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The Talent First Approach and why you need it? 

Lokesh Kumar

A very popular saying echoes, “Talent hits a target no one else can hit”. This stands so true in modern days. Organisations who wish to be progressive must have an ability to keep talent-first and focus on key talent management, continuous upskilling of employees, performance and productivity management revamp and futuristic organizational designs. Unless a company cares for the talent pool they have or they may have, the growth path gets stuck at one point because to build a sustainable business, one needs people better than ever to join the bandwagon. In general there are three broad categories of organizations.

1. Preventive Mode Companies

These are the ones which believe in keeping things within limits. As such they start cost cutting whenever required and try to manage in the minimal possible resources. These types may be able to sustain recession but mostly keep below the rivals with the times getting better.

2. Promotion Mode Companies

These are the ones which believe in bold investments even during recession or bad times. This may look progressive initially but such companies may not be able to survive severe downturns. If you spend too much then you are bound to suffer at some moment of time.

3. Progressive Companies

These are companies that utilise an ideal combination of Prevention and Promotion modes and have the highest probability of breaking away from the pack.

Now lets talk as if one wants to become a progressive company. The ideal investment in terms of money can be justified only if the same is spent on the right tracks. First of this track comes the talent pipeline and talent development. Until and unless you hire right and train right, you cannot rise from the shackle and move ahead to be the best in the business. 

Why is Talent Management so important?

A productive team needs talented and skilled individuals. Performance is directly proportional to quality of employees. So, companies may need to implement a proper talent management program via which they can fulfil their vision. They must concentrate on acquiring the right talent from the market which are aligned with the company goals and vision.

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The Talent Impact is visible during three situations:


A company needs to select candidates who are experts in atleast a particular field. Not just theoretical but practical knowledge is also important. Don’t just check the resume but also the overall culture fitment, work ethic and deadline oriented nature. The listed factors can help a company in getting the perfect person for any job role which in turn will directly impact the employee productivity.



 Post hiring someone, you need to retain and engage them for a longer term. Employee motivation, employee engagement and employee productivity management can avoid  your team members to look for frequent job changes. If a team member can stay in your company not just for money, then that is surely a great achievement. Employee well being directly impacts customer satisfaction levels as well. Planning employee retention can be heavily facilitated by work automation and productivity monitoring software is one god initiative which could be thought of. 


A company has to have a variety of departments, varied work domains and a cosmopolitan culture in days to come. So the best strategy is to have diverse talent. Talent from different locations, talent from different backgrounds, talent with different expertise and so on. If you need to go global, you need to think global. The possibilities of a team’s success increase manifolds if the employees have a good variety of distinct skill sets. 

A talent first approach genuinely helps companies to move to the next level quickly. We360.ai as a startup has a talent first approach towards the aspiring professionals and therefore recommends the same for all its clients.


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