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Human Testimony: How To Improve HR Recruiter’s Productivity?

December 18, 2021

Human Resource Recruiters are the silver lining of any organisation, but the question is how to improve HR Recruiter's productivity? The organisation has to make sure that its recruiting department is working effectively or not to keep that silver lining "shiny". And the answer to the question is straightforward: Employee Monitoring Software.

Yes! Monitoring software is an answer to all your productivity problems. We got feedback from one of our users who used We360.ai to monitor their HR Recruiter's team, and they witnessed a significant increase in their productivity.

How We360.ai User Improved The HR Recruiter's Productivity?

The company manager started using the application 10 months ago to monitor his HR recruiting team. He said he recognised the need to monitor his HR recruiting team because they are responsible for finding gems for our workforce, and if they are not doing their work effectively, he had to find a way to keep them in check. After proper market research, he came across a tool that could perfectly track employees' productivity and provide actionable analytics.

He added the software's application usage feature helped him seek information about all the applications that his recruiting team was using. Due to this, he could figure out who was honestly working and just wasting time. He also mentioned that the software helped him recognise and appreciate his employees working hard. 

He stated that he was able to work on his employee-employer relationship. He shared, "After I started using We360.ai, I figured that one of my employees was running behind his deadlines. When I talked to him and asked him the reason behind it, he opened up to me and shared that he was having some health issues and was lucky I could help him with my doctor's contact. And now he is doing fine."

We360.ai, the Employee monitoring software, helped him be a friend and a boss to his employees, a Win-Win for everyone. The application made it easy for him to set targets for his HR recruiters. Plus, it was easy for him to promote his employees according to their performance.

We Don't Have Trust Issues Anymore.

The manager mentioned We360.ai as the best employee tracking software. Using the capture screenshot feature of the application, he could see what his employees were doing during working hours. Plus, it helped him to create a 100% transparent environment. Before, he used to hear whispers about employees stealing credits for other employees' work, but We360.ai acts as a glass wall where everything is transparent. The best part about it is it makes your workspace an equal ground and an utterly unbiased environment.

Before using We360.ai, he felt very disconnected from his employees and his workspace, but now everything seems very well organised and healthy. Employee Monitoring Software eliminated the unhealthy competition among the employees and created a productive zone for everyone.

"The application made Project and Task Management so easy that assigning tasks to my employees is like a piece of cake. Earlier, I had to spend hours allocating the tasks to my employees. I can say that We360.ai is serving its fundamental motives. Their team always says that the application will make working easier, making it easier. I can track my employee's attendance, track their productivity percentage and allot them work just by using one application. The software monitor, mentor, track and organise your workspace for you. Plus, it saves your time. We360.ai is one of the best investments I have ever made. My employees are both pleased with the software. I would suggest that every workspace should use Employee Monitoring Software."

how to improve HR's productivity - we360.ai

A Perfect Blend Of Needs And Wants

The productivity percentage helps the employees to self-monitor themselves and helps them to improve. With the domain blocking feature, employees stay focused and concentrate on their work as the feature allows the manager to block all the unproductive applications that can hinder your employee’s productivity. We30.ai is a perfect blend of a workspace’s needs and wants.

We360.ai realised that an employee spends most of his lifetime at his workspace, so we try to make your work life easier. We always aim to strengthen your employer-employee relationship and serve your rights by serving you equality and an unbiased environment. We will continue to serve you and keep you productive. Your workspace is not a warzone, and we attempt to keep it that way.


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