How solved Major Challenges of digital marketing Agency?

January 20, 2022

Our client- a pioneer Digital marketing agency, based out of Gurugram, has over 300 employees and more than 500 high-ticket clients.

This agency makes marketing a lot easier for businesses and helps brands build a closer relationship with their customers.

Not just their clients, the employees love the work culture and scope of learning this digital marketing agency has to offer.

The coolest work environment and amazing employee benefits are the reasons why they have a 4.5+ rating on glassdoor.

But many challenges surfaced prominently during the pandemic.

Challenges of Digital Marketing Agency

Our client witnessed an upsurge in the number of new leads during this time, as most of the businesses were struggling to establish visibility on the internet.

Let’s throw light on our client’s business challenges and how helped fix these issues.

Monitoring Interns’ activities

Our client spearheaded marketing interns from good MBA colleges.

Despite that, these students are new to the work environment and they lack the professional attitude and seriousness at work.

Thus, the deadlines of assigned project tasks and work-hours were not respected, and with remote working, it became tough to manage these interns.

Timely project delivery

Even with full-time employees, missing timely project delivery became a recurring issue.

With the cut-throat competition out there, time is always of the essence.

The non-adherence to project timelines was a hit on our client’s revenue.

In absence of project management software, the client was unable to figure out the stage at which the projects are getting stuck, and why?

Ensuring Data Privacy

Data privacy is the biggest challenge in digital marketing agencies.

Our client has access to customers’ social media credentials, ads accounts, leads, and much more. Sadly, they were maintaining the credentials and other information in an excel sheet.

And, it was shared over emails with many employees.

Our client wanted to safeguard this data and ensure that limited people have access to it for business purposes only.

Motivating Top Performers

While there are many digital marketing companies out there, their competency to generate revenue for clients in less time helps them to sustain themselves in the market.

And, they need talented and experienced employees to achieve this Goal.

Only with time and experience a digital marketer can chalk out the right strategy and plan to perform campaigns for clients.

Talent poaching is one of the major challenges digital marketing agencies struggle with.

In our client’s case too, this poaching was at its peak and started affecting existing employees’ morale and client revenue.

Heavy Distraction

The nature of digital marketing work involves team use tools such as social media, YouTube, ads; which sometimes sway away the productive time of an employee.

Well, who can resist taking a peep at the red notification button, right?

While our client was aware of this issue, it became tougher for them to ignore it anymore.

How does fix the challenges of Digital Marketing Agency?

We rolled out the implementation during April 2021 with 100 users. Within another week, we onboarded all 300 employees with us.

Following are the measurable results we helped our client achieve in just 1.5 months:

The one-click attendance and leave tracking feature helps our client to analyse employees who adhere to work hours and who don’t.  The screenshot feature empowered our client to see what exactly an employee is doing on this computer, in real-time.

Figure out Loopholes

Our productivity score feature changed the game for our client.  Now employees who were “always busy but often miss out on deadlines” were clearly highlighted.  Their productivity score was unacceptably low. In addition, the application usage tracking put the spotlight on the employees who were wasting work-hour on mindless browsing and social media channels.  As a corrective measure, our client connected with these employees tried to understand if they have any challenges, and provided counselling with HR so that they can plan the work-hour wisely.

End-to-end project tracking

Our client moved its complete project management activity from excel to’s product & task management feature.  Now as soon as they sign up for a new client project, they create a project, add different tasks and assign it to the team members. It provided real-time project progress reports and helped them to figure out where the work is getting stuck at.

Talent Retention increased

With accurate data on each employee’s performance, the true talent is now regularly awarded.  The accurate productivity and performance reports helped clients to retain the skilled resources and grow their business.  Now, performers feel more connected and appreciated for the hard-work at the company.

Eradicate Data theft issues

Now the data was centrally managed in and only the employees involved in the project have access to the customer’s information.  The tools which can be misused for data theft were blocked with the domain blocking feature.  Plus, the screenshot feature helped to achieve a lot of transparency into the work culture.

Final word

The internet is a very interesting and powerful tool for communication.

While you can tap its power and grow your business with it, it can also affect your team’s performance with its addiction.

Anyway, you have to find a balance to sustain your business. -an employee monitoring software that ensures that your team is very productive and becomes more mindful of how they spend their work-hour.

If you too are struggling with employee tracking, TRY for FREE!

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