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Adapt Hybrid Working With Guaranteed Employee Productivity

February 26, 2022

According to a survey, 44% of employees choose hybrid working, but the main task with hybrid working is to keep your employees productive. Employees enjoy hybrid working better than office or remote working. Because it is a proper blend of remote working and office working, it makes working very flexible for employees, as they apply for WFH whenever they cannot attend physical office. But, as much as the employees enjoy it, managers and employees find it very difficult to manage their employees in a hybrid model. Because that way, they have to monitor their employees working at the office and the employees working from home. And that is quite a difficult task for an employer.

But, Don’t worry; Employee Monitoring Software can help you manage and organise your workspace. Find out how?

How can employee monitoring software help you to manage Hybrid Working?

Hybrid working can be challenging for the employer as he has to manage his workspace and his employee working from home. Employee productivity tracking software allows you to track your employee’s activity and keeps you aware of your workspace.

Manage Tasks and Projects:

With the Project and Task Management feature of productivity tracking software, the employer can manage tasks and projects without following long trails of emails or without making phone calls to his employees. The employer can very easily communicate with their employees working from home or working from the office. When the employees have a ready to-do list, it makes it easier for them to keep their productivity on track. It is that easy.

Automated Attendance:

The automated Attendance feature helps the employer to seek information about who is working and who is not. During hybrid working, the employer might find it difficult to understand who is present-working and who is not. This feature presents the employer with a tabular representation of “Present employees” and “Absent employees.” So, the employer will know who is present and who is not at a glance.

Admin Mobile Application:

Admin mobile application helps the admin to keep track of their employees. The application allows the employer to seek what his employees are doing through a mobile application. So, the employer can keep his whole workspace in a mobile application.


By using employee monitoring productivity tools, you can make your workspace 100% transparent:

Capture Screenshot:

The capture screenshot feature helps the employer to make a clear and unbiased judgement about his employees. The software captures the screenshot of the employees’ screen so that the employer can see what his employees have been doing during their working hours. This way, the employees can effectively adapt to hybrid working. Plus, you can create an egalitarian workspace for all of your employees working from home and who are working from the office.

Application Usage:

The application usage feature helps the employer see all the applications his employees have been working on. This helps the employer see if his employees have been working on relevant applications.

Fun Fact: Capture Screenshot and application usage feature help you to make your hybrid working completely transparent and non-biased as you can see which employee is honestly working and who is not. This allows you to respect your employee’s fundamental rights. It also strengthens your employee-employer relationship, as the hard-working employees feel appreciated and motivated to work harder. A study says that a happy employee is a productive employee so keep your employees happy by appreciating them and keeping them productive.

Domain Blocking:

With the domain blocking feature, the employer can help the employees stay focused and productive by blocking all the unproductive domains like social media and OTT platforms because they might get tempted to use unproductive platforms during their working hours. So, to avoid such a situation, domain blocking is one of the most useful features. This way, the employees can focus on their work without any distractions. This feature upgrades hybrid working as the employer knows that employees can’t use unproductive applications even while working from home.

Productivity Measurement:

The employer can see the employees productivity by using productivity measurement. Their keystrokes and mouse movement evaluate employees productivity. This helps the employer understand how productive his employees were during working hours. Plus, it can also help the employees self-monitor themselves, which will help them grow personally.

Fun Fact: Self-monitoring is one of the best ways to improve oneself.

We360.ai attempts to update hybrid working easier. The application attempts to restore your work-life balance and tries to build a better employee-employer relationship. Because at the end of the day the psychological law of working states that a healthy and well-communicated workspace is a prosperous workspace. Employees and employers spend most of their time working then why not make it a productive zone.


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