Top 4 challenges BPO faces and how to fix them?

November 26, 2021

The demand for Indian BPO is growing at 50% every year. With such a massive increase, this industry goes through huge internal and external turbulence to survive the cut-throat competition.

What are these challenges?                                      

Well, they are different for management and the workforce.

For instance, challenges of call center representatives are outpouring calls, the monotonous nature of work, the stress of rotational shifts, and hampered work-life balance.

In this piece, let’s deep dive and understand the common challenges of the BPO companies along with the potential Solution. 

What are the challenges faced in the BPO industry?

1. Retaining Talents

The staff turn over rate in BPO companies is 48%, which is almost double the prevailing rate in other industries. The broad reasons for the turnover in the BPO industry are:

  • The agents do not see career growth and hence, don’t accept BPO as a viable long-term career,
  • They feel boredom soon enough,
  • They face a lack of work-life balance.
  • A BPO company needs to address these concerns more strategically and can try these solutions.
  • They need to have clear visibility of each agent’s performance, recognize and appreciate agents for efforts and help those who need help perform better.
  • With this step, your agent will feel valued and realize that the company does invest time and effort in their growth and learning. Hence, it can rule out the career growth concern.
  • Moreover, BPO should assign different projects to the agents, as per the availability, so that agents get to work on multiple projects and continue learning. This can rule out the boredom issue. HRs and managers should also talk to the agents and understand their project preferences and skills. This way, you can assign agents tasks as per their interest and soon witness a shoot up in their productivity.
  • You can allow WFH, remote, or hybrid work flexibility for better work-life balance. And agent’s productivity can be easily managed with the help of Employee Monitoring software specially designed for the BPO Industry.
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2. Keeping Agents’ Motivation High

With night shifts, long work hours, repetitive nature of work, and missing out on normal social life, it is natural for an agent to feel stuck and demotivated from time to time. 

The high attrition rate and lack of transparency also demotivate and add to workplace-related stress. 

And, as a BPO company, you know that when an agent feels constantly demotivated, no number of perks or discussions can restore his productivity level. 

So, what can a BPO company do to keep agents motivated? 

The Solution is to be proactive and figure out those agents whose performance has just started to dip. An employee monitoring software can help you achieve this goal.

This proactive approach will help you counsel the agent and provide additional training if needed. Plus, such clear communication with agents sets a healthy work environment, helps to address the demotivation factors, and find the Solution at the beginning stage.

3. Enhancing Customer Experience

Let’s talk about the challenges from the business point of view.

Hands down, we agree that the Customer is king.

And to retain the Customer amidst the ruthless competition, BPOs have immense pressure to deliver the best and meet the customers’ expectations.

The BPOs can deliver a better customer experience if they streamline business processes and measure each key parameter such as First-call Resolution(FCR), Customer satisfaction score (CSAT), Average speed of answering(ASA), and Average handle time(AHT), etc.

This largely depends on your agents’ performance. And this can be easily achieved with the help of an accurate reporting solution in which you can track each agent’s productivity score and activities timeline. 

The more productive your agents are, the better your customer engagement rate and the happier your client will be. 

4. Data Theft Issue

The data security breach affects your BPO’s market reputation and strains your relationship with clients. This also puts a question mark on your company’s work culture and ethics too. Here are some of the potential solutions to fight data theft issues.

Access Control

Your systems for assigning calls, tasks, projects, etc., must be secure and allow hierarchy and role-based access to the agents. Also, downloading company data shouldn’t need to be allowed to agents without permission or system access.

Monitor Activities

You must invest in robust systems that have reports and dashboards to notify you about your agent’s daily activities on the computer. This will help you sense any potential concern and address it beforehand.

One-Stop Solution: 

It is a challenge to manage different software, download reports every day, and ultimately collate the information manually.

It would help if you had a single software that makes the life of an HR manager, Business leader, and agent much easier and manages everything centrally.

You have to check one system, and no more have to juggle and waste time between different solutions.

Data Security

Final Words

Hope you found this article helpful? 

If you are struggling with similar challenges in your BPO and would like to streamline things with employee monitoring software, schedule a one-to-one Demo with our experts now!

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