Best Practices To Manage Your Workspace

213.65 million companies are globally operating in the year 2022, these companies survived an economy sinking pandemic, ever wondered how these companies were able to survive a pandemic that was considered worse than the economic depression of 1930’s. In a TED Talk the CEO of Indian based company Bijus, Byju's Raveendran stated, “The challenge is not only to understand a product or to launch it in the market, but the main challenge is to manage your own workspace. When your organisation is doing well, that is the breakthrough which can make or break your organisation.”  According to the CEO, managing your own workspace is more difficult than coming up with an innovative idea to start your organisation. So, let’s look into some effective practices to manage your workplace.

Some Of The Best Practices To Manage Your Workspace Effectively

The basic necessity of an organisation is “Organisational Change.” It is very important for an organisation to be open to change, if you don’t keep yourself updated then you will be outdated. Here are some suggested practices by Harvard School Of Business that are regarded as the best practices to manage your workspace effectively:

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1. Understanding The Changing Process: 

With the changing economy and market trends organisations need to manage their workspace according to the reckless changes, and for that your team has to understand these changes collectively. For starters you need to understand the type of changes:

  • Adaptive Changes: These are the changes that happen over time, or in other words we can say these changes are planned. Proper strategies and budget is allocated for adaptive changes. In other words adaptive changes are planned changes. 

  • Transformation Changes: Transformationa; changes are unplanned changes. For example the transformation of offices from offline offices to online offices is an example of transformation changes. Such kinds of changes can be a siren for a crisis, however, most of the organisations take it as an analytics that keeps indicating to them of the storm that is going to hit their organisation. 

2. Combating Transformation Changes:

As transformation changes are the unplanned changes, so to effective management of the workspace the organisations have to come up with a rescue plan and most of the organisations follow these steps:

  • Preparation: Before updating your By workspace with the needful changes, you need to prepare your workforce for the same. For instance, before giving work from home organisations made sure all the employees had the infrastructure and resources to work effectively.
  • Implementation: Change management focuses on resolving the main issues that are causing an interruption in the previous mode of working. It includes strategies like hit and trial or pre executed strategies that previously helped in resolving an issue.

3. Insights:

One of the most important parts of effective management of a workspace is to seek insights of all the implemented changes. Observation is a must for a workspace. As 80% of the organisations have opted for an Employee Monitoring Software, which helps them to monitor and mentor their employees. Insights says that monitoring has helped the organisations to increase their average workspace productivity upto 30%. By using monitoring applications you can keep track of your employee activities as you get to see what applications they have been working on, plus you can seek the screenshots of your employees screen, which will give a clear picture on what they have been doing during their working hours. Some change implementation strategy can only give returns when it is paired by analytics:

  • Hit And Trail:

While a company is implementing hit and trail strategies, they constantly have to keep checking the results. Hit and trail world on the principle of probability and if the results are not in the sync of the same probability then the organisation has to change the equation. However, if the same strategy works for an organisation then they can think of how to improvise it. And all of this can’t be done until and unless, there is an analyst analysing if these strategies are giving the organisation any sorts of returns. 

The above mentioned practices are best suggested by Harvard Business School and practised by many successfully running businesses, but that is fundamental for all the organisations is to deal with the change that their workspace would be facing every now and then, it is essential for all the organisations to analyse and deal with the changing needs, trends and requirement of the market. And if you are able to manage, understand, combat and analyse the changes that your workspace is going through then your workspace is immuned hiccup.

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