from the office and working from home is quite a task for the employer, but G4 companies have excelled in the art of managing their employees, and the secret behind their hybrid working success are some tools that help them to balance the equilibrium, of their workspace

Remote Work

5 Reasons Why Companies Should Adopt Hybrid Working

83% of the public sector organisations have adapted the hybrid culture of working. Companies like Facebook and Microsoft have given permanent work from home to some of their employed teams, so there must be some reasons that these companies are choosing Hybrid culture over normal working from office culture.

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How helped EdTech Pioneer boost the bottom-line by 32%?

The EdTech industry is one of the growing industries and it is expected to touch USD 4 billion in the next 3 years. These EdTech companies are relentlessly trying to provide a seamless quality learning experience and various relevant courses for kids and adults.

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7 Ways To Build a More Productive Team

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader also if you want to lift yourself then lift someone else. In this blog, we’ll try to provide some key points to build and maintain a productive team. We’ll deal with a conspicuous problem and stay tuned, to the end of it as we will also provide an effective solution.

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Top 5 reasons why HR software implementation fails and how to fix them?

businesses spend a lot of time in finding and implementing the software, but HR lead software implementation failure is a common issue most of them face today. In this piece, we point out 5 potential reasons why HR software implementation fails.

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15 Best Tools for your Remote Team

Best tools for your remote team to make them more productive, our suggested tools categorized as per the business purposes. The prime difference between working from home and remote work is the lack of physical proximity. Hence, the key to being more productive and staying connected is having the right tools for remote teams.

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How productivity impacts your company’s revenue

how productivity impacts a company’s revenue? To seek the answer to the question, we first have to go through some revenue strategies that most businesses follow. Some of the most effective revenue strategies are viz.

Case Studies

How to create a 100% transparent environment for your employees?

How to build a healthy relationship with your employees and how to provide a 100% transparent environment for your employees? Don’t worry, is here to answer all your questions. Psychology states that to build a healthy professional relationship, the foundation is trust.

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How does Time Tracking Improve Work-life Balance?

An average employee works for around 2,117 hours in a year. And according to a survey employees spend most of their life in their workspace. Sounds exhausting right? But don’t worry there is a solution to restore your work-life balance: Employee Monitoring Software.