2022 Necessary Updates For Your Business

February 7, 2021

A new year calls for new resolutions and updates for your business because ever since AI has become a part of human lives, we constantly have to update our strategies and applications to keep up with the trends. So, these newly bought cheers and several updates and several revised strategies will help your business grow. With 2022 the trends and markets are changing rapidly, so to keep up with the pace of the markets, HBS has revised its strategies, and they are as follows:

2022 Upgraded Strategies By HBS For Your Business

Harvard Business School is one of the most renowned business schools worldwide. With the new year, they have revised their business strategies for the better functioning of all the organisations that follow their strategies, and they are as follows:

Keep Up With Covid:

Covid has not only changed our lives but business and market trends too. During the first only groceries and pharmaceuticals were flourishing. Still, by the end of the first wave, all the businesses found ways to keep their profits running, and some of the ways leading businesses like Google and Meta adapted HBS to keep up with Covid are as follows:

Monitoring And Mentoring:

Converting a home into an office was quite a task for the employees and the employers, but gradually everyone got used to the work from home culture. CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerburg has announced full-time work from home to his employees willing to work from home. In one of his interviews, he stated that “Meta is not facing any issues in employee productivity as they believe in monitoring and mentoring their employees.”

Employee Monitoring Softwares have made their work easier to keep track of their employees. The application tracks employee productivity, which helps them to work on their personal growth. It also allows the employer to keep track of his employee’s breaks. Productivity measurement makes working easier and optimises your human capital.

Avoid Credit Debt:

Credit has always been a threat to a business. Usually, most businesses run on credit, and most of the businesses have been operating this way for a very long time. However, new strategies of HBS suggest that at times of uncertainty, businesses should not operate on credit because, at times of zero production, autonomous consumption will keep on increasing, which will impact the profitability of a business in the long run. One of the greatest economists, Keynes, has given theories that suggest the economy can function effectively without credit. He was against the concept of credit and has addressed autonomous consumption as a threat to humankind.

Disinvesting Liabilities Is An Asset:

To win the race, you have to take a step back in the long run. HBS 2022 strategies suggest that if a business cannot turn its non-performing assets into performing ones, then the best move is to disinvest them. In economics, disinvestment is always seen as a loss, but HBS’s new strategies state that disinvesting your liabilities is an asset. It states that one should not allocate one most valuable resource to non-performing assets. One working asset is better than 10 non-performing assets.

For Example, One of the biggest non-performing assets of the public sector was Air India. After investing a chunk of crores in the aviation company, the public sector disinvested Air India. And TATA Group made it to the headlines for taking over Air India. After disinvesting Air India, the public sector recovered 80% of the losses of Air India. So, after all, disinvesting is not such a bad decision for an economy or a business.

Keeping Up With The Marketing Trend:

Usually, HBS never included marketing in their business strategies, but the 2022 strategies marketing is a major part of their strategies. HBS strategies include two significant features of marketing:

Market Research

Understanding Consumer Psychology.

Market Research is based on the theory given by the father of economics, Adam Smith. He explained the concept of market research by a very basic law of demand and supply. He stated that producers should understand whom to produce, how to produce and when to produce. So, market research helps you to find your target audience. And makes it easier for you to answer the question for whom to produce.

Understanding Consumer Psychology allows you to supply what your target audience wants. One of the classic examples of how consumer psychology works is TATA Group announcing their Air India take over. For instance, after TATA Group took over Air India, they announced their take over as “TATA Is Not Goodbye.” TATA Group was chasing Air India for a very long time. After they cracked the deal, their marketing team understood the consumer trend and #TATAISNOT GOODBYE was trending on Twitter.

Final word

Upgrading your business strategies is one of the most important parts of your business growth. If you do not upgrade your strategies, others might outrun you because the 21st century is all about upgrades and updates, and if you run behind, you will be outdated. In 2022 it’s time to update your business plans and strategies. Constantly keeping up with the trends and changing according to the changing time is the secret of a successfully operating business.

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