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8 Effective ways to keep your Remote Employees motivated

December 17, 2021

Remote Employee Motivation-We360.ai

With almost 2 years of remote working, businesses across the Globe have accepted this work mode and are trying to make it more productive.

Telecommuting and remote working are no longer a luxury but an unavoidable necessity for many businesses and individuals to continue the work.

With the new variants emerging every year, panic news clouding the creative minds, and an uncertain future, it's natural for employees to stray from their work routine and lose focus and motivation.

Still, how do you ensure that the remote employees are motivated?"

Here are some suggestions to restore your remote or hybrid team motivation levels does remote work affect motivation?

The ongoing pandemic has made employees ponder, or rather doubt, what the future holds for them, both in personal and professional life. It does take a toll on mental health.

Moreover, client meetings, coffee breaks and chit chat with colleagues, dedicated workspace, etc., were normal life for employees for the longest time. And with this pandemic, social life has seen a major cut-off.

Therefore, an employee feels isolated and less connected to the workplace or colleagues, affecting their mental health and motivation level.

Why do you need to motivate remote employees?

Remote working was quite fun initially. With no commuting hassle, zero struggle in dressing up for work, and a lot of free time, it seems like a boon.

But after 2 years, employees secretly miss the pre-pandemic work culture and fun at work.

Be it any pandemic stage; your business needs employees to stay focused and motivated to perform better.

For a successful businesses, the employees' zeal should not die.

Here are some more reasons why you need your motivating remote workforce.

A motivated remote team is more driven and passionate to perform better.

  • Your team then takes fewer leaves hence could do more work efficiently.
  • The low attrition rate, ultimately lowers your business' hiring cost.
  • The highly motivated remote team connects with your business goals and helps you achieve a better customer success rate and more revenue.
  • World's Leading remote team management software

How to keep engage remote employees?

To continue the Business operation in full swing, employers need to try their best to restore motivation level, and here are some ways for you to help.

1. Keep communication open and clear

Clear and open communication is the key for keeping remote employees motivated and connected.

Your remote team doesn't have to work in complete isolation.

As a business manager, try to keep the communications channel open for them.

So next time you have to give a download of a new task, prefer a video conferencing over an audio call or an email.

As face-to-face communication gives you a chance to gaze at how your remote employee is feeling and stay connected in an inhuman way.

2. Understand the changing needs

I think we all can agree that we have started to value health and family a lot more now with the pandemic.

We all know that personal and professional life has blurred a bit with the remote work culture.

Therefore, businesses need to think and connect with this changing expectation of their employees.

As part of your perks and remote team motivation efforts, you can include health benefits for employees and their families, regular
check-ups, a healthy lifestyle, and mental wellbeing.

Remote Employee Tracking-We360.ai

3. Encourage remote employees to upskill

Your regular interaction with remote employees will help you understand if they feel stuck, need direction change in their career,  or lack motivation.

It could be the case that your employee has developed an interest in new skillsets and would like opportunities to explore them professionally.

Or, there is new technology or course in the market that can help your employee do better in their current role.

Either way, as a business owner, you must invest in their learning and upskilling so that they feel valued and motivated to work.

4. Leverage the technology

There is no point in chasing your remote team for productivity when you don't have the right tools to track it.

Your business needs effective software to communicate with your remote employees, stay connected, and assign and track projects and productivity.

Here are some of our recommended tools to boost the productivity of employees.

Investing in such tools can save a lot of your time, help manage remote employees effectively, and keep their motivation level up to perform better.

5. Recognize the efforts

To motivate remote employees, businesses must first recognize and appreciate their employees' sincere efforts at work.

One promising way is to reward employees for extraordinary performance, great customer experience, or substantial achievement.

You can conduct virtual employee awards, star employee of the month, or invite people to share inspiring stories for social media posts.

6. Give and accept feedback

Your amazing remote teams might have some ideas to help your business thrive. Encourage your employees to reach out and share it with them.

Likewise, based on the performance and productivity tracking reports, you must reach out to employees to help them be better resources.

Discuss in detail where they lack and how they can improve their performance.

Remote Employee Monitoring-We360.ai

7. Go with the flow

Great minds come up with innovative ways with the ease of pressure and more creative time in hand.

So, make sure you also jump the bandwagon, go with the flow, and see if these trends can add value to your business.

8. Don't miss out on the fun

Arrange some fun virtual events so that remote employees can connect with colleagues, enjoy some quality time, and again feel part of the workforce.

It motivates remote employees, and they feel energized and cheerful again.

Final words

Hope you found these ways useful and you will give them a try.

The world has become one global workplace, and different people live on opposite ends of the Globe. Thus, remote work culture is here to stay, and as a business owner, you must try ways to keep your team motivated.

If you struggle to manage a remote/hybrid team, try We360.ai- a one-stop solution for your employee management needs.

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