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We360.ai for BPOs – Case study

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BPO industry case study - we360.ai

BPO contributes almost 10% to the world’s economy, and we are happy to tell you that We360.ai has contributed to making BPO agents’ life easier. 7.9 Billion is the current world population, out of which 1.2 million people are being employed at Business Process Outsourcing. In one year, we have managed to maintain a good client base, and some of them belong to the BPO industry. Employee Monitoring Software has helped them keep up with their revenues and made their lives easier. We don’t only serve the employers’ motives, but we also take care of the employees. Let’s take a look at what our Business Process Outsourcing users have to say about We360.ai:

“They Say We360.ai Is Profits In Disguise”

The manager of a BPO company started using We360.ai for six months and she described it as one of the best employees productivity tools. She said after using We360.ai, she realised that she was unaware of many factors in her own workspace. She added with the application she can monitor and mentor her employees, which helps them to grow personally. Plus, she can keep an active track of employees’ activity through an admin mobile application. She called We360.ai “Profits in disguise.”

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Our team asks for regular feedback from our users so that we can serve them better. On being asked how We360.ai is helping them to optimise their workspace, several managers replied that before using the application, they felt out of sync with their employees. However, after using We360.ai, they can communicate effectively with their workforce, which has really helped them build a healthy relationship with them. And it is said that a healthy environment to work in is always a prosperous environment. 

They also mentioned the application makes leave management so easy, before they had to follow a trail of long E-mails now they just have to click approve or deny. It is that simple. 

Keep Your Workspace Close And Your Employees Happy

employee tracking software - we360.ai

What Time Is It?

Recently We360.ai completed a year and our users came forward to congratulate us, they told us that before using the application they used to spend ample amounts of time organising and managing tasks for their employees but after using We360.ai they can utilise their time in more productive activities. 

We came across a BPO manager who has a two-year-old kid, he shared, “I have a 2-year-old son and due to work I was unable to spend time with him. Because even after working hours I had to stay late with my employees just to seek updates on the ongoing deals but with We360.ai, I can directly employee’s application usage or what is the update on the ongoing deal. Because of the software, I can leave my workspace on time and I can spend more time with my kid.”

Not Only Employers But Employees Are Also Satisfied by We360.ai

On completing a year we reached out to the employees of the BPO service providing companies who are using We360.ai and the feedback they gave was overwhelming. One of the employees said, “I always thought Employee Monitoring Software is a negative time tracking tool, but after using the MyZen application I came to know that self-monitoring is the best way to work on yourself. Ever since I started tracking my productivity, I started to grow. I would say MyZen helped me a lot to stay organised and boost my productivity.”

Another employee stated that before using the application she felt that she was not appreciated enough for the hard work she put into her work. But after her workspace adapted the MyZen application, her manager was able to recognise her work and she was rewarded for her efforts. She said, “MyZen helped me seek the credibility of my manager that I deserved and no one could steal the credit for the work I have done. MyZen application made my workspace completely unbiased and I love it. I love my work but with the application, working is much easier.”

MyZen Kept Us Safe In This Pandemic

Some of the employees mentioned in our feedback form that because of the MyZen application they didn’t have to attend meetings to give updates on ongoing projects in a closed conference hall where the chances of contamination were so high. Instead, their managers used to seek direct updates using the application which saved a lot of time and the risk of contamination. This way they could maintain the social distancing protocol and can get their work done. 

All these responses were so overwhelming and we were so satisfied to know that We360.ai is serving its agenda. The fundamental motive of We360.ai was to make working easier and we are happy that we are making your working life easier.

Written by: Tanvi Kushik


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