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6 Ways your HRs can improve the Workplace Productivity

December 8, 2021

In this article, let's take a look at some of our suggested ways in how your HRs can improve your employee productivity without much effort.

How can HRs improve employee productivity?

1. Connect with your employees
HRs shouldn't wait to meet with employees at annual performance appraisals.

As an HR, you play a role in sustaining employee productivity, and it's time you prioritize employee engagement and regularly connect with them to understand their challenges, expectations, and emotional attachments to their current job role.

A better employee engagement also helps employees feel like a valued resource and show them that the company cares for their concerns and is open to addressing them.

Employees who are more engaged in the workplace tend to stay longer at their jobs, and hence your business can retain experienced talent for a longer time.

2. Encourage work-life balance

work-life balance - www.we360.ai

An employee's expectation from their employer is not just good pay or benefits.

It has evolved now, and they expect a better work-life balance for themselves.

Therefore, it becomes essential for HRs to be more flexible with the work mode their employees prefer.

One good balance is introducing a hybrid work culture.

A survey shows that 77% of employees who work remotely at least for a few days a month have shown a 30% increase in overall productivity.

With hybrid work mode, not just productivity, the attrition rate has also gone down, and the project completion rate has gone up with flexible working options (that is such a relief for an HR).

3. Make work from the office comfortable

Work from the office has helped businesses continue operations during pandemics, but we cannot deny that some employees' productivity has significantly dipped.

While most of the employees have embraced the work-from-home culture, it's also true that your business needs people to return to work as things get normal.

But wait…

As an HR, you have to answer this question more often now – What is the need to return to the office if I can work from home?

The pressure is passed on to HRs to make work from the office more lucrative as you ask your employees to return to the office.

Here are some suggestions that can help you make work from the office more attractive and improve your productivity level.

  • Understand the readjustments that employees need to make as they have become more accustomed to WFH in almost 2 years.
  • Introduce and conduct in-house training and development programs for upskilling employees.
  • You can pair employees with co-workers to learn new skills and cross-training.
  • Allow employees to come to work for 2 or 3 days a week and continue work from home for the rest of the days.
  • Since many employees have shifted back to their hometown, be polite and understand the situation and permit time to return.
  • Prioritize employee safety at work and arrange regular health check-up programs at the office.

4. Encourage a healthy lifestyle

The healthier your employees are, the more productive they will be at work.

The pandemic has certainly made people introspect their lifestyle and the food they eat. And, with the work-from-home option, employees have become more inclined to eat healthy and home-cooked meals now.

So, an HR, try to encourage a healthy lifestyle at the workplace. Here are some ideas to create a healthy work environment:

  • Prolonged sitting is the new smoking. Hence it would help if you encouraged breaks so that your employees get up from their desks and stretch a bit.
  • Create a comfortable sitting space with more access to natural light.
  • You can introduce a standing desk at work.
  • Start weekly wellness classes such as Zumba, yoga, or aerobics.
  • Try catering healthy lunch meals and snacks in office canteens so that people can eat healthy food and feel more energetic.

5. Make use of Tools

Whether working from home, remote or in hybrid work mode, employee productivity, quality work, and performance are important.

There are different software that can help HR ensure smooth coordination and improve employees' performance. Therefore, businesses should invest in such tools.

Here are some suggestions on tools that can help your business be more productive.


a project management tool for small or large teams.


a free team is messaging software to easily coordinate and communicate with your team.


It's an employee monitoring software that tracks your employee's daily activities, attendance, project timelines, and much more. This software provides 100% accurate insight into what is happening in your business in just a click. It makes managers' and HR's lives easy by acting as virtual supervisors and aiding employees' productivity.


An online tool to schedule your meetings and appointments.

6. Employee Appreciation Programs

Employee Appreciation

March and April are the most awaited months for an employee.

The reason is obvious– it's the appraisal time!

Annual performance appraisal is effective, but HR needs to introduce more employee appreciation programs to encourage continuous peak performance throughout the year.

A quarterly or half-yearly employee appreciation program can help employees with feedback on performance so far and make them more aware of their short-falls.

These appreciation programs can help businesses have more top-performers, increase productivity and improve organizational performance.

Final Words

Hope this article has given you some ideas to implement in your business.

HR plays an important role in sustaining the employee's productivity and increasing the organization's growth.

Policies or measures that might have worked earlier would not make sense in the post-pandemic world. Hence, HRs need to be more engaged with employees, innovative, and flexible in their approach.

keep employees motivated and productive.

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