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We360.ai is the #1 Award-winning Employee productivity monitoring software. We360.ai helps organisations to enhance productivity at the workplace and amplify employee engagement. It improves productivity, efficiency, and overall performance of the workplace. You can monitor the activity of your employees and track their time spent on projects, tasks they completed, the applications they used, and what actions they are currently engaged in.

Cloud-based Employee productivity Monitoring Software helps business owners make better and well-informed decisions based on accurate workspace analytics. We360.ai is a simple employee-friendly plug-and-play software that gets up and running in minutes.

How does it work?

We360.ai has to be installed on your employee's desktop, and post that, the business owners and team managers can instantly get all the real-time analytics. They can see what is happening through their desktops or our mobile application.

Importance of Employee monitoring software

The corporate world realized the importance of Employee Monitoring Software after the internet went live. However, the need for monitoring software was not just recognized in 2020. An experiment proved that all humans respond well to being under surveillance. According to the law of productivity, the human brain functions better when it's monitored. 

This proves that monitoring can help improve work quality and productivity.

Are you looking for ways to enhance the productivity of your employees? Are you looking for a new-age technology that manages deadlines and projects and keeps an eye on efficient process management? Then, We360.ai is the Perfect Tool for you.

You can view reports on-time duration, attendance, productivity, and application use. You can access the reports in charts and graphs, making it easy to understand the entire reporting process on one page. You can also use the screenshot feature to capture any activity on an employee's screen.

We360.ai employee tracking software can be installed on any operating system.

We360.ai best Hubstaff alternative Feature Comparison:

We360.ai Best Hubstaff Alternative

What our clients says about us: 

Aditya B, Director

"We360.ai solved our biggest challenge working with remote teams."

Now, we easily simply create tasks and assign them to teams, see the progress in real-time, and we know how productive our every resource is. Moreover, as a business leader, I don't have to chase my team for anything; the reports tell me what I need to know!

This solution not only made our teams productive but saved us money and time too!
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We360.ai is the perfect tool for For Remote teams, hybrid teams, and freelancers

The software can also be used to track the actual length of productive time employees spend working. In the case of companies with many different types of team members like in-house, remote, and freelancers, this can be especially useful so that entire teams can be monitored. If a particular department is overworking or is wasting valuable work time, then the employee tracking software can provide valuable feedback on the causes of the problem.

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With all these benefits, it would seem that an employee tracking software like the We360.ai the best hubstaff alternative package is an excellent way to improve a company's profit margins through enhanced customer relations and improved work satisfaction amongst employees.

Find out more, about We360.ai. Visit  We360.ai. and take a free 7 days trial!


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