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Redeem your profits with your employee’s productivity.

Redeem profits with employee's productivity. As the business market started to grow, these strategies are part of the Business Management. As the business market started to grow, these strategies were part of the Business Management programs. Most businesses use strategies to maximize their profits, and some of the strategies are viz. Motto
Employee Monitoring

Unlock your Employee’s Productivity With Modern Software

An appropriate tool can help employees improve their productivity by 40%. It can make work easier and make the most efficient workforce. Nowadays, the80% company has started investing in productivity-improving tools to help their employees function better. Because at the end of the day, what matters is your employees and a productive workspace. Motto
Employee Monitoring

7 Positive Impacts of Pandemic on Businesses

Positive impacts of Covid19 on businesses across the globe. Businesses took it as a challenge and resorted to innovative ways and technology to get through it. Thus, in order to survive, businesses took it as a challenge and resorted to innovative ways and technology to get through it. Scroll down as we share the 7 Positive impacts of Covid19 on businesses across the globe. (Wait for point 3, it’s the most exciting.) Motto
Employee Monitoring

15 Best Tools for your Remote Team

Best tools for your remote team to make them more productive, our suggested tools categorized as per the business purposes. The prime difference between working from home and remote work is the lack of physical proximity. Hence, the key to being more productive and staying connected is having the right tools for remote teams. Motto
Employee Monitoring

How productivity impacts your company’s revenue

how productivity impacts a company’s revenue? To seek the answer to the question, we first have to go through some revenue strategies that most businesses follow. Some of the most effective revenue strategies are viz. Motto
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How to create a 100% transparent environment for your employees?

How to build a healthy relationship with your employees and how to provide a 100% transparent environment for your employees? Don’t worry, is here to answer all your questions. Psychology states that to build a healthy professional relationship, the foundation is trust. Motto
Employee Monitoring

How does Time Tracking Improve Work-life Balance?

An average employee works for around 2,117 hours in a year. And according to a survey employees spend most of their life in their workspace. Sounds exhausting right? But don’t worry there is a solution to restore your work-life balance: Employee Monitoring Software. Motto
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Human Testimony: How To Improve HR Recruiter’s Productivity?

Human Resource Recruiters are the silver lining of any organisation, but the question is how to improve HR Recruiter’s productivity? The organisation has to make sure that their recruiting department is working effectively or not to keep that silver lining “shiny”. And the answer to the question is very simple: Employee Monitoring Software. Motto Wins Eminent G2 Winter Awards 2022 is the World’s No 1 Employee monitoring software, and today we are happy to announce that we won 19 prestigious G2 awards. Last month we celebrated’s first birthday, and with this recent milestone achievement, our team got more reasons to continue the celebration. The world’s renowned employee monitoring software wrestles to achieve this prestigious award every year. Motto
Employee Monitoring

8 Effective ways to keep your Remote Employees motivated

In the digital age, being in the office isn't everything. Here are some tips to provide your employees the zest to work without their physical presence in the workspace. An employee feels isolated, less connected to the workplace, which has also started to affect their mental health and motivation level. Motto
Case Studies for BPOs – Case study

BPO Case study: How we helped the workplace to stay tuned with the productivity even during the pandemic. The fundamental motive of was to make working easier, and we are happy that we are making your working life easier. Motto

Why do Smart Growing Businesses use time tracking?

A growing business needs time tracking software to ensure that each employee is utilizing the work-time efficiently to deliver results. Read why it is crucial for the organizations to use time tracking software. To ensure that staff is productive, customers are taken care of, & your company can grow with time tracking. Motto

6 Ways your HRs can improve the Workplace Productivity

One of the most effective and efficient way to improve your productivity is by adding more windows to your workspace. Here we will discuss how HR's can enhance the productivity of the workplace. In this article, let’s take a look at some of our suggested ways in how your HRs can improve your employee productivity, without much effort. Motto
Employee Monitoring

Manage your workspace through one application- Find Out How? lets you to get updates on the project, employees’ activities, and their productivity. You can keep track of application usage and real-time productivity from anywhere. an employee monitoring app gives you the access to manage your workspace from any corner of the world Motto

How to Make Your HR's Life Easy

Employee monitoring software can assist HR to enhance the performance. It helps your business to grow, and helps you to strategize your organization. Make Your HR’s Life Easy with HR is the base of any successful business. HR acts as a thread that binds your organization together.