Identify your Jack of all Trades and the Master of One

There is this popular saying by Amber Hurdle which says, 

“You have got to get your team to not only understand your company brand but also to understand their personal brand”. 

Companies nowadays are working hard to build a powerful employer brand and they try to showcase whatever they do in the smartest possible ways. This helps them stand out of the crowd and cut off the competition as well. At the same time they need their employees to become brand ambassadors to their company. Employee recognition is the need of the hour. 

So organizations need ways to identify the top performers in order to nurture them, reward them and motivate others to be at the top of their game. Further to this, managers are also defining different categories wherein employees could be placed based on their individual employee productivity and then recognized accordingly.

To be Precise, there are two kinds of Performers:

The Jack of All Trades

Someone who may not be an expert of his/her domain but has a decent understanding of everything, is research oriented, a great communicator, a great sourcer and thereby has interesting ways to complete his tasks smartly. Whatever is assigned to him, he can do it in his own ways. Sometimes even seeks assistance from others but ultimately completes the task at hand. Their visible employee productivity is high, though the abilities might be a matter of thought – BUT, does it matter?

Employee Monitoring Software

The Master of One

This guy is the expert of a particular domain. The perfect developer, the perfect digital marketer, the perfect sales guy and so on; all are the masters. They have the domain knowledge, can easily guide others and may or may not be the perfect communicators but still the ones which are always in demand. They do one thing perfectly and work hard, many a times smartly as well and are genuinely the most productive employees of the organization. As they are constantly in demand with competitor companies, organizations need to take care while identifying and rewarding them. One weak link can cost heftily to the company. 

Enhance Productivity with

Identification of the best employees, the performers is an essential duty of the HR Manager.  Looks easy but its not so in the real world thanks to the shortage of time with heavy deadlines. 

The question is, how can HR managers identify who is a performer, who is not and if he is then of what kind? is the answer to the above question. is an employee productivity tracking software & employee productivity monitoring software which provides deep insights into the team’s work and comprehensive analytics of websites opened, browsing time, daily attendance, leave management, work breaks, task management and employee wellness.

Just talking to an employee or by observing the end results, the manager can judge him/her upto a level. But if the manager has full details of what he has done, how he has done and when he has done, it would be simpler to break his performed tasks into bits and get insights into his real abilities and the tangible employee efficiency and employee productivity. assists managers in gathering data related to working hours which are then categorized into productive working hours and unproductive working hours. It helps managers in time tracking, task tracking and monitoring the focus levels of the employees in real time. This allows a whole sole data driven decision making and a streamlined plan for employee engagement, employee appraisals and employee growth 

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Based on the categorisation, a valid training plan and rewarding strategy can be worked out to help the employee build his own personal brand. Whether it’s the Jack of all trades or the Master of One, both deserve to be appreciated and motivated for their contributions. The culture also propagates across the team and the other employees can soon follow up to the list.

This overall cycle in turn helps companies to build their employer brands in the long term.

Talking about the third category that is the non performers, the managers have access to their work insights as well and so relevant planning can be done to improve the employee productivity levels of the same

It has been said that Happy and Motivated Employees make up a Great Company.

Great companies not only build brands but also build destinies. is committed to build organizations with its simple to use SaaS software.


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