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Bring out the Best in HR – Must follow Practices

Lokesh Kumar

Human Resources is the key to develop and sustain any organization with a long term approach. Any human resources manager has a host of duties to perform which include but are not limited to hiring, managing salaries, payroll, managing work culture and so on. It’s not easy to achieve the stiff targets when one has so much to do at the same time. That is why its so very important to follow the best HR practices available and be a HR superhero. Efficient human resources managers and people managers are heavily in demand across organizations which are growth oriented. Numerous tools, apps and softwares are also available nowadays to make the work easier for HR’s. A proper implementation of individual practices and IT based tools can serve the purpose.

Here are few Best HR Practices to follow within your company:

1. Streamline the Hiring process

Always hire someone who is better than you. Infact hire people who can tell you what to do rather than the reverse. To achieve this feat, your hiring process must be streamlined to the top level. The way you assess, the way you interview and most importantly whom you interview is a factor to be considered. Observe other reputed organizations and subscribe to the best hiring tools and hiring partners in the market to obtain the best results.

2. Fix up the Work Culture

The way a company approaches its employees is termed as the work culture and the HR is responsible to build and maintain a culture. How many times the team members interact with one another, how are successes celebrated, planning flexible work weeks and a lot of more fun and engaging activities constitute the work culture. If the previous managers were biased, used to micromanage and showed a lack of trust in employees then it may take some time for you to change this but yes its possible for sure. For your team members indulged in remote working, connecting is tough but an employee monitoring software like we360.ai is tailormade for such a situation as it allows you to manage your remote team like a piece of cake. 

3. Make a Happy go Lucky Leave Policy

Just because an employee goes for a leave it does not mean that he is not productive enough or is not working properly. Employees need to balance personal life and professional work. One of the best HR practices is to plan leaves, half day leaves, short leaves, work breaks and vacations in a way that allows enough flexibility for the team. There should be incentives for people taking less leaves and the annual holiday calendar must be defined well in advance. The HR managers can easily implement a robust attendance and leave management system within the company to keep all data at the same place and make leave application process easier

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4. Plan your Payroll and Appraisals well

When you have a large team working for your company, you need to have an efficient payroll management system in place plus a transparent performance review and appraisal system. Your parameters for judgement before offering growth to any employee must be well defined resulting in a no questions asked scenario. 

5. Powerful Employer Branding

As a HR professional you need to follow strategies to make your company as an employer of choice and showcase a powerful employer brand. Job aspirants must always be targeting your company for a job application and competitors must always look upon your company as something which they may want to become. Social media branding, a creative corporate identity, regular attendance in conferences and conclaves are great ways to boost your employer brand. 

6. Utilising the Best IT Powered Tools in the Market

HR tech has emerged as a prominent startup area in recent times resulting in so many tools being available in the market to automate the various HR fronts. There are applicant tracking systems and Talent Acquisition Software to make hiring easier, HRMS systems to fuel each and every aspect of HR, time tracking, Productivity monitoring software and employee tracking tools to help manage a remote or in office team and brand management tools to fuel the employer brand. Its important to implement atleast 2-3 such tools within your company after due diligence so as to get processes streamlined as quickly as possible. Empower your HR department with efficient HR software to streamline processes and enhance productivity

We360.ai is a HR Tech product which does majority of the tasks (other than hiring) for companies and helps HR automate workplace processes and specially observe the employee productivity patterns. As a professional you may implement it quite easily in your company.

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 Following the above best practices in your organization you can always be at the growth track in this ever so competitive world.


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