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Why is Employee Monitoring Software crucial for your organization?


November 3, 2021

“There is a reason behind everything.” You might have heard this quote a lot, and asking questions is one of the most significant features of our human brain. So now human evolution of corporate businesses again stands with a question: Why is Employee Monitoring Software crucial for your organization. Two simple reasons can explain why you need : Realistic and Ideological reasons.

Realistic reasons involve business strategies that help your business grow, and it helps you to strategize your organization efficiently. On the other hand, ideological reasons allow your organization to maintain 100% transparency and a non-biased working environment.

Realistic Reasons For Why Is Employee Monitoring Software crucial for your organization?

When we state realistic reasons to choose it we talk about all the business strategies that the software helps to manage. Business strategies and the software mechanism go hand in hand. Let’s understand this concept with a few relevant business strategies:

1. Assets Over Liability

While running a business, it is very important to identify assets and liabilities. It helps your organization to monitor and mentor your employees through a simple application. The software allows the employer to seek information about the employee’s application usage. That helps the employer to make sure that the employees are using relevant applications during their working hours.

In addition, by observing your employees, you can understand who is an asset for your organization and who is a liability. And obviously, everyone will choose profits over a loss.

2. Human Capital Optimisation:

Best HR Software-We360.ai

All of you must have heard of the nuclear victim country Japan. But, unfortunately, Japan’s geographic location does not support any sort of heavy economic activity like mining or agriculture. The country had only one factor of income generation, which is human capital. And they so efficiently invested in their human capital that today Japan stands third worldwide in the human capital Index. Japan is a very relevant example of how human capital can significantly change the whole economy.

Monitoring employees in the workplace offers several benefits. It helps organizations identify and address productivity issues, inefficiencies, and workflow bottlenecks. It enables better resource allocation and workload balancing. It promotes adherence to company policies, industry regulations, and compliance standards. Monitoring can also enhance employee engagement and provide opportunities for coaching, feedback, and performance improvement. Additionally, monitoring helps protect sensitive data, prevent insider threats, and maintain a secure work environment.

Yes, employees can also benefit from employee monitoring software. It can provide them with insights into their own productivity, time management, and work patterns. It helps identify areas for improvement and facilitates self-assessment and professional growth. Monitoring software can also promote transparency, fairness, and objective performance evaluations. By ensuring compliance and preventing policy violations, employee monitoring software contributes to a healthy and ethical work environment.

So, just imagine what difference effective human capital can bring to your organization. Furthermore, the software helps the employer to monitor and mentor the employees. it adds to your human capital by tracking and adding on to the employee’s productivity. The software also allows the admin to block unproductive domains, which helps the employees to stay focused and improve their productivity. When human capital is optimized, then it is a win-win for everyone.

3. Vertical Analysis:

One of the most famous business models is vertical analysis. The analysis states that the employees are non-current assets, and their paycheck should be released according to their productivity index. With Monitoring Software, employees can manage and allot projects. At the same time, they can receive updates on the project and track employees’ productivity. However, vertical analysis is not very popular in the corporate world.

Ideological Reasons For Why Is Employee Monitoring Software crucial for your organization?

When we state ideological reasons to choose, we talk about human psychology and how monitoring makes a work workforce efficient. So let’s understand this concept with some relevant examples:

1. Optimum Transparency:

It takes your workforce to the next level, making your workspace 100% transparent. The software allows the admin to see all the employee’s device screenshots, making it clear whether the employee is working. In addition, the software calculates the employee’s productivity by evaluating the keystrokes and mouse clicks. Your completely transparent workspace is just a software away.

2. Non-Biased Environment:

It helps to turn your workspace into a non-biased environment. We360.ai believes in the spirit of an egalitarian society. The software clarifies who is working and who is not. It acts like a glass frame that helps you to see through your employees and your organization, then no one can accuse the organization or the employee of biased judgment. Working in a non-biased environment is every employee’s fundamental right and We360.ai respect and honour employee rights.

3. Hawthorne Effect:

Hawthorne Effect is a psychological phenomenon that proves that the human brain works better under observation. Psychologist Hawthorne experimented with a bank whose walls were wired. On day one of the experiments, the employees were unaware of the wired walls. However, on the second day of the experiment, bank employees were told about the wired walls, and a noticeable improvement in productivity was witnessed.

It works in the spirit of the Hawthorne Effect. The software helps the employees improve their productivity by realizing their weaknesses. We360.ai does not only monitor your employees but also mentors them.

4. Equality:

Gender equality concept. The male and female symbol on the scales with balance on blue background. Minimal style.

helps to maintain equality in your workspace. Equality, transparency, and the right to information are fundamental rights of a person, and We360.ai respect and honours your rights.

The human brain has two hemispheres. The Left hemisphere is responsible for making realistic decisions, and the right hemisphere is responsible for making ideological decisions. We have laid all our cards on the table. Now it’s your turn to decide whetheri it s crucial for your organization or not.

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