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7 Ways To Build a More Productive Team

December 30, 2021

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader also if you want to lift yourself then lift someone else. It requires courage to do so, and build an effective team. Building up a productive team is not as easy as gathering a group of perspicacious people, with the mindset to achieve wonders.

What separates your workforce from others is the quality of vision and dedication towards the same goal. Each team player should be responsible enough to understand their responsibilities and calculate the time to be allocated for each task. Team members should share their thoughts, values, suggestions and constructive criticism among themselves. A person is known more by his/her peers.

It’s not compulsory to always go for great things right from the beginning. A smart call would be to start achieving the small things and then accomplishing the big milestones.

Remember Mother Teresa, “None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”

In this blog, we’ll try to provide some key points to build and maintain a productive team. We’ll deal with a conspicuous problem and stay tuned, to the end of it as we will also provide an effective solution to constantly elevate your productivity.

7 Tips to Build a More Productive Team

1. Definite Purpose!

Are you planning to improve the framework of your strategies? Are you thinking of creating a new solution? Are you implementing a change into society?

Try to ask yourself these questions before beginning an assignment. A team’s vision should be as clear as a crystal and their purpose must be as firm as a rock. It’s great to decide these parameters prior, like required resources, implementing strategies, planning to delegate, and estimated overall outcome.

Many ideas grow better when we share them with others, ask our teammates for suggestions and construct an intuitive strategy that binds with our purpose. A team that learns to collaborate and synchronise its ambitions is far more productive than others.

Moving ahead,

2. Unite the team!

If you really want to build a more productive team, then make sure it is comprised of individuals that passionately chase their dreams, have faith in their actions and are inspired to thrive more. It’s not easy to find them but with proper training and guidance, you can embark on their gratifying attitude.

The way a team plays as a whole determines its destiny. As mentioned earlier, if they don’t interact with each other efficiently and do not cooperate to get together then their combined efforts will not be worth a dime.

In such cases, interpersonal and complementary skills matter a lot. Team members should respect, trust, and support each other. Bring diverse ideas and thoughts to the table, comprehend them and build a better team.


3. Determinant Goals

Now, you’re all set with a team of amazing enthusiasts and ready to begin the journey feasibly. But we guess it won’t be as easy as it seems. You need to define goals, and for that, you need to break your vision. Small manageable goals can be accomplished in a short period, their sole purpose should be to motivate and inspire others to endeavour more.

Plan a map and outline the required tasks in a schedule. You need to set a common deadline, achievable milestones and certain responsibilities. Conduct an internal analysis on your employees, figure out their strengths and respective weaknesses, plan a perfect role for each team member and have faith in them to complete.

Utilise the resources such as time, space, support, materials, and money as these resources are required to be planned first and then be implemented.

Here comes the next step,

4. Relative Expectations!

Formed a team, allowed the goals and timelines, provided them with useful resources. Now, it’s time to set expectations. To make sure that all the members understand their role of duty wisely, it’s mandatory to set expectations along with proper communication.

Companies should be frequent in their communication, open, loyal and transparent. They must be encouraged for their efforts, recognised for their ideas and valued for their participation. In case of a conflict, they must be handled constructively. Another point that must be nourished in a healthy workspace is that decisions and feedback must be respected.

What’s the point of establishing expectations right from the beginning? Well, with clear standards and precise goals it gets easier for employers to evaluate the employees’ conduct and contributions from the onset.


5. Constant Monitoring

It signifies that both employer and the employee are constantly working on their tasks and regular progress is being made. Team leaders can conduct regular meetings, virtual calls or one-on-one follow-ups to ensure that everybody is aligned on the line.

Ask meaningful questions like, how well are we doing? What have we accomplished today? Is there any friction to achieve the goal? Which aspect isn’t working so well? What factors need to be improved? What have we achieved so far?

With this, you as an employer or team leader will be able to achieve the end goal conveniently. In case of any adjustments and improvements, they should be incorporated soon.

Another point to ponder,

6. Celebrate the Success!

Praise the employees and individuals that have helped you to achieve the set milestones. This motivates them and elevates their morale to do better. Take the efforts to regularly recognise your team’s and individual performance. Celebrate the little accomplishments for yourself and your teammates, these prospects build the team spirit and affection for others.

The celebration doesn’t mean that you have to organise a big party just to congratulate a teammate. It can be appreciated in the meetings, a personal “Thank you!”, An appreciation email from the senior or even some incentive.

Be certain that recognition is constant, and the way you choose motivates and reinforces the employees to continue their optimistic contribution to productivity.

7. Bind Together The Remote Working Employees!

We’re living in a time where miracles can happen at any time. A few years back people wished to work in the comfort of their house, no office pressure, relaxed at home environment and just be sincere to the deadlines.

Now, it’s actually true and companies are functioning productively by working from home culture.

Still, certain issues need to be overcome soon for better results. Employers need to keep a check that all the employees are on the same page. Accountability needs to be defined, regular communication around the project timelines and delivery before the deadlines must be important for everyone.

Do you know how you can monitor remote working professionals in an efficient way?

An Efficient Solution!

Incorporate an Employee Friendly Monitoring Software as they permit you to observe saved records, installed apps, visited sites, and messages transmitted on the company’s computers and devices. It monitors company files, accounts data, and shopper data. This will defend your business from menaces, security breaches, and unethical conduct.

Not just that, you can track the real-time productivity of an employee, study the application usage graph, get the present time screenshots, allot tasks and assign projects and so much more.

Try out the best with We360.ai’s Award-Winning Employee Monitoring Software. They understand the needs of an employee and employer and always work in the best interest of the customer. If you want to experience the same? Try out We360.ai’s 7-Day free trial, today! With complete user assistance and a comprehensive admin dashboard.

Thank you for being with us the whole time, we value your patience a lot. Reach out for any sort of assistance at any time.

Until then, see you next time!


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