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5 Reasons Why Companies Should Adopt Hybrid Working

February 26, 2022

83% of the public sector organisations have adapted the hybrid culture of working. Companies like Facebook and Microsoft have given permanent work from home to some of their employed teams, so there must be some reasons that these companies are choosing Hybrid culture over normal working from office culture. And here are the reasons why companies should adopt hybrid working.

5 Reasons Why Companies Should Adopt Hybrid Working

In the year 2020, when most of the workspaces went online, people were adjusting to the situation, but in 2021 organisations made the best use of the situation. As a result, the 2021 productivity survey has a significant increase, and one of the reasons behind the increase was hybrid working. And here are the reasons why companies should adopt hybrid working:

Increase In Revenue:

After companies adapted to hybrid working, most of the companies disinvested their capital assets because they didn’t require those assets anymore. For instance, Facebook shut down its three branches as employees were willing to work from home and did not need the infrastructure anymore. By disinvesting in capital and allocating those resources to a different place, Facebook is ready to build an empire, “Meta.”

Mark Zukerberg invested 65.7% in Meta, out of which 15% of the stocks were obtained by disinvesting and allocation of resources. Besides additional investments, hybrid culture also helped the companies increase their revenue. For instance, Facebook’s revenue in 2020 was 85.9 billion dollars. On the other hand 2022, the revenue was doubled by 10%, and hybrid working was one of the reasons for the increase in revenue of Facebook.

1. Work-Life Balance:

By operating on the hybrid model, employees can maintain their work-life balance easily. Employees can work from home when they can’t make it to their workspace. Because of hybrid culture, the average number of leaves that an employee takes during a month has reduced because they have flexible working. Employees can manage things in their personal life and keep up with their schedules and deadlines.

Hybrid working has made it easy for the employees to be present at two places at one time. Employees and employers can attend offices from around the globe. Plus, they won’t miss anything other than their personal life or work life. Hybrid working is the balance between the sea-saw of work and life.

2. Productivity:

Statistics show that employees are more productive during the hybrid working model rather than standard office working. During hybrid, working tools can be used to track employee productivity. Employee Monitoring Softwares have helped to improve employees productivity during hybrid working. It helps to track employees activities and helps to keep them productive. Employee Tracking Software helps you keep your workspace wholly transparent and unbiased as the employer can see what application usage of your employees during their working hours.

Plus, the employer can also seek the screenshots of the screen of all the employees, which makes it easier for the employer to judge who has been working and who is not. With the Admin Mobile Application , the employer can seek updates and see what the employees have been doing through a mobile application. It makes working more accessible and productive.

3. Law Of Behaviour: Allocation

The law of Behaviours states an economic equation applicable in Union budgets of India that is allocation. Running a business is all about allocating your resources appropriately. For instance, one of the leading motors in India, TATA Motors, started a project: Tata GenX Nano. Still, when the project didn’t work out, the TATA group allocated the same resources to another branch of their industry.

Another appropriate example of allocation of resources is the Pune AirForce station. Earlier, Pune AirForce station was a domestic airport, but when it became a liability, the government rented the place to the Air Force to practice their flying hours. In this way, they didn’t have to disinvest an asset, plus they are getting 100% returns. The same goes with hybrid working companies that can allocate their resources to places or fields with guaranteed returns. By allocation, you can make your non-performing assets work properly.

4. Mental Health:

A survey says an employee working in a hybrid model is less stressful than a person working from the office. The hybrid model of working has improved employees’ and employers’ mental health. Employees can be at two places simultaneously, which is a superpower that only hybrid workers have. Hybrid working has improved work culture as everyone is at ease, and the employees have flexibility in their work as well as their life. In 2020 approximately 208 million employed people were clinically depressed; however, in 2021, less than 120 million people were diagnosed depressed. And one of the reasons behind this dressed statistics is hybrid working.

Operating your workspace in a hybrid model is a boon for your organisation, as it will keep your workspace productive and employees happy. Hybrid working will add to your revenue and the productivity of your organisation. So, the reasons mentioned above are why companies should switch to hybrid working. These are not only stats. There are living breathing companies that are living proof that the hybrid model of working is more effective.

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