How benefits to the Small Industries 

August 30, 2022

The 30th of August is observed as Small Industry Day in India to recognise the contribution that diverse small-scale firms and industries have contributed to the Indian market. This holiday is observed to support the expansion of small enterprises and to provide additional employment possibilities for the nation's young.

The small business sector is the key part of any growing economy. Small businesses and big enterprises need to be treated with equal importance in order to see substantial growth.

History and significance of National Small Industry Day 

A complete policy package for the small Industry was introduced on August 30th, 2000 in order to properly assist and support the numerous small enterprises in India. It was also unanimously decided following the policy introduction that the officials would call this day in honour of the Small Industry. The 30th of August has been designated as Small Industry Day since the comprehensive policy's establishment.

India is a country under development. Small-Scale industry in a developing country has a significant impact on economic progress. Small-Scale enterprises and industries are crucial to the expansion of the Indian economy. Therefore, putting into practise various tactics via the use of government policies to enhance this sector would provide enormous benefits.’s Role in growing the Small Industries

Small businesses need all the help they can get to grow their business.’s revolutionary features boost the productivity and overall growth of the company and its revenue.

National Small Industry Day

With small businesses can reduce costs on other applications such as attendance or project management.

Let us see some of the key features of that helps small businesses:

Employee Well-being 

In the race to be more productive many people can unknowingly disregard employee well being. With the Health360 feature of employers can keep an eye on the working hours of employees. This allows them to detect over-worked employees on time and can help them in creating a better work environment, a healthier relationship with their work. 

Productivity Measurement Tool provides employers with  clear analytics of their employees’ productivity and efficiency. The app will map out the productivity trends of your employees. In a small business it's even more essential that all employees are doing their best. When you can monitor productivity, you can prevent those levels from dropping, ensuring an upward trajectory for the business. 

Workforce Analytics has insightful, real-time workforce analytics on all aspects of a healthy and efficient workspace. These analytics create a productive environment for both the onsite and work-from-home employees. 

When you’re a small industry company, employees  sitting idle for long durations directly translates into loss. The Activity feature of will track the key taps, mouse movements and mouse taps of each employee. Many up and coming businesses swear by employee monitoring provided by because they have seen significant growth in their business and revenue!

Leave Management 

With’s automated attendance system you have a one stop, cost-effective solution. The interface automatically records attendance of each employee. Not only does this lessen the possibility of human error, but it is also a substantially simplified method that takes less time and money!

The Automated attendance system also has an intuitive interface that provides employees with the ability to to apply for leaves without going through the hassle of writing lengthy emails. 

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We360.a’s innovative set of features empowers the workplace in more ways than one. 

It ensures that both onsite and work-from-employees show up on time for their workstations and accomplish their assigned tasks for the duration of their shifts. The fact that they are aware they are being monitored has greatly increased productivity. This comprehensive dashboard gives you access to detailed information about what each employee was doing at any given time, and you can set monitoring intervals. Make your workplace more efficient, get rid of/eliminate human mistakes, and take charge.

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How benefits to the Small Industries 

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