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The Advanced Guide to How To Combat Being Burnout

3 out of every 5 employees is burnout in 59.66% of the global employed population. Working is a major part of today’s lifestyle but overworking and burning out oneself is not.
In the year 2020 the burnout rate in employees was increased by 26% because employees were trying to settle in the work from home culture where they were in a process to settle in and could not find a balance to their work life and personal life. The global happiness index of the year 2020 decreased by 8% because of the same. The number of employees who are suffering from clinical depression also increased so Harvard Business School in collaboration with the psychology department conducted a study on how to combat being burnout, after a lot of research and minute observation they have published their research paper.

What Does Being Burnout Means?

7% of the employed population suffer from the serious impact of being burnout as they suffer from major posture problems which turn out to be serious medical issues. 75% of the employed population suffer from hypertension because of the same. When the global statistics matched up and there was a significant rise in the stress level of the employed population, Harvard School Of Business conducted a study which stated:

Loop Of Being Burnout:

Usually all the employees who are burnt out are stuck in a loop of Exhaustion, Cynicism and Inefficacy. This is a vicious loop in which most of the employed population. 

  • Exhaustion: The first step of being burned out is exhaustion. While employees are working they tend to exhaust themselves in the name of “Pushing Your Limits.” Exhaustion starts when an employee's physical fatigue turns into cognitive fatigue. 
  • Cynicism: The second step of being burned out is cynicism it is also known as depersonalization (Which is commonly known as soul sucking). In this stage of being burnout the employees tend to lose their individuality as they are under performance pressure. Some employees are able to refine themselves as a diamond under the performance pressure but some just surrender to it.

How To Combat Being Burnout?

1. Recognising Your Burnt Out Employees:

 The first step to combat burnout is to recognise which of your employees is burnt out and who is not. However, with a massive workforce it is quite difficult to identify who is working hard and who is hardly working. Here Employee Monitoring Software can help, with employee activity tracking tools you can see for how long your employee worked and application usage of your employees. This will help you to decide which of your employees have been burning out themselves and if an employee is not working properly then you can help them wherever they are struggling. Also, you can appreciate all your employees who have been working hard and contributing to your organisation. 

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2. Satisfy Unlimited Human Wants:

As We all know that human wants are unlimited and it’s impossible to satisfy them. One of the main reasons for employees burning out themselves is the will to earn more and in the want of an increased pay cheque they tend to exhaust themselves. So, corporations have come up with a strategy to avoid such situations where employees would be given less work with constant salaries. Companies have decided to shorten the weekly working hours of the employees rather than giving them a raise in their paychecks.  

Humans would agree to work if they were paid for it. So, companies made a long term plan to keep their employees healthy and long term assets by giving them more time to rest and recover rather than burning themselves out, which will indirectly affect their productivity.

3. Adequate Physical And Mental Workout:

Research says that to keep a working human sane and to ensure the proper flow of hormones in their body, they should regularly exercise and workout on daily biases. Companies like Microsoft have made it compulsory for all their employees to go to a gym or a fitness membership so that they can stay fit physically and mentally.  

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4. Hormonal Balance: 

To avoid burnout it is very important for your body to maintain hormonal balance. Serotonin is the happiness hormone which should be released in adequate amounts to avoid burnout. This is how you can regulate the amount of serotonin released:

  • Green Plants and flowers help in regulating serotonin levels.
  • Comfort food helps in regulating serotonin levels.
  • Vitamin D also helps in regulating serotonin levels.

Prolonged Burnout can affect your health adversely so to avoid such a situation, take care of your head space. Because when your mental health depletes, your physical health follows. Human capital is one of the biggest investments of any organisation and not helping our employees break through the loop of being burnt out might cost you a chunk of your investment.


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