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We360.ai Wins Eminent G2 Winter Awards 2022

December 18, 2021

G2 Awards - www.we360.ai

We360.ai is the World’s No 1 Employee monitoring software, and today we are happy to announce that we won 19 prestigious G2 awards.

Last month we celebrated We360.ai’s first birthday, and with this recent milestone achievement, our We360.ai team got more reasons to continue the celebration.

The world’s renowned employee monitoring software tussles for achieving this prestigious award every year.

What is G2?

G2 is the world’s leading software review website where users share their unbiased reviews on business software.

G2 only publishes verified reviews so that readers can get feedback based on real experiences.

And to consistently combat the misleading reviews, G2 has a robust algorithm in place and follows manual screening methods to remove any self-written or competition tarnishing reviews.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that G2 reviews are legit, and the G2 awards are honorable.

According to G2, authentic user reviews have helped over 5 million business owners make an informed decision on buying software every month.

Here are the major G2 awards We360.ai bagged in employee monitoring software categories:

G2 Winter 2022 Awards won by We360.ai

Highest User Adoption

G2 award - highest user adoption

G2 has recognized We360.ai as the leading employee monitoring software with the highest User Adoption rate.

We won 2 awards in this category – Highest User Adoption Winter and Highest User Adoption Small Businesses.

The verified customer’s review on G2 highlights an easy and smooth user adoption process is the most appreciated aspect of We360.ai.

Best Usability

Best usability

We won the best usability (Best usability Winter and Best usability Small Businesses) in employee monitoring software.

This has been awarded to us based on crucial aspects such as customer satisfaction rate, user adoption percentage, and the number of positive product reviews received by G2.

Easiest Admin

G2 award - Easiest admin

Our customers’ reviews explain how easy it was for the admins in the businesses to manage the We360.ai set-up.

At We360.ai, we follow the train of the admin approach and our dedicated Account manager ensures that the admin can access the support as and when they need it.

Again, we won two G2 awards in this category.

Easiest Setup

The major challenge that a company faces is the hassle of initial Software set-up.
At We360.ai, we ensure that software set-up is a smooth process.

Our client’s reviews on G2 validate this point. Hence we won 2 awards in this category.

Easiest to use

G2 award - easiest to use

We360.ai is easy to use and navigate employee monitoring software.

The UI is not complex, and features are simple to understand, making it easy for a less-tech savvy

user to use the software.
We are honoured with two G2 awards for the excellent user experience.

Fastest Implementation

G2 award - Fastest implementation

You can go live with the We360.ai implementation in less than 10 minutes.

(You heard it right, it is true)

We have more than 400 businesses using We360.ai, and with our accelerated onboarding program, businesses complete the implementation process in less than 10 mins.

Therefore, we won 2 awards in this category as well.

Best Meets requirement

G2 Awards - Best Meets Requirement

According to the G2 score, We360.ai tops the chart when meeting business requirements.

Our dedicated customer success team ensures our clients get nothing less than the best.
G2 Awards - The best support

Best Support

Our customers feel well taken care of with access to 24*7 customer support and a team of dedicated account managers.

Hence, we won 2 awards in this category.

Most Implementable

The implementation success largely depends on how easily business users can use the full-fledged features of the software.

The ease of implementation makes We360.ai the most implementable employee monitoring software.

High performer

G2 Award - high performer - we360.ai

G2 has awarded us with High Performer in the employee monitoring software category.

This performance score is derived based on different parameters such as user feedback on G2, social networks, buying process, product experience, etc.

Wrap Up !

We feel humbled to have received honourable G2 awards. It has motivated us to perform better and delight our customers with exceptional services and exciting features.

We are coming up with new customer-requested features this month, and they are going to be so valuable for our clients.
So, stay tuned for an updated and detailed blog post.

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