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In this blog we are going to list few categories of companies which may be ideal contenders to use an employee monitoring software alongwith the valid reasons. Though such softwares prove helpful for any  organization where employees work on desktops or laptops but the percentage of users and the tangible need is the highest in the below types of companies: 


Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a way of business wherein a single or multiple IT Operated business processes are distributed or delegated to an external agency or provider handles and manages the complete processes as per the designated parameters which could measure performance. The Knowledge Process outsourcing (KPO) is a similar outsourcing business model which is more towards content, data and report mode insights. When a big company wishes to gather a lot of data powered insights, the same is outsourced to another company and that’s known as KPO. Now both these business models need a lot of employees to work in multiple shifts across locations, many a times remote. Also, majority of the employees are into customer support so the system usage time is high. A genuine need for productivity measurement is active in such organizations and hence an employee monitoring software could easily serve the purpose.

2. US Staffing

The US Staffing industry involves sourcing potential candidates from US / Outside India for job roles there, screening their resumes, setting up interviews and finally getting them onboarded with relevant organizations. The sourcing process is done via Job Portals like monster.com, careerbuilder.com and many others which again involves a lot of system time. The employees who pursue sourcing may be working from India or Other countries with a lower currency value, as such activating rotational shifts. Employee productivity is measured via his working time with the various job portals. The more he/she uses the portals effectively, the more seems to be the productivity. All such website usage stats can easily be grabbed by employee tracking software like we360.ai which offer dashboards for the same. The managers can also utilize the Domain Blocking or URL blocking feature to enable the employee only to surf relevant websites. 

3. Domestic Recruitment & Sourcing

This domain also needs the employees to sit on laptop or desktop for hours looking for potential candidates. Portals like naukri.com serve the purpose for Indian Domestic Recruitment. As the employees are mostly in touch with client companies as well, the recruiting agency is constantly under a fear that they might leave their company for some other. Employee Productivity Monitoring software also allows the manager to check the employee focus levels and employee health by tracking the daily active hours, attendance management and work productivity. So in case there are any red flags, they can be easily dealt with. 

4. Market Research

Market research involves primary and secondary research for data within specific domains. Secondary research is purely internet focused where the workers make several google searches and scan various web bases sources to check for valid data. 100% system usage and least social media usage is the key parameter here. Employee Tracking Software is highly recommended for market research companies to keep a check on their employees and enhance their productivity if required. 

5. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing companies primarily work on social media platforms, Search Engine Optimization, Google paid campaigns and a lot more.  All such works need a continuous internet and social media access. The productivity may be decided based on few specific URLs being browsed a majority of the time. The domain blocking feature of employee monitoring software could come in handy here as well by allowing only few needed platforms to be accessed by the digital marketing team. 

6. Information Technology (IT)

Any IT company which may be into Web development, software development, software testing or similar domains surely shall need a way to gain access to proper work related insights which is only possible through a feature loaded employee monitoring software. These companies also need to work on their culture and plan fruitful appraisals and hiring policies which should always be data driven in approach. For assorting all data at a single place, a SaaS based employee productivity tracking tool is highly recommended.  

We360.ai has emerged as a great activtrak alternative and desktime alternative for a lot of companies which were looking for PC monitoring tool based solutions for their employees and almost all the above categories of companies are effectively utilizing the same.

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