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2021 Global Productivity Survey

February 7, 2022

So, when we talk about the 2021 Global Productivity Survey, we will see statistics about hybrid working and working from home. Surprisingly the Global Productivity was increased by 16% in the year 2021, so let’s find out what caused this increase in productivity. According to a survey by Deloitte, 3,937 business executives offered their employees an increment of 8%, which is quite a good percentage after the economic crisis of 2020. So, let’s find out how companies managed to keep their productivity rate high during such a disastrous pandemic.

How Global Productivity Survey Increased Even During Hybrid Working?

HR budget is the planning and allocating funds for crucial HR processes during the year.

This budget allows you to plan your capital usage wisely and cover anticipated costs such as hiring talents, rewards, software costs, etc., whether you’re a startup or an established business.

Understanding the Law Of Utility

According to the law of utility, the work done from a fresh mind has more returns than the work done by an exhausted mind, so the law suggests that the employees should make a list of tasks for the day. They have to complete and begin the day with the task that is at the topmost priority as the analysts have observed that the tasks completed at the beginning of the day with a fresh mind are completed faster and more effectively. So, the law suggests scheduling the most important work for the beginning of your working hours. Because with every passing hour, the employees tend to lose their productivity and the ability to focus.

Law Of Productivity

One of the reasons for a significant increase in Global productivity is that companies followed the law of productivity called the Carlson Law of productivity. According to the law, an employee should cut themselves off during their working hours because, in an experiment, it was observed that an employee was working and a notification popped up.

The employee immediately checked the notification and used his phone for 10 minutes. Afterward, he took 5 minutes to return to his headspace, making his idle 15 minutes.

However, on the other hand, the same experiment was conducted on another employee where he did not check the notification, but still, it impacted his productivity. So, the theory suggests employees should stay away from work during their working hours. Carlson also believes that all the employees should take regular and needed breaks to keep their mental and physical health in check.

Currently, 213.65 million corporate companies are operating worldwide, out of which 45% of the companies implement the law of productivity by assigning their employee’s appropriate breaks and keeping them productive.

Employee Productivity Tracking

Another significant increase in the productivity survey is employee productivity tracking. Tools to monitor productivity will help you to make your workspace a wholly transparent and unbiased environment for your employees. Using Employee Monitoring Software can increase your workspace productivity by 30%. Not only this, the software offers productivity measurement, which is evaluated by calculating the keystrokes and mouse clicks, which helps the employer know if the employees are working or not and helps the employee to self-monitor themselves.

With employee tracking software, you can see application usage of your employee’s application usage, which will help you to understand who has been working on relevant applications during their working hours. Another fantastic feature of the application that will add to the workspace productivity is domain blocking. With this feature, you can help your employees to focus on their work without getting distracted as all the unproductive domains would be blocked. And the employees could check their temptations of checking their social media accounts or get over their unproductive addictions.

Statistics show that monitoring and mentoring your employees can increase the average productivity by 13% at your workspace. The application also supports the law of productivity as you can monitor and track all the breaks and interruptions your employees face during their working hours.

2021 was a massive success in terms of productivity, and 2022’s plan is to set different standards in terms of productivity. Corporations are willing to do whatever it takes to increase their workspace productivity while keeping their workspace happy. The strategies mentioned above helped the corporation stay productive in 2021, and hopefully, 2022 would be a productivity game-changer. Down the line productivity is the seed that will help your organization grow into an old oak.


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