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Boost Your Productivity with These Top Time Tracking Software in 2023

Disha Mainkar

June 14, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, time management is crucial for maximising productivity and achieving success. Thankfully, there are numerous time tracking software available that can help individuals and businesses effectively manage their time. In this blog post, we will explore the top time tracking software in 2023, their benefits, features, pricing, and provide some useful time tracking tips.

Why Use Time Tracking Software?

Time tracking software has become an essential tool for individuals and businesses alike. By utilising these software solutions, you can gain valuable insights into your work habits, identify areas of improvement, and optimise your productivity. Additionally, time tracking software enables you to accurately track billable hours, manage projects efficiently, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Benefits of Time Tracking Software:

  • Improved Time Management
    Time tracking software helps you understand how you spend your time, allowing you to identify time-wasting activities and prioritise important tasks.
  • Enhanced Productivity
    By tracking your time, you can eliminate distractions and focus on tasks that require your attention, ultimately boosting productivity.
  • Accurate Invoicing
    For freelancers and businesses, time tracking software enables accurate billing by tracking billable hours spent on projects or tasks.
  • Performance Evaluation
    Managers can use time tracking data to assess employee performance, allocate resources effectively, and improve overall team productivity.
  • Work-Life Balance
    Time tracking software helps maintain a healthy work-life balance by ensuring you allocate time for personal activities and avoid overworking.

Time Tracking Software Market Potential

According to recent studies:

  • 89% of employees believe tracking time improves productivity.
  • Companies that use time tracking software see a 30% increase in billable hours.
  • 79% of employees feel more motivated when they track their time and progress.
  • Businesses using time tracking software save an average of 10 hours per week.

Top Time Tracking Software for 2023:


We360.ai provides robust time tracking features with project tracking, automatic time capture, customizable reports, and integrations. 

  • Software Description : Cloud-based software optimising productivity and enhancing employee satisfaction. Features include automated attendance, productivity monitoring, live streaming, activity tracking, project management, and more. User-friendly platform with free trial and remote support. Works across major operating systems, boosting team productivity and collaboration.
  • Important Features : employee monitoring, time tracking, productivity enhancement, workflow optimization, productivity measurement, identifying work habits, employee wellness
  • Pricing299 to 499

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ActivTrak offers employee monitoring and time tracking solutions, including productivity analysis, website and application monitoring, and real-time alerts. 

  • Software Description : ActivTrak is monitoring software that tracks and analyses employee activities, improving productivity by providing insights and customizable reports.
  • Important Features : Activity Tracking, Productivity Insights, Customizable Reports, Real-time Alerts, Optimization and Efficiency, Data Security.
  • Pricing : Free, Essentials = $10 user/month billed annually,  Professional =  $17 user/month billed annually, Enterprise = Customised.


Insightful offers time tracking software with project management, invoicing, attendance tracking, and productivity reports. 

  • Software Description : Insightful software provides valuable data analysis, actionable reports, and visualisations for informed decision-making and performance optimization, driving business success.
  • Important Features : Advanced Data Analysis ,Uncovering Hidden Patterns and Correlations , Strategic Decision-Making Support ,Competitive Advantage through Insights
  • Pricing : basis :- annual cost = $6.4 , Monthly cost = $8.0, Intermediate :-  annual cost = $8.0 , Monthly cost = $10, Advanced :-  annual cost = $12 , Monthly cost = $15


Desktime provides a user-friendly time tracking solution with automatic time tracking, real-time productivity analysis, website and app monitoring, and client billing. 

  • Software Description : DeskTime is productivity and time tracking software that helps individuals and teams monitor work activities, track time, and improve productivity with features like time tracking, screenshots, and productivity reports.
  • Important Features : Offline Time Tracking, Real-time Alerts and Reminders, Absence and Vacation Management.
  • Pricing : basis :- annual cost = 400 Rs , Monthly cost = 400 Rs Essential :-  annual cost = 560 Rs , Monthly cost = 560 Rs Professional :-  annual cost =  , Monthly cost =  Enterprise :-   annual cost = 1120 Rs , Monthly cost =1120 Rs

Time Doctor

Time Doctor offers time tracking, employee monitoring, and project management features. It includes time tracking, distraction analysis, website and application monitoring, and integrations. 

  • Software Description : Time Doctor is time tracking and productivity software that helps individuals and teams manage time, track work hours, and increase productivity with features like time tracking, website monitoring, and detailed reports.
  • Important Features : Client and Project Tracking, Distraction Alerts , 
  • Pricing :  basis :- annual cost = $5.9 ,, Monthly cost = $7.0 Standard :-  annual cost = $8.4 , Monthly cost = $10.0, Premium :-  annual cost = $16.7 , Monthly cost = $20.0


Hubstaff provides time tracking, employee monitoring, and project management solutions. It offers features like GPS tracking, productivity monitoring, online timesheets, and payroll integrations. 

  • Software Description : Hubstaff is time tracking and employee monitoring software that helps businesses manage remote teams with features like time tracking, activity monitoring, GPS tracking, and automated payroll.
  • Important Features : Automated Payroll, GPS Tracking, Remote Team Management
  • Pricing : Desk Free = $0 For one user only, Desk Starter = $5.83, Desk Pro = $8.33, Enterprise =  customised plan , Annual 2 month are free 


Apploye offers time tracking software with time and attendance tracking, project management, screenshots, and reports. 

  • Software Description : Apploye is an employee monitoring and time tracking software that boosts productivity with features like time tracking, screenshot capture, task management, and performance analytics.
  • Important Features : Screenshot Capture, Performance Analytics.
  • Pricing : Solo = $2 per user/month, Standard = $2.5 per user/month, Premium = $3 per user/month, Elite = $3.5 per user/month, Get 6 Months free, when you pay annually


Clockly provides time tracking and employee monitoring solutions, including automatic time tracking, screenshots, activity monitoring, and detailed reports. 

  • Software Description : Clockly is a time tracking software that helps businesses manage employee work hours, track projects, and boost productivity with features like time tracking, timesheet management, and reporting.
  • Important Features : timesheet management
  • Pricing : Cloud = Rs 999/month, Enterprise = Rs 4995/month, Hosted =  customised plan 

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DeskTrack offers comprehensive time tracking features, including automatic time capture, website and application tracking, project management, and productivity reports. 

  • Software Description : DeskTrack is a time tracking and productivity software that improves employee productivity through features like time tracking, activity monitoring, and insightful reports.
  • Important Features : Offline Time Tracking, Integrations.
  • Pricing : DeskLite :    $2.99/ user / month, Stealth :-   $6.99/ user / month, Tagger :-   $7.99/ user / month

Time Tracking Tips for Maximum Productivity

  • Set Clear Goals: Define your objectives and prioritise tasks to stay focused and productive.
  • Use Software Wisely: Explore the features of your chosen time tracking software to optimise your productivity monitoring.
  • Minimise Distractions: Identify and eliminate or minimise distractions that hinder your productivity.
  • Plan Breaks: Schedule regular breaks to recharge and maintain high levels of productivity throughout the day.
  • Analyze Data: Review time tracking reports to identify patterns, areas of improvement, and adjust your workflow accordingly.
  • Communicate and Collaborate: Utilise time tracking data to enhance communication and collaboration with team members or clients.
  • Time Blocking: Allocate specific time blocks for different tasks or projects to enhance focus and avoid multitasking.
  • Prioritise Self-Care: Ensure you allocate time for self-care activities like exercise, relaxation, and hobbies to maintain overall well-being.


Time tracking software plays a vital role in optimising productivity and achieving success. The top time tracking software mentioned in this blog, such as We360.ai, ActivTrak, Insightful, Desktime, Time Doctor, Hubstaff, Apploye, Clockly, and DeskTrack, offer a wide range of features and pricing options to cater to various needs. By utilising these software solutions and following effective time tracking tips, you can boost your productivity, manage your time efficiently, and achieve your goals in 2023 and beyond.

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