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From Manual to Automated: Visiontrek Communication's Workforce Management Revolution with We360.ai


Visiontrek Communication

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IT services and IT consulting


Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab

Visiontrek Communication, a leading provider of IT services and IT consulting, embarked on a mission to optimize their operations, enhance employee productivity, and drive digital transformation. To achieve their goals, they turned to We360.ai, a powerful workforce analytics and monitoring solution. This comprehensive case study explores how We360.ai empowered Visiontrek Communication to overcome their challenges and achieve remarkable results.

We360.ai automated our workforce management, transforming operations and providing real-time insights that fueled our growth.


Visiontrek Communication faced critical challenges that hindered their efficiency and growth:

Managing Employee Presence: Visiontrek Communication faced the challenge of managing employee attendance and work hours manually. Without an automated system in place, tracking attendance accurately, calculating work hours, and managing leave records became time-consuming and prone to errors. They needed a streamlined solution to simplify attendance management and optimize workforce allocation.

Limited Visibility into Employee’s Work: Visiontrek Communication lacked insights into how their workforce utilized their time and resources. They were unable to track employee activities, measure productivity levels, and identify areas of improvement effectively. This lack of visibility hindered their ability to optimize resource allocation, address productivity bottlenecks, and ensure efficient utilization of their workforce.

Employee Browsing Details and Time Utilization: As an IT services and consulting company, Visiontrek Communication recognized the importance of applications and tools in driving employee productivity. However, they lacked a comprehensive approach to track and analyze the usage of different applications across their workforce. They needed a solution that could provide detailed insights into application usage, identify productive and unproductive applications, and enable data-driven decisions to enhance overall productivity.


We360.ai presented the ideal solution for Visiontrek Communication's challenges, offering a range of powerful features and functionalities:

Simplified Attendance Measurement with Automated Attendance

We360.ai's automated attendance management system provided Visiontrek Communication with accurate measurement of employee attendance and work time utilization. The system tracked attendance percentage, late arrivals, total break time, and total working time. With attendance trends analysis, Visiontrek Communication could identify employee presence, absence, attendance percentage, and total working hours for selected periods. This feature saved time and effort, allowing the organization to focus on strategic initiatives and ensure optimal workforce management.

Got Real-time Performance Insights with Productivity Monitoring

We360.ai's productivity monitoring feature enabled Visiontrek Communication to measure productivity levels based on label mapping. By mapping URLs and applications as productive, unproductive, or neutral, the software provided insights into employee productivity trends. Visiontrek Communication gained a comprehensive understanding of how their employees' time was allocated across different applications and URLs. This data allowed them to identify areas of improvement and optimize resource allocation for maximum productivity.

Understanding Employee Work-Time Utilization with Application Tracking

We360.ai's advanced analytics in application tracking enabled Visiontrek Communication to identify which applications were productive, unproductive, or neutral. The software provided detailed insights into the entire list of applications and URLs used by their employees, allowing administrators to assess the software landscape and make informed decisions about application usage and licensing. The teamwise utilization data facilitated collaboration and resource optimization among different departments, driving efficiency and innovation.


Automated Attendance

Automated Attendance



Application Usage

Application Usage


By leveraging the power of We360.ai, Visiontrek Communication achieved significant results and transformed their workforce management:

Increased Productivity: With We360.ai's productivity monitoring and application tracking capabilities, Visiontrek Communication experienced a boost in employee productivity. The software provided real-time insights into employee activities and application usage, allowing the organization to identify top performers, track performance trends, and optimize resource allocation for maximum efficiency.

Improved Resource Allocation: We360.ai's detailed reports on employee activity and application usage empowered Visiontrek Communication to make data-driven decisions regarding resource allocation. By identifying the most productive applications and allocating resources accordingly, the organization streamlined their operations and ensured optimal utilization of resources.

Regulated Workload Distribution: We360.ai's Wellness360 feature provided Visiontrek Communication with a scale of wellness measuring employee workload distribution. This feature helped identify overworked, underutilized, and healthy (neutral) employees, enabling the organization to regulate work, manage tasks within teams, and maintain work-life balance.

Enhanced Collaboration and Innovation: With We360.ai's application tracking, Visiontrek Communication identified applications and URLs used by employees, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing across different teams. By understanding software preferences and utilization patterns, Visiontrek Communication nurtured a culture of collaboration, innovation, and cross-functional learning.

Key Takeaways

Visiontrek Communication's success story with We360.ai offers valuable insights for businesses aiming to optimize their workforce and drive digital transformation:

Harness the Power of Automation: Automated attendance management and productivity monitoring eliminate manual efforts and provide accurate insights into employee activities. By embracing automation, organizations can save time and enhance efficiency.

Make Data-Driven Decisions: Analyzing employee activity and application usage data enables organizations to make informed decisions about resource allocation and software usage. By leveraging data-driven insights, businesses can optimize operations and drive productivity.

Foster Collaboration and Innovation: Tracking application usage and promoting knowledge-sharing across teams fosters collaboration and innovation. By encouraging employees to explore new tools and share best practices, organizations can stay ahead of the curve and drive continuous improvement.


We360.ai proved to be the catalyst for Visiontrek Communication's digital transformation and growth. Through automated attendance management, productivity monitoring, and application tracking, Visiontrek Communication achieved enhanced productivity, streamlined resource allocation, and fostered a culture of collaboration and innovation. With We360.ai's powerful workforce analytics, businesses can empower their workforce, drive productivity, and propel their digital transformation journey.

By leveraging We360.ai's comprehensive features and functionalities, Visiontrek Communication experienced a remarkable transformation. They gained real-time visibility into employee activities, optimized resource allocation, and unleashed a wave of collaboration and innovation. Embracing We360.ai positioned Visiontrek Communication as a leader in the IT services and IT consulting industry, driving their growth and achieving new levels of success.

This case study serves as a testament to the transformative power of We360.ai, providing businesses with the tools they need to drive digital transformation, optimize operations, and empower their workforce. By embracing advanced workforce analytics and monitoring capabilities, organizations can unlock their true potential and pave the way for sustainable growth in the digital age.

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Visiontrek Communication


We360.ai has revolutionized the way we manage our workforce. With their advanced features for attendance management, productivity monitoring, and application tracking, we have gained deep insights into our employees' activities and productivity levels. It has become an essential tool for driving our digital transformation.

We360.ai has transformed our approach to resource allocation and collaboration. By leveraging their powerful analytics, we have optimized our operations and fostered a culture of innovation and teamwork. We are thrilled with the positive impact We360.ai has had on our organization.