The top 7 Traits of a Good People Manager

Human Resources is the division within a company that is supposed to be in touch with all  other divisions across the board. The definition of HR has expanded to newer terms nowadays thanks to the strong focus on building great companies. This has led to the rat race of becoming a good People Manager – Someone who can manage The People or The Team or The Employees well. In progressive organizations, founders have been focusing on hiring awesome people managers who can not only manage but also transform lives of individuals working for the company’s vision. In this blog we will discuss the major traits which a good People Manager must have in order to be a futuristic HR professional.

1. Being Interactive

A good people manager must be an ideal communicator. He needs to have the quality of being into interactions with each and every member of the team and that too in a way which engages them to talk with a free mind. The choice of words, the length of talks and the timing all are vital to outcome based conversations.

2. Being Unbiased

As a people manager you need to treat everyone equally irrespective of the work domain, abilities, background, gender or religion. Whether talking to a perfectionist or to an underperformer, the tone has to be the same. You cannot afford to lose a team member just because they thought you are not transparent and perhaps biased towards an individual or a group. Talk on individual data and not on group data. Employee productivity software & employee monitoring system can help bigtime in gathering specific employee data. You need to fix up the mindset of the team in a way that they think of you as someone who is the most rational of all

3. Being a Listener

Being interactive and communicative is one great skill but being a people manager you need to be a good listener as well. Anyone can come up with any issue anytime and you must be the savior. You must be available for them to share their story out. 75% of the issues get resolved there itself when someone listens to the team member properly. A listener friend at workplace is a genuine relief for any employee.

4. Being a Decision Maker

Many a times tough decisions have to be made by the management and the ratification of the same is done by the people manager itself. You must have the guts to replace an employee when its not working out or not to offer a raise even when it was due because of low revenue. These decisions must not impact the teams’ or your own productivity levels at all. The What’s, When’s and How’s to execute with your team members is a tough choice to make mostly but you must be prepared well being into HR.


5. Being a Learner

As a people manager you deal with so many departments and so many diverse set of people. As such you need to be aware of the latest trends plus the basics of every department. Be it technology, finance, operations, sales, marketing, digital marketing or data, your knowledge must be up-to-date. This generates a need for constant learning. A learner paving way for the team’s learning and development is a great recipe. In short you must be a Jack of all trades.


6. Being Activity Oriented

Building a good work culture is not an easy task. As a people manager you need to plan birthday celebrations, team outings, conferences, dinner meets and so much more. This entitles you to be the most active team member. Your activity quotient must be #1 and the team must run along with you. You may evaluate your activity levels  from time to time using the SaaS productivity monitoring software & employee monitoring software.


7. Being the Perfect Recruiter

Before managing people, you need to get the best people within your team and this needs an understanding of some of the best recruiting tactics that can help your company to attract the best talent around. Good hiring choices can lead to build an efficient and productive workplace. Read out some of the best hiring practices HERE


A good people manager is an important factor that can fuel the growth of modern day businesses bigtime. Its essential to develop and inherit all of these qualities and target employee happiness before anything else., employee productivity software is focused towards powering Good People Managers in their journey ahead.


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