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Add a Major Revenue Stream to Your Business with We360.ai’s SaaS Partner Programs

Scale your business to the next level with best Saas partner program. Diversify your goals and get ready to drive new revenue, improve networking and enhance technology now with SaaS partnerships. 

As the BPI Network report suggests, 57% of companies say that they use partnerships to acquire new customers, and 44% form alliances to get novel ideas, insights and innovation.

Hubspot generates 40% of its revenue from its B2B SaaS partnership program and reseller partner program.

Partnerships Drive Growth For Companies & Their Partners Both

When it comes to buying decisions, SaaS companies need selling partner who can trigger prospects when they are in research mode. Around 57% of tech buyers conclude their purchase prior to any demo or trial.

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Consequently, partners can build a strong network and increase their revenue with every lead conversion or can also have shared benefits of interest.   

So it's a win-win situation for both.

We360.ai has best saas partner programs that let partners scale and optimise goals.

How SaaS Partnerships Turn Into An Additional Revenue Channel 

Expanding your team could help you drive sales but it eats up profit margins too. So, direct sales may not always contribute to company revenue. On the contrary, partnerships open up channels for direct growth without increase in cost and bandwidth. Pairing with multiple partners can give you the revenue equivalent to 4 or 5 sales reps.

SaaS partnership programs compensate their channels with a percentage of sales or rewards. With reseller program rewards can come in many forms. They can be cash, sales commissions, gifts, extra training, or promotion of a partner and their services. The more leads a partner brings, the higher the reward and value. 

As per Crossbeam Partner Ecosystem Report 2022, “82% provide their channel partners with a percentage of sales when a deal is closed, while 56% offer assistance with customer accounts.”

Add a Major Revenue Stream to Your Business with We360.ai!

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It is estimated that, among SaaS companies offering a percentage of sales to their channel partners, 43% offer a percentage of recurring revenue for a 10-12 month time period after the deal closes, while 24% offer a percentage of revenue for more than 25 months after close. 

This reflects an additional benefit for the partners during the course of the deal and even after the deal ends with due terms and conditions applied.

We360.ai’s SaaS Partner Programs: What We Offer

We offer the opportunity to join our partner programs, creating a win-win situation for both parties.

For our partners – it is a great opportunity to easily grow their income, by just referring leads or sales.

We360.ai Saas Partnership Offers.jpg

Here Are The SaaS Partner Programs We Offer -

  • Referral Consultant - In referral partnerships, We360.ai looks for partners who can refer their existing clients or bring in leads, and in turn, reward them with commissions. We believe in creating long-term relationships. This can result in better customer acquisition, reduced acquisition costs, and more trust.
  • Integration Consultant - The integration partner program is for like-minded product consultants. It's like allowing two services to work together and exchange clients and benefits. This program will enhance service value, increase reach to a wider audience, and create opportunities for co-marketing efforts.  

Bottom Line

With SaaS partner programs, you could definitely benefit from setting up a new revenue channel with rapid ROI growth. In addition to revenue growth, partnering with SaaS companies will improve your brand presence, networking, information exchange, and technology. 

But these benefits could be witnessed only if the partner ecosystem is properly managed. Here at We360.ai our goal is to build long-term relationships and drive success and growth. 
Schedule a brief call with our experts to know more!


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