How and Why Started?

December 21, 2021

Thinking about the good old days is like reliving our childhood all over again. But how and why stated takes us back to the time when the world was busy with their busy life until 2020 when a virus COVID19 invaded our hectic lives.
COVID impact on the world like was huge that it almost ruined the economies of major countries, and as we all know, work culture was adversely affected.
Productivity was lagging to the next level, and the efficiency of all the major sectors of the economy took a major hit. COVID had a major impact that almost destroyed the economy.

The situation was the same for WeWin. We experienced significant changes in our day to day culture, and any sort of change can be overwhelming. Due to nationwide lockdown, employees were asked to work from home.
It was a rocky road. Initially, everything worked out, but companies observed a significant drop in the employee's work efficiency. We can say that we saw this coming. As work from home is a new concept and employees could not get the hang of it.

Employees faced many issues working remotely. As they did not know how to communicate efficiently, manage projects, give attendance and so on.
It is well said that crisis is the mother of innovation. And we are the saviours of the world, and hence was found. We decided that we needed to create a technology that could manage the employees effectively and solve the problems employees were facing during their online office.
The employees need a device that will allow employees to track their projects, manage timesheets and even apply for leaves that the company's admin can approve or reject accordingly.

With, the admins can monitor a bunch of people all together in their organisation. They can even track the productivity or Idle time of an employee. So in a way, the employer can see everything about their organisation with one single so in the times of COVID-19. made working easier.

The system also allows you to build to-dos, assign team members, and create your project budgets. The system also allows you to track project status and monitor control costs through the entire project's lifecycle. In a way, we can call it an all in one package.

With, we have built an advanced AI-powered software that can adequately capture the screenshots of the employees at a fixed continuation defined by the admin, which will help the employers track down each employee's productivity.

We believe in the Right To Privacy, and your privacy is our priority. In order to respect our priorities, our servers are 100% encrypted and secured.
The tracking will stop after the User punches out, and the details captured during his working hours will only be visible to the admins.
Included with's Desktop application.

How And Why Started? is just a check for your productivity and not an observation jail. It is proven by Ivan Pavlov, the famous psychologist, that in order boost up a worker's productivity. So, now when we ask yourselves how and why started; We proudly reply to make lives easier.

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