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The Ultimate Secret of Workplace Discipline Post COVID-19

August 2, 2021

It's important to keep things running smoothly in a business with so much going on.  Enter workplace discipline, an important yet often overlooked aspect of any successful company. Don’t worry, we will tell you how.

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Covid-19 has changed the lifestyle and mental frames of everyone on different magnitudes. When everyone returned to their offices after the lockdown was lifted, productivity fell. The employees’ mindset has been distorted towards their work, during these lockdown periods . On the contrary, everybody who works in the office needs to pull up their socks and push themselves to get reacquainted with lost touch.

When we talk about the decorum of a workplace, it is pretty directly conclusive that the employees are obligated to follow the rules and regulations, regardless of their will. Therefore, introducing workplace discipline is basically to enhance productivity and maintain a certain kind of etiquette. The etiquette of any good work involves awareness, minimum intricacies, solidarity, and sync among the employees with boosted self-discipline who hold the potential to accept challenges that result in exceptional productivity levels.

In this context, even the superiors of an office have quite diverted from the track. With authority, comes responsibility and with that comes the urge to create and maintain discipline. From the perspective of managing an office or being a part of one, you would understand how important it is to create and conserve an environment close to faultlessness and is free-flowing. Cooperation of all the workplace employees can collectively contribute to turning the tables of the pattern of the ongoing discipline.

Recent surveys state that 60% of the employed population prefer remote working . But in a corporate environment, only few employees can reach the tip of their productivity per day because they are surrounded by direct and indirect motivation in such a case. Meanwhile, an employee works for 7 hours in an offline mode of working, out of which the employee attains 3 hours of optimum productivity,  which is pretty astonishing provided the total number of working hours in a day.

1. Why is workplace discipline important?

In a workplace, discipline is clasped with efficiency. Every Employee is expected to deliver  quality work in the given time and in a proper manner. Therefore, the end results are not only employee productivity but it also helps maintain the workspace’s tranquility. Along with this, workplace discipline ensures a comfortable and balmy environment, which only improves the workplace analytics.

2. What happens if a workplace lacks discipline?

With indiscipline in a workplace, the workplace will not pace in their success because success is related to discipline. Discipline in the workplace will help to nurture employee productiveness, which is the target.

3. Who needs workplace discipline?

In a workplace, discipline is clasped with efficiency. Every Employee is expected to do quality work in the given time and in a proper manner. Therefore, it not only results in employee productivity but also helps maintain the workspace’s tranquillity. Along with this, workplace discipline ensures a comfortable and balmy environment, which only improves the workplace analytics.

4. How can you ensure discipline in my workplace

1. Identify troublesome areas and address them:

There are times when the employees face issues in their work and projects, and instead of discussing those issues or asking  doubts, they keep struggling on their own, which results in decreasing the overall productivity. It is important to identify them and quickly start working on them.

2. Instead of giving big projects, fragment them:

 While working on important  projects, employees are unable to meet the deadline as they get demotivated halfway. To resolve this issue, you can either distribute the projects by giving a time limit or task by task, marking the completion of tasks as milestones. Task management is important and is what follows.

3. deadlines should be realistic:

 Unrealistic deadlines will create unnecessary panic, which will disturb the peace of the workplace. To avoid this, set hourly timelines, keep tracking time, and subtly monitor the Employee.

4. Give and take breaks:

A person cannot pull off productivity for 7-8 hours straight. They require breaks to lighten their minds, freshen their moods to be productive ultimately.

5. Pay attention to the Employee’s mental health:

Ensure that your workspace is not too stressful for them. One needs to be comfortable to be productive. You can also organise sessions and activities to lighten the tension in your employees.

6. Evaluation of the activities:

Productivity measurement of the ongoing activities of your employees will help understand any progress or if anything is going off-track.

7. Monitor your Employee’s work:

Keeping track of your Employee’s work  is not easy and not always possible. In an attempt to successfully monitor and mentor your workspace, try SaaS: Employee Monitoring Software, which acts as a tool to track your employee activity. It allows you to track your employee’s productivity. There are plenty of available options like We360.ai, ActivTrak, Workpuls, Timedoctor, and Hubstaff, which are well known in Productivity management workplace analytics, Project and Task Management, and Employee monitoring


Discipline in the workplace is an essential part of a professional workplace. Some things may come as an obstacle to hinder the whole thing, but there are also solutions to all those problems. Discipline does not necessarily mean strictness, until of course, genuinely required, especially in a workplace.

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