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9 Best AI Productivity Tools That Will Improve Your Efficiency in 2023

Lokesh Kumar

October 5, 2023

9 Best AI Productivity Tools That Will Improve Your Efficiency in 2023

To keep up with the modern world’s fast-paced functioning, you have to maintain maximum productivity levels at all times. There is no room for indolence, as it can cause you to stay behind. 

Such proficient work can only be made possible with the latest AI tools. From document management to email marketing or project management, these tools can do it all. These tools have revolutionized the work dynamic for multiple organizations around the world. 

You can also integrate them into your daily work routine and fulfill tasks most efficiently. Before we introduce these tools, let’s define AI and its significance.

Role of AI in Productivity Tools

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that performs various functions intelligently. By intelligently, we mean human-like. Various sub-technologies are fueled by AI as well, such as:

  • Machine Learning 
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Speech Recognition 
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Automation

These branches of AI are integrated into productivity tools. For example, machine learning can be made a part of a schedule management tool to make extra personalized timetables. Similarly, NLP is a part of various tools that generate content in response to simple prompts.

To put it in simple words, AI provides productivity tools with features and abilities to interpret and analyze inputs in a better way. 

Best Productivity Tools for Improved Efficiency

The tools listed in this section mostly target official work. This means that the applications of these tools are in professional spaces such as offices/companies. Following are a few aspects that these tools cover:

  • Document optimization
  • Project management
  • Scheduling
  • Marketing

Now let’s delve into this list and explain all the tools.


Grammarly is a writing assistance tool that provides suggestions to make given text free from errors. These suggestions include spelling mistakes, tone errors, voice errors, and much more. The tool has a web browser version as well as a downloadable extension. 

How Does Grammarly Improve Efficiency?

The process of proofreading or reviewing a piece of content is just as important as writing it. And its significance is even higher for official documents. This is because professional documents are required to be absolutely flawless in terms of writing errors. 

The process of detecting errors in a document can be performed with the help of Grammarly. Grammarly provides extremely accurate suggestions that ensure that your business files are written correctly in terms of grammar.

This saves a bunch of time, and it might also pinpoint a few mistakes that you wouldn’t have been able to find by yourself. 

Chat GPT

Chat GPT is another content-related AI tool. It uses algorithms based on natural language processing and machine learning to generate intelligent responses to a prompt. It can provide answers to anything ranging from daily-life problems to writing extensive blogs. 

How Does Chat GPT Improve Efficiency?

Chat GPT is now being used in multiple industries all over the world. Its main use is in the automation of processes. For example, if you want to write a professional email, you can use Chat GPT to provide you with a template.

This is an example of how Chat GPT generates a response.

Similarly, official letters, documents, and all other business-related write-ups can be created with the help of this chatbot. This shows a huge efficiency boost as it allows people to not waste time gathering ideas about what to write. 


Trello is a project management tool that allows companies to manage huge projects productively. It has all sorts of features that are required to streamline the workflow of a task without real-life interaction. From online meetings to task management, this tool has it all.

How Does Trello Improve Efficiency?

Keeping a large team focused on a task via real-life interactions or meetings is not a very efficient method in the modern digital world. Even if you have a physical workspace, communicating and performing tasks over a screen is a much more productive way.

Other than communication, this tool also has some other productivity-boosting features. For instance, you can showcase your ideas to all your coworkers using this tool. This brings out the maximum potential of a team. Additionally, this tool also lets you keep track of things and fulfill tasks on time.

Image to Text

As we explained in the previous section, digitalized work is the best way of doing things nowadays. Image to Text is a tool that can help you digitize physical files and data. It uses OCR technology to identify text characters inside an image and extract them. This enhances various factors regarding documentation.

How Does Image-to-Text Improve Efficiency?

This tool converts documents into searchable computerized formats. Here are a few perks of such documents:

  • Searchability
  • Storage
  • Security
  • Editing 

Almost all these factors contribute to improved efficiency. Physical documents are very difficult to access as compared to digital documents. Similarly, if you want to make changes to the hard copy of a file, you might have to compose it from scratch, whereas a digital file can be edited within minutes.


Buffer is a social media management utility that helps you manage your social media content from one place. With the help of this tool, you can promote your business over multiple social platforms. E-commerce companies can especially benefit from this. With continuously updated statistics, you can create an optimized marketing strategy.

How Does Buffer Improve Efficiency?

Social media marketing without a tool such as Buffer might yield disappointing results. This tool allows you to understand all the strong and weak points of your marketing plan. You can utilize their analytics to improve your strategy constantly.

Such continuous optimization allows you to get the best results. So, with the help of this tool, you will be able to utilize every moment effectively and correct all your mistakes. 


Mailchimp is also a marketing-related tool and targets advertisement through emails. It helps businesses create emails with the help of templates. It can also make presets for repeated usage. The AI integration allows this tool to create customized emails automatically.

How Does Mailchimp Improve Efficiency?

Email marketing is a prominent branch of digital marketing. An online study shows that email marketing is the most implemented marketing tactic for B2B businesses. With such wide usage, it would be extremely inefficient to write all the emails manually.

Mailchimp has introduced automation into email marketing to make the process faster. This allows you to send a lot more with a lot less effort. For example, you can send scheduled friendly greetings to your customers to gain their trust. Similarly, there are several different cases in which Mailchimp proves to be very useful. 

On the contrary, if this task were done manually, businesses would require a large workforce and spend unnecessarily large time.

Online Notepad

Online Notepad is a content writing tool. It can be used to compose documents, emails, announcement letters, and much more. It is a very easy-to-use tool but has all the necessary optimization options that are required to create an official document. It has the options to enter:

  • Bulleted Lists
  • Headings and Subheadings
  • Various Fonts
  • Images

How Does Online Notepad Improve Your Efficiency?

Using advanced software for composing official write-ups can be a good option in some cases. But if you want a quick method to create such files, then Online Notepad is the better pick. You don’t need to know any advanced keyboard shortcuts or optimization features to use this tool. That’s why it is a much better option for beginners.

An additional perk of this tool is the document storage facility. You can store your professional documents on the cloud storage offered by this tool for free. It is a secure cloud space where you can save your files in an organized manner. 


Calendly is an online tool for scheduling automation that allows customers to book appointments or meetings in pre-determined time slots. It integrates with several different apps, such as Google, Outlook, and LinkedIn. This tool will help you manage your meetings in a much-improved way.

How Does Calendly Improve Your Efficiency?

An online source states that 94% of individuals are likely to change a service provider if that provider offers online booking options. This reveals the importance of scheduling from a customer’s point of view. 

Manually managing appointments might work for small-scale businesses. But from medium to large-scale companies, manual scheduling management becomes an extremely difficult task. This task can be made a lot simpler and more efficient with the help of Calendly. It can automatically find free time from your schedule and provide that time to a client.


Any.do is a task management tool that uses to-do lists to help workers keep up with their schedules. This tool can be used in collaborative projects where a team of employees is working on different aspects of the same project. This will cause all the team members to stay updated on the progress of every individual.

How Does Any.do Improve Your Efficiency?

Any.do provides a streamlined project management experience that automatically affects the productivity of the workers. You can set task reminders so that you never forget to do any task. Similarly, you can organize tasks based on their priority level.

In simpler words, this tool helps everyone to stick to a schedule and utilize time in the most productive manner possible.

Final Words

In a world where manual work is fading from a number of different tasks, online tools have become a necessity. Businesses thrive due to the integration of these tools into their work. If you also want a productive work environment, then the above-mentioned tools are worth looking into.

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