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How our BPO client perfected Customer Engagement with We360.ai

October 16, 2021

BPO Employee Productivity Monitoring-We360.ai 

The BPO industry is India's one of the fastest-growing industries. But the most significant challenges this industry faces today are providing a world-class customer experience and retaining big-ticket clients. 

Amidst rising competition from the countries such as China, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Brazil, customer experience has become a key differentiator for clients to choose the right BPO.

It's evident that customer experience largely depends on customer engagement and thus on BPO employees' performance. 

Here is a case study of how we helped a BPO client out of Gurgaon increase customer engagement rate up to 93% in just 4 months.


Our client has 250+ agents (employees). They engage with customers on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and assist them with queries. 

Here are some of the significant challenges that affected our client's engagement score:

BPO Employee Performance Tracker -We360.ai 

1. Monitoring Employees' Productivity

During the chaotic pandemic, WFH was granted to all the employees. Our client was also not prepared for a 100% remote work culture like most organizations.

Thus, there was no solution in place to track remote employees' productivity; as a result, the customer engagement and satisfaction rate plunged drastically during this period. 

2. Lack of Adherence to working Hours

The next challenge was the low call resolution rate.

As in the new remote working, employees did not adhere to the working hours. Along with the working hour logs, the call resolution rate also decreased.

In addition, the call completion rate touched down to 23%. 

3. Motivating employees for performance

Appreciated and motivated employees efficiently deliver the best at work. But motivating remote employees with incentives or rewards was a challenge for HRs as they could not quantify individual employees' performances in the absence of analytics or data.

 As a result, our client could see a hike in negative customer reviews and feedback.

How did We360.ai improve customer engagement in the BPO Industry?

After an initial discussion with Directors and HRs on the client's side, we begin with improving employees' productivity and efficiency to enhance customer engagement. 

1. Productivity Tracking

We360.ai has advanced analytics that calculates an employee's productivity based on the mouse clicks, mouse movement, and keyboard click on their laptop/dashboard.

Hence, the client now has access to reliable and real-time daily productivity reports of each employee.

Customer Review-We360.ai

2. Easy Attendance

Marking attendance was made easy with the punch-in and punch-out feature. HRs and managers now check the attendance dashboard to seethe active employee strength for the day.

In addition, the leave management feature allows employees to request leave, and management can track and approve the leaves with just a click.

It's a practical feature as employees and managers no longer have to send multiple emails for leave requests/approval. 

3. User Live Stream

With the We360.ai user's live screenshot, the client has access to the employee's screen on a real-time basis. They can know the application their employees are working on currently, take screenshots of the live screen, and track the exact URL that the employee has visited. 

4. Smart Dashboards and Reports

Senior management, HRs, and line managers no longer have to chase the team for work status and reports as We360.ai provides them with hierarchy-based reports. With over 20+ reports and actionable Dashboards, the HRs and managers could easily gaze at employees' performance, efficiency, and progress during the work hour.


BPO employee Tracking software - We360.ai


Before implementing we360.ai, our customer struggled with a 56% call resolution rate. With our solution in place, this score jumped to93% in just a few months.

  • The team's daily attendance and working hours log touched the first-ever 90%.
  • Overall, employee efficiency soared to 84%, which helped achieve a 93%increase in customer engagement rate.
  • The client was able to achieve a whopping 85% customer satisfaction rate.
  • The call completion rate jumped from 23% to 87.3%.

Are you a BPO looking to shoot up your customer engagement rate? 

Contact us now and let our team help you with a personalized product demo!

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