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Attendance Tracking Software

Efficiently manage your workforce by tracking time and attendance, gaining insights into employee tasks and projects, and streamlining the processes.

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Serving 650+ clients across 19 countries with 17000+ userbase

Remote Employee Monitoring Software Your stress reliever

Become the most preferred employer to control data theft with computer activity monitoring software.


Timekeeping Made Simple

Simplify the process of clocking in and out with ease using we360.ai automated time tracking software. This intelligent system precisely records employee time and attendance ensuring accurate tracking.


Live Work Performance

Efficiently monitor and track employee attendance in real-time to ensure they are adhering to their assigned work hours and taking necessary breaks for optimal performance.


Boost Efficiency Virtually

Unlock unparalleled remote work productivity with we360.ai. Seamlessly integrate intelligent tools for automated time tracking, task management, and personalized productivity analytics, empowering you to meet deadlines, stay focused, and achieve your goals effortlessly.

Transform your responsibility into productive support

Unleash Possibilities With We360.ai


Effortless and Accurate Employee Time Tracking

Let your employee enter with a one-click punch-in.

Revolutionize your time tracking process with the We360.ai Employee Monitoring Software, eliminating the need for expensive hardware, paper time cards, and error-prone manual systems. This innovative solution offers precise activity-based time tracking by automatically capturing every minute of employee time.

Track late arrivals

Track Half days

Track break trends

Measure Work Hours

Attendance feature, late arrivals, average break time, working time, break trend, today's attendance, attendance trend


Simplify Employee Time Management

See your employees’ real-time work.

Our seamless employee time tracking system automatically monitors computer activity, precisely logging login and logout times. Say goodbye to manual data entry and enjoy accurate and effortless time tracking.

Live Screenshots

Live working status

Bird-eye view

Proof of Work


Maintaining Work-Life Integration

Understand employee work habits by identifying work patterns.

Balance workload within teams to know who is over and under-utilized and correct imbalances by reallocating the work.

Overall Health trend

Reduce Burnouts

Work-Life Balance

Manage occupancies


Workforce Engagement Analysis

Gain real-time insights into employee engagement by monitoring and analyzing their work patterns over time. Leverage comprehensive data on key presses, mouse clicks, and mouse movements to measure user activity and drive productivity. 

Active Time

Idle Time


Teamwise trend


Maximize Employee Progress 

Enhance visibility into employee growth and track their progress effortlessly using our robust platform. Gain deep insights into employee productivity, fostering a satisfactory and visible growth trajectory for your organization.

Leverage work-related productivity labels to measure individual and team performance, distinguishing relevant tasks from irrelevant ones.

Productive Time

Unproductive Time

Neutral Time

Teamwise trend

Project & task

Unified Project Management Hub

Streamline projects, tasks, and collaboration effortlessly with our all-in-one platform.

Stay organized, track progress, and empower your team for greater efficiency and success in project management.

Integrated Reports

Track Task Status

Simplified Kanban View

Track Project Deadlines


Actionable Performance Metrics

We360.ai hasLeverage over 100 meaningful reports offered by we360.ai to gain a holistic view of work and employee productivity. Explore detailed timelines and comprehensive reports encompassing attendance, activity, and productivity metrics.

Objectify performance and reward success with data-driven insights from our powerful platform.

Dynamic Reports

Graphical Reports

Actionable Reports

Download in CSV

Additional Features

Accurate Time Tracking:

Effortless and Accurate Employee Time Tracking!

Revolutionize your time tracking process with the We360.ai Employee Monitoring Software, eliminating the need for expensive hardware, paper time cards, and error-prone manual systems.

This innovative solution offers precise activity-based time tracking by automatically capturing every minute of employee time.

We360.ai Employee Monitoring Software for Improved Efficiency

Enhanced Profitability

Boost your ROI with Best PC Monitoring Software

Discover the power of cutting-edge software solutions that enable swift and effective task completion, enhancing your business's overall success.
Maximize your ROI with the top-rated PC Monitoring Software When it comes to improving your organization's performance and driving profitability, integrating the right PC Monitoring Software is paramount

Up Your Profits with We360.ai Employee Monitoring Software

Drive Workforce Motivation

Ascertain engaged employees

Leverage Employee Monitoring Software to foster transparency, align employees with organizational goals, and ignite productivity.

Empower your workforce, cultivate engagement, and unlock their true potential, driving a culture of excellence and sustained success.

Improve Employee Engagement with We360.ai

Boosted Performance, Secure Growth

Quickly fix operational errors

Boosted Performance: Secure Growth Unleash operational excellence by swiftly addressing errors and harnessing data-driven insights for efficient team management. Optimize work distribution based on individual strengths and weaknesses.

Data Shield: Ensure robust data security by monitoring employees during working hours, minimizing the risk of corporate espionage and swiftly identifying any suspicious activities.

Profit Maximize: Drive revenue growth by mitigating employee inefficiencies through worker analytics and productivity tracking, safeguarding company profits.

Improve workplace Performance with We360.ai

“We360.ai’s Kanban Task Management is one of a kind!”

The Kanban feature on We360.ai has made our life so much easier. The team at We360.ai has a brilliant vision. Many congratulations!


Rahul Singh Bais

Senior Manager,
We Win Limited

“Automated snapshot magnifying transparency.”

The ability to see exactly what's going on the other side, the employee side, is so important during remote working. We360.ai gives us the ability to see the screens in real-time. We're able to ensure that our employees are utilizing their time how they're supposed to, even remotely.


Manish Chaturvedi

Founder, Futor

“The Reports section of We360.ai is revolutionary!”

The report section of We360.ai shows Attendance, Time Tracking, Task Management and Productivity records distinctly and exhaustively. It’s just the perfect blend of the right amount of information and beautifully displayed infographics. I highly recommend We360.ai


Jeff Robinson


The #1 Employee monitoring
tool for smart teams

Trusted by 400+ companies and 5,000 + users

Seamlessly Monitor and Manage Employee Attendance

Everything you need to know about Attendance Tracking Software

What is attendance tracking software?

Attendance tracking software is a digital tool that automates the process of monitoring and managing employee attendance within an organization. It replaces traditional manual methods with a streamlined system that accurately records clock-in and clock-out times, breaks, and time off. By eliminating errors and inaccuracies associated with manual tracking, the software ensures reliable and precise attendance data. It also saves time and resources by automating tasks like data entry and payroll processing.
A Complete We360.ai Employee Monitoring Software for Your Business
Furthermore, attendance tracking software provides administrators and managers with valuable insights through comprehensive reporting and analytics. They can generate detailed reports on attendance patterns, late arrivals, early departures, and overtime hours, enabling data-driven decision-making and addressing attendance-related issues promptly. Additionally, integration with other HR and payroll systems simplifies data synchronization and enhances overall efficiency in managing employee attendance

What is the best free employee attendance tracker?

We360.ai is a highly recommended free employee attendance tracker solution. It offers a range of features to effectively monitor and manage employee attendance. With We360.ai, you can easily track employee clock-ins and clock-outs, breaks, and time off. The software provides real-time attendance data and generates detailed reports for easy analysis.
We360.ai Employee Monitoring Software for Busy Managers
We360.ai offers a user-friendly interface and can be accessed via web browsers or mobile apps, making it convenient for employees and administrators to use. It also provides additional functionalities such as leave management and employee scheduling to streamline workforce management processes.Furthermore, We360.ai offers integration capabilities with other HR systems, allowing for seamless data synchronization and enhancing overall efficiency in attendance tracking and management.

Which app is used for attendance?

One popular solution for attendance tracking is We360.ai. We360.ai is an advanced attendance management app that offers a comprehensive set of features for efficient and accurate tracking of employee attendance.
The app allows employees to clock in and out using various methods such as biometric devices, web-based interfaces, or mobile apps. It provides real-time attendance data, automates attendance calculations, and generates detailed reports for analysis and payroll processing.

We360.ai offers additional features such as leave management, shift scheduling, and notifications for late or absent employees. It also provides integration capabilities with other HR and payroll systems, ensuring seamless data synchronization and streamlined workflows. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, We360.ai is a reliable choice for organizations seeking a comprehensive and efficient attendance tracking solution.

What are the types of Attedance tracking software?

Automated attendance software streamlines attendance management, eliminates manual errors, reduces administrative burden, and provides accurate data for payroll and workforce analytics. They enhance efficiency, save time, and improve compliance by ensuring accurate records of employee attendance. Additionally, these systems enable organizations to gain insights into attendance patterns, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions related to workforce management.

Biometric Attendance Software: This type of software uses biometric data such as fingerprints, facial recognition, or iris scans to track and record employee attendance.

RFID Attendance Software: RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) attendance software relies on RFID cards or tags that employees use to check-in and check-out. These cards or tags are scanned by RFID readers to record attendance.

Mobile Attendance Software: Mobile attendance software allows employees to use their smartphones or tablets to check-in and check-out. GPS location tracking or QR code scanning can be utilized to verify the employee's presence.

Web-based Attendance Software: Web-based attendance software is accessed through a web browser and usually offers features such as online time tracking, leave management, and attendance reports. Employees can log in and record their attendance from any device with internet access.

Time Clock Software: Time clock software replaces traditional punch clocks and provides a digital way for employees to clock in and out. It can be installed on a physical time clock terminal or accessed through a computer or mobile device.

Integration with HR or Payroll Systems: Some attendance software integrates with existing HR or payroll systems, allowing attendance data to be seamlessly synchronized for efficient record-keeping and payroll processing.

How does We360.ai's software help optimize time and budget management, leading to higher profitability?

With We360.ai's integration capabilities, effectively manage time and budgets to enhance profitability. Seamlessly integrating with the time and task management . 

Efficient Attendance Manager Software: Streamline Payroll ProcessesSimplify payroll procedures using Insightful's attendance manager software. Export time and attendance data on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, aligning with your payment schedule. This enables you to easily run payroll based on accurate and up-to-date information. 

Seamless Attendance Management Software: Integrate with Popular Payroll SystemsIntegrate exported data seamlessly with popular payroll systems, expediting payroll processes. Insightful's attendance management software ensures a smooth transition of data, allowing for efficient and error-free payroll calculations. 

Comprehensive Time Attendance System Software: Enhance Budgeting Accuracy. Achieve enhanced accuracy in budgeting by aligning employee hours and project costs with estimated costs. Insightful's time attendance system software enables you to monitor and control expenses effectively, leading to more precise budgeting and improved profitability.By leveraging Insightful's software, you can seamlessly manage time, budgets, and payroll, ensuring accurate calculations and optimizing profitability.
We360.ai Employee Monitoring for Remote Workers

How can you achieve effortless and accurate employee time tracking?

Revolutionize your time tracking process with the We360.ai Employee Monitoring Software, eliminating the need for expensive hardware, paper time cards, and error-prone manual systems. This innovative solution offers precise activity-based time tracking by automatically capturing every minute of employee time.

How can real-time attendance tracking and comprehensive insights help streamline employee management and promote wellness in the workplace?

Efficiently manage attendance with We360.ai's cutting-edge tracking software, providing a complete and up-to-date view of your employees' work patterns. This powerful solution not only verifies when your employees work but also offers deep insights into their tasks and productivity.

How do data-rich reports and comprehensive time attendance software drive success by optimizing resource allocation?     

Efficiently analyze your team's time utilization with We360.ai software, which provides data-rich reports. These reports can be generated with a simple push of a button, allowing you to track when employees worked, monitor project progress, and manage budgets effectively.
Be clear and straightforward
Whenever it's about starting something for employees, it’s best to be transparent with your communication. If you’ve decided to start with user activity monitoring software, let your employees know it’s just to enhance the performance from the inside out. So it will result in positive and collective steps to improve performance.
We360.ai to Create a Transparent Workplace
Mention all the benefits to your employees
Being a boss, you’re pretty clear about what you will get with employee productivity monitoring software, but it may be ambivalent to your employees. So making them aware of the mutual benefits would be a good decision.

Employee computer monitoring: Employee computer monitoring can help employers prevent data breaches, protect intellectual property, and maintain compliance with industry regulations.
  • Accurate and automated attendance will provide faster, more accurate payments
  • User activity monitoring highlights the actual performers providing due recognition and rewards
  • Real-time productivity insights of the work for self-analysis and improvement in the skills and ability with advancement in career goals
  • Zero manual work time and yes to dynamic and meaningful work reports
  • Getting due share and credit of work with activity and workload management analysis
  • Freedom to work remotely on their own terms more often as managers can now track their work from anywhere
  • Work on your terms from anywhere you want, as managers will be able to communicate more conveniently with real-time data, records, and analysis
  • Manage your leaves by tracking your own work status and productivity analytics as proof of work
we360.ai employee monitoring software dashboard and mobile app

After reading this guide, you will be able to understand the best option as per your team needs.

Still to get the best, it’s good to get a trial first. That’s why We360.ai provides a free trial. Install the software and check out every feature and see the outcome in just a few days.

How about try and test We360.ai Employee Monitoring Software for free?

You’re now well-versed in how you can enhance your productivity and performance and avail all the benefits of employee monitoring software like We360.ai.
we360.ai How about try and test We360.ai Employee Monitoring Software for free
Need to know more about the features.

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Dashboard of we360.ai Employee monitoring software

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What are the hardware and software requirements?
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Is We360.ai is an HRMS Software?

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